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Hachirou Uzumaki

Hachirou Uzumaki

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Hachirou Uzumaki

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• Name:  Hachirou Uzumaki
• Nickname / Alias:
• Title: The Sea Wrecker.
• Age: Twenty-four
• Gender:
• Sexuality: Heterosexual

• Height: 6 feet and 8 inches
• Weight: 198 pounds.
• Body type: Sturdy.
• Eye colour: Ember.
• Hair colour & style: Soft Scarlet. Mid-long hair that goes down to his jawline with his bangs being split on the center.
• General Appearance:

Very casual Dressing:

• Markings: A heart tattoo on his buttocks (he was drunk).

• Persona:Hachirou is the calm kind of person who takes most thing in life with a grain of salt being serious about most things in life. However that doesn’t mean he is the dry type as he goes through life with gusto wanting to help people here and there when it’s not inconvenient to him. This is especially notes around children where he is a bit more of a jokester but not in a way that makes him come off as a clown. More like an energetic uncle, or a grandfather with a story or two to tell. He also want a family one day with the good hold tried method of a wife, three children, and a dog. As a ninja, he will however, have to forgo the easy accountant job such dreams usually follow.

In a group of people, Hachirou is usually the one who takes charge preferring the old tried method of acting like you know what is going on, or like the party have already in progress. Not that you should actually make him plan a party. Hachirou you see is very good at preparing and coming up with scenarios for contingency plans, but that also means a regular party would lack the spontaneous twist that makes such things fun. He also seem to have a tool or weapon for every situation sealed away somewhere.

When it comes to loyalty, Hachirou is of course loyal to family and village. However, he is also a bit of the clinical type who takes on a utilitarian mindset when it comes to the scenario of who of his teammates or civilians gets left behind, or get the last blood bag IV. This coldness is what made him efficient as a medical ninja, but also what made it so he wasn’t that good treating civilians as a medical professional hence his position in research and development for so many years. Though it should also be noted that should he lose a teammate, he would mourn later. He is not inherently broken, but just have the skill to desensitize himself from emotions.

• Motto: I tell you, we are here on Earth to fart around, and don't let anybody tell you different.
• Likes:

  • Martial arts in general.
  • Gyudon.
  • Freckles (the pretty kinds on girls).
  • Crime novels.
  • The sea and skies.
  • Children.

• Dislikes:

  • Slipped and falling in someone's puke.
  • Hiyayakko.
  • Deserts (It was a dry experience)
  • Animals thinking they are hats.
  • Teacher duty at the Ninja Academy.

• Special Characteristics:

  • -Increased Spiritual Force, C-Rank (+20 Chakra)
  • -Increased Movement Speed, C-Rank (+20 speed)

• Rank: Jounin
• Elements:

  • • Primary: 水遁 || Suiton || Water Release
  • • Secondary: 土遁 || Doton || Earth Release
  • • Secondary: 風遁 || Fuuton || Wind Release

  • • Tertiary:
  • • Tertiary:

• Specialty:

  • • Primary: Fuuinjutsu.
  • • Secondary: Ninjutsu.
  • • Secondary: Taijutsu.
  • • Tertiary:
  • • Tertiary:

• Clan:  Uzumaki
• Bijuu: I rather have a pretty fridge magnet.


• Strength: 30
• Speed: 100
• Durability: 30
• Chakra: 120

• Village: Jokigakure
• Parents: Susumu Uzumaki - father - Age:63 - Alive
Kiyoko Uzumaki - mother - Age:58 - Alive
[name, relation, alive/dead]
• Siblings: Seven dead brothers
Inoue Uzumaki – Little sister – Age:16 - alive.
• Mentor & Idols: Shin Uzuyuki – third cousing - Teacher – Alive
• History:

Hachirou never really knew that he was rich for the most of his life. Did he have standing in society however? Surely as he was an Uzumaki, and lived in their compound. The only way it could be more clear to him that he had a higher position in society was if he had a crown and lived in a palace. As for the reason, why he didn’t know of his born with silver spoon in his mouth situation, that was all due to his parent’s life choices who pretty much lived an upper middle class life style – except for at social gathering of course when they would fancy it up. His parents actually owned several farmsteads and one estate in the northern farmlands of Joki no Kuni, but Hachirou never left the village until his teen years nor heard much talk about it. All he knew is that his father was a shinobi who owned two clinics (one in the compound, and another outside the compound), and that his mother was a former Kunoichi (she retired due to health problems), who ran the dojo connected to their villa. In addition, being the social type, his mother would also use the place as a community center.

The circumstances of his parents were that Hachirou was definitely a wanted child, so his they raised him and his sister with much happiness and gusto. Hachirou is fully aware their reason for this at an early age (at eight maybe), as he has seen the graves of his brothers – some of age, others young – and even remember one or two of them as he grew up. This affected him a great deal, firstly by the sorrow of losing a family member causing him to be a bit grim and on the dark side of humor as he went through the ninja academy and beyond. Then secondly by his parents walking on the fine line of making him achieve in the world, but sometimes also unsure if he should be a ninja or not. Extended family members eventually convinced them not to worry and just let him do it like his father before him. His sister wasn’t allowed to attend however but instead a life of a civilian had.

Like most others, Hachirou’s career started in the academy which he attended at a regular schedule. Not too early, nor too early. He wasn’t a prodigy beforehand so there was no reason for his parents to treat him such. However that was not to say he didn’t have preferential treatment once he got a bit older, but for now he had a normal ninja education with the usual friends here and there and a fight with the occasional bully. As for his grades when he graduated at the age of ten, Hachirou was a B student in normal studies, and rated high in taijutsu and chakra control. The former due to his parents owning a dojo giving him an early start, and the latter unfortunately because of the ease his bloodline provided him. He was more interested in taijutsu back then even though he was a small kid still.

However, he was quickly placed on a genin team, and his new teacher – Jin a middle aged man used to dealing with nobility and spoiled brats - made sure that Hachirou did not slack off when it came to improve his chakra control. This causing him to be adept at ninjutsu and building the foundation for him to learn medical ninjutsu and becoming almost a master of it. As for Jin’s motivation, he believed Hachirou could become more useful as a ninja using those traits you usually could get out of an Uzumaki kid. Plus he actually had a team member that had more talent for it, and Jin had a habit of building sets when it came to his genin teams. As for how the team performed, it seemed to be going well and they build up an impressive rap sheet of missions for their age. However it was not until six years later that Jin would recommend them for the chuunin exam.

Hachirou was fifteen around at the time, and was very eager about participating. By then he had gained most of his full height giving him an impressive stature. But of course that’s not what got them through the tournament. No that was the totality of how skilled his team and himself were. As for himself and the later matches he encountered, it was down to Hachirou’s ability to prepare to a point where it almost appeared as if he read his opponents mind, however it was just all down to him having way too many tools and being crazy prepared (yes he did carry a emergency boat in one of his sealing scrolls), and his ability to apply plans on the fly. As for the final match Hachirou had no idea who to ask to train him in the one month’s grace before the final matched, but somehow he accidentally convinced Shin the head of the clan to train him which increased his odds significantly during the final matched. So much so that he went from a regular participants to one of the favorites among the participants that people wanted to bet on. True story.

He was successful at the exam and was promoted to chuunin at the age of 16, however that was also when his career seemed to halt for the longest time. His parents had pulled a few strings, and appealed to people’s sympathy that Hachirou was his only son causing Hachirou to be moved to the medical ninja squad, but specifically the research and development arm of that squad. He also occasionally held classes for the academy students which he disliked in spite of liking being around children. However, not all was lost in this field as over the years he made a breakthrough in medical ninjutsus that gave him the eye of some important individuals. That happened about a year ago, and was also one of the events that caused him to get promoted to jounin with another event being him taking out a private fleet mostly by himself on one of the few missions he did get to go on. This was quite a boom for his career and what he wanted, as he had too much utility for his parents to pull any strings against his will. They are still on speaking terms, but after a year passed of him becoming jounin they really want him to marry so there’s that.

• Roleplay Sample: There was no amount of optimism that could help Hachirou get his mind ready for this. He was in a hurry you see to infiltrate this palace that sources had told him had either chakra detecting devices on them, or radar type ninjas patrolling along the walls. That meant he couldn’t climb over the walls without getting spotted nor use the transformation technique to walk through the gates. No he had to do some old timey infiltration.

But that wasn’t the bad part. No the bad part was the last step he had to do. He had found a drunk guard at a tavern, taken care of him so he would be found the next day, gotten his garment and armor, then he drank a similar variety of sake as the guard had that evening and swiftly covered up with mint. The latter part being so he could pretend he had covered up the smell of alcohol instead of legitimately getting drunk to have the real smell of a drunkard.

Now for the lasts step, Hachirou looked down into a place that shall forever be unnamed, but let’s just say that it was where manure were kept. That was the last step, but as for why he had to do it was simple enough. He didn’t have time to learn the guard’s habits and mannerism so he had to improvise.

Not much time had passed. But enough that a guardsman by the palace gates was getting annoyed. “Where’s that bugger? Probably getting drunk a--“ Then he saw this black figure approaching him who cut him off by yelling at him.

“Sorry I am late. Idk what happened but I woke up like this, I need to go to the barracks fast and clean up.” Hachirou intentionally made sure he sounded like he was panicked so one could not be sure who it was behind all that cow dung.

The guard in question noticed how the cow man didn’t stop, so before Hachirou could get over to the gate proper he signaled for the others to open the gates, and he said. “Sure sure just get away from me,” in a voice that showed clear disgust. And who could blame him?

Hachirou almost wanted to laugh over his victory and how he didn’t ever get stopped by the next set of guards, if it wasn’t for the fact that he really needed to go to the barrack and get a new uniform. And so he did where after he started the infiltration proper to carry out his mission. There was an uncooperatively lord that needed an accident and Hachirou was going to carry that out.
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