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Uyeno Clan


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Uyeno Clan

Post by Itami on Sun Jan 29, 2017 6:42 pm


Founder: Unknown
Location: Jokigakure only

History: The Uyeno is a clan which have a place far into the history of the ninja world. However, some hearing their name would barely recall their existence, due to the curse which inhabited this clan. They were a group wishing to be many, yet destined to be little. The members were all affected by a cruel, horrid disease that was seeable back in the early days of the Uyeno, which would overcome their chakra network and begin to destroy it from the inside out. This disease caused many deaths throughout the Uyeno, usually happening in the early days of an infant's life. Those who survived were plagued for the rest of their days with the KKG they’ve learned to call Corrupt Chakra, which targets their chakra system to become more wicked, alongside Shade Release.

Many outsiders saw the Uyeno as mere tools for war due to the capacity of their abilities, while others believed the world would be better without their presence. Witnessing many of their brethren fall to the temptations of the Chakra which lurked in their bodies, only to rise as evil-doers who participated in acts such as massacres and dictatorship, the Uyeno clan feared themselves and the world around them. They were wrapped up in an endless cycle of despair, choosing to become tools to neighboring villages wishing to exploit their abilities, or isolate themselves and hope to live the rest of their days battling the inner malice. This tide would go on for years, until the Uyeno population dwindled to mere single digits.

The once feared name of the Uyeno has now perished, being reduced to an unusual surname. However, the Uyeno clansmen must still go through the hardships of their cursed lives, fighting off their own bodies from being able to destroy all they hold dear.

Special Info:Possess two black vertical diamond shaped patterns on both palms, one being on top of the other. Individuals chakra essence which is usually blue, comes off as being a more dense, gloomy color(Usually ranging from hueless blue to royal purple)

Requirements: Must be born into Clan. Start in Jokigakure.

Clan Head(1/1):
Itami Uyeno

Current Members(0/5):
Akihana Uyeno(NPC-Itami’s Mother)
Itsuki(NPC-Itami’s Sister)

Name of the Kekkei Genkai: Corrupted Chakra, Shade Release

Inhaling Maw

Clan Special Characteristics: Pinnacle of Corruption

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Re: Uyeno Clan

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