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Pinnacle of Corruption


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Pinnacle of Corruption

Post by Itami on Sun Jan 29, 2017 6:26 pm

Name: Pinnacle of Corruption
Rank: S
Requirements:Ninjutsu Dominant, Base Chakra Stat 100, Corrupted Chakra KKG
Type: Spiritual
Description: This Special Characteristic is a symbolism for the Uyeno of their abilities growing as they strive as Shinobi. Due to the development of the Shinobi in chakra, and being able to use the system the Uyeno has present within themselves, this SC is obtainable. The Uyeno finds easier ways to use their unique and complicated Chakra system, and unlocks the mass of the power that's been sealed away due to an inefficient way of using the system. The Uyeno, due to finding an efficient way to use this advanced chakra system, obtains a +2 in power and speed for Ninjutsu, and also has the chakra they produce take on a more dark purplish tone, turning most jutsu into the likes. This boost also works with jutsus that have Ninjutsu with another spec.

-Pinnacle of Corruption does not affect Inhaling Maw or Judgement

Open to the public: Must have Uyeno DNA.
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Re: Pinnacle of Corruption

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