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Shade Release: Inhaling Maw


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Shade Release: Inhaling Maw

Post by Itami on Sun Jan 29, 2017 6:28 pm

Name ;; Shade Release: Inhaling Maw
Rank ;; S(SS)
Type ;; Ninjutsu
Element ;; Shade
Range ;; 40m (100m)
Power ;; 5 (-)
Speed ;; 5 (5)
Cool Down;; After use, 4 post.(After use, cooldown 5 turns)
Description ;; Inhaling Maw is a jutsu unique to the Uyeno, which uses the diamond markings on their palms to absorb physical and spiritual energy from another Shinobi. It can be activated to absorb through the hands, or through the mouth( explained later).  A jutsu  is able to be absorbed from a max of 40 meters away, being sucked into the extended palm of the user as the top diamond marking turns red. It acts as a vacuum, pulling any jutsus it’s pointed at into its palm for absorption. Even jutsus such as Chidori or Rasengan, which are planted on the wielder's hand if in the range of Inhaling Maw can be absorbed. The absorption happens at the speed of the jutsu. The user is able to absorb equal to 1.5x of chakra they currently have( I.E. User has 300 chakra, can absorb up to 450 (Jutsus that boost the chakra stat will not be a factor in the amount of chakra able to be absorbed)). However, they are only able to use the jutsu that they have absorbed because they absorbed it, they do not know how to form it on their own, nor does absorbing it grant them the knowledge to do such. They are simply releasing the absorbed jutsu from the vacuum and redirecting it. The jutsu they release would take on a darker shade of color it once was, being tainted while in the users body through inhaling maw. It should also be noted that one cannot absorb an amount of chakra, reflect it out, and then assume they can absorb the max amount once again. If you absorb 200 chakra with a cap of 450, and reflect it out, you can only absorb 250 more and reflect that out until the cooldown begins. The jutsu goes on cooldown once you use up the last amount of Chakra you have absorbed, or 4 post after initially using the jutsu.

This jutsu is able to absorb any jutsu that has some form of chakra in it, even jutsus such as Lightning Release Armor which uses chakra.

If a jutsu has chakra power which exceeds the cap of absorption the user has, then the user can absorb up to the chakra that the jutsu has, however would still have to deal with the remnants of the jutsu. In this case, the jutsu the user can use would be a weak, smaller version of what was thrown against them.

The user can also once absorbing a jutsu, form it into their own chakra reserves to be used for their own jutsu. It would be added to their Chakra stat the amount of chakra absorbed, until used. Any jutsus used up until the added chakra is gone must take from this temporary pool of chakra.

Due to having a higher than usual amount of chakra surging through one's body, they must get rid of this chakra in four post in some shape or form, or else the chakra system will begin to deteriorate and cause the user to be unable to use chakra based jutsu, and then go on cooldown.

The individual using this jutsu is also able to absorb chakra from others directly. This process is shown as the user extending his palm out towards the victim and beginning to have the victim's physical appearing chakra to surface and vacuumed into the user's hand. This use of the technique is more of a tug of war battle. Depending on the chakra reserves at the time of the user and the victim, if the user has a higher chakra stat at the time then the victim, whatever half the difference is the user will absorb each post(User: 200 Chakra. Victim: 100, User absorbs 25 Chakra each post). However, this only applies if the individual is at a distance. If the User is touching the victim, then it’s the full difference. During absorption, the victim loses speed, strength and durability equal to the chakra being absorbed as they become weaker. If the victim has a higher chakra stat at the time, then the user loses the tug of war and the technique goes on cooldown. At any time if this technique is stopped, the jutsu goes on cooldown. This form of using Inhaling Maw cannot be used during the same interval of absorbing chakra. If the victim's Chakra reaches 0, they die. If the victim escapes and has lost more than ¼ of their chakra, they must find a safe area to rest if they wish to get their other stats back alongside the chakra. If not, then the stats stay at that weakened state until rest.

No Chakra carries over from topics

The Inhaling Maw through the mouth is used in a similar fashion, yet is known to be a greater and more devastating form. The user opens their mouth, and sucks up all chakra within a 100 meter radius, absorbing the Jutsus through their mouth. The amount of Chakra able to be absorbed is 3x your own Chakra stat rather 1.5x. You're able to use any jutsu that absorbed until 5 post(not including the post the jutsu was absorbed unless used within the same post.) Instead of absorbing Chakra physically, the wielder can absorb an individual where all the people in the vicinity would be absorbed. The above rules apply for this form of absorption, yet now the difference in Chakra stats would be taken away from the victim rather then half the difference. It should also be noted the tug of war function is much easier for the wielder, as it’s assumed the user has 50 more Chakra then usual. This form of Inhaling Maw is treated the same as the palm form in terms of cooldown. You can only inhale once with the mouth, lasting a whole post long. This inhaling only targets jutsus, not people.
Requirements ;; Uyeno KKG
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Re: Shade Release: Inhaling Maw

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