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Lowlife in the Outskirts [P] [Mission]

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Lowlife in the Outskirts [P] [Mission]

Post by Ayato Uzumaki on Fri Jan 27, 2017 2:51 pm

Name: A Dumb Thief
Rank: C-rank
Location: Any Village
Requirements: Chunin+ (Can be done solo or in a team)
Reward: 1,500 Ryo
Description: A group of merchants in the village have been getting robbed each and every night, they pooled their remaining funds to hire you in order to guard both them and their goods. Somewhere in the large crowd around you is a thief, and he is quite angry that the merchants have hired you to guard them and their goods, but rather than doing the smart thing and choosing a new mark he chose to try and rob them once more.
Redoable?: Yes

The lad's eyes tracked the dark road of unwashed stone that expanded in front of him for meters to come. Wooden lanterns cast their dim light here and there, somewhat reducing the effort it took to keep a sharp eye in the dead of the night.  He pushed his chakra to decrease even at lowers levels than it already was, and it did. Minimizing it down to a mere trickle of what it had been before. When he had first tried doing this earlier today, dropping down a gear to his chakra to mask his presence, he found himself facing difficulty to breathe after transitioning from gear to gear. Especially today. It was an hour after midnight when he caught a shadow moving in the darkness. It appeared the one Ayato Uzumaki was looking for had decided to make his appearance. He was walking right next to the road, as if for the dim light of the lanterns to guide him but at the same time he made sure not to get near enough and the light be cast upon his figure. Ayato followed rather close, with the same tactic as the target.

As the tracking was initiated, Ayato made one final push to slow his chakra flow to nothing, it was more difficult than any other step he had made so far. But he had only one chance at this one chance only. If he messed up then everything up until now would amount to nothing and he would be a rogue out of necessity for the rest of his life. His muffled steps trailed behind those of the shadow and he could feel the cold sweat dripping down his forehead, underneath the wolfskin hood. He wore it on his head to shield himself from the cold of the night more than to hide his face. Even though the later was of far greater importance than the former he should not forget. It was talking immeasurable effort to suppress his chakra, trailed behind him and not make any noise as he watched the shadow meander from house to house of the small settlement on the outskirts of Jokigakure. He hadn't picked any locks yet, instead, he used the sharp end of an object to carve shapes of various types upon stone or wood. This action, Ayato figured was meant to signify something in the language of thieves. Mayhaps the value of goodies for the next uninvited guest that would visit in the dead of the night.

Thieves are always on the lookout a future target to steal from. Ayato thought to himself and went on to examine the mark of the thieve from up close, as the target would go on to the next house, an inn actually where the foreign merchants had taken shelter for the night. Ayato couldn't understand what the pattern meant at all, but he ended up finding something interesting none the less. The wooden door with the rusty hinge that could be knocked out with a front kick from his good right leg.

There was a fuinjutsu seal upon it. Ayato Uzumaki recognized it immediately, for there was no fuinjutsu technique he had now knowledge of. Not that it was any special type of skill to recognize a C-rank fuinjutsu, every well-read person could. Emphasis on well read. But it was a different thing to recognize it and another to cast it. So unless this pig-farmer and the innkeeper next door were training themselves in ninja warfare instead of fucking pigs and serving piss for wine, someone was hired to do it for them. The seal was high level, so it was likely very expensive, not that Ayato could blame them over their investment. Staying on the outskirts of a shinobi village where cutthroats are likely to pay a visit and slit your throat at night, requires appropriate measures regarding one's security. And those of his products, of course.

Finally, the target moved towards the stables of the settlement. The same moment, Ayato let out a soft sigh jumped into a rooftop made of hale ten meters away from where he would make it so to be the target's final destination. Stalking towards the stables with as much stealth as he could muster he formed a single hand seal and in a blur, he leaped onto the ground exactly where the target was a few seconds ago. For a moment Ayato feared he had made enough noise to be heard in Hyoraizan or whatever that shithole buried in the snow was called. But thankfully the target who was spotted at the far end of the stables had not noticed him.

No sense in trying to steal horses.Yet the world stopped making sense to him years ago. Ayato released the limiters his mind has placed on his chakra signature, he had hoped to do this in one ago yet it took several seconds for it to unfurl itself properly and then even more to resume its normal flow but once it his sword hand reached for his steel. "This will be settled now." The blade flashed through the darkness as it was drawn from the sheath. Changing towards the thief with a horizontal slash, the adversary casually dunked as if he had seen the attack coming from a mile away.  The swing had hit thin air, and Ayato's left side was open for a counter. It seemed that the thief had realized as much; with a twisted grin on his face that Ayato could scarcely make out under his cowl he thrust a kunai towards Ayato's liver.

Once he would not have been so bold. Once, he would have never taken any unnecessary risk, but troubled times demanded of bold actions. Would do that if he could, but he was not the boy he was anymore.  Realizing his grip from the handle, the blade took flight and hit the wooden post of the stable, the noise of splintering wood woke the horses from their slumber. But before the animals whines and neighs could echo through the night, Ayato's body twisted towards the opposite direction from where he swung his sword and his fist collided with the side of the thieves jaw. The impact force was strong enough to send the man smashing on the floor with the head. Such a same and he almost gutted Ayato, he almost relieved him from the bounds of life. A pity for him, but Ayato had no death wish whatsoever.

The thief, either by the punch or from smashing his head on the floor had slumped into unconsciousness, blood trailing down from his scalp the same way sweat did for Ayato. But there was no time. Ayato had to be quick about this. Bending down he bound the thief's arms and legs with a thick rope Ayato held on his person before starting to loot the man for his belongings. Mostly there were lockpicks, gold coins and moon sugar, a foreign drug that gave you hallucinations and was quite popular in the market of Jokigakure as of late. Yet Ayato had no interested for money, nor to become a thief or an addict that would pollute the street with his presence. This was his city after all. No, what he was looking was something else. And he came up with it after examing a back pocket on the Thieve's leather jacket. Coming up with a small red scroll, Ayato unfolded it revealing an initial for storage.

This was a common technique for weaponry specialists used to displace equipment into a separate dimension. So the moment he saw the initials he knew exactly what he was supposed to do. Focusing on his chakra to flow on the palm of his hand he pushed his chakra he punched the ink upon the scroll, which made disappear but not before summoning, 3 silver disks, a golden goblet and a cat. The stolen items, all of them merchants reported were there. No not reported, he had picked up this information from gossips in a tavern. Who would dare to waste the time of the honorable Ayato Uzumaki with such trivial matters? The third in line of succession of the Uzumaki Clan dealing with petty thievery? Absolutely ludicrous. Everyone would expect for him to slay a dragon or save a princess. Fools, every last one of them.

Whatever justice was for citizens who had their heirlooms and pets stolen was done. And they would be here soon, the whines of the horses were bound to wake up even the ones who were going the hardest at it on their beds. Taking a few steps to his right he released his sword with some struggle from the wooden post, then he proceeded to lift the thieve with one hand and throw him over his shoulder. "The merchants have their justice for all I care. Now it is time for my compensation." Ayato thought with a frown as walked out of the stable carrying the man over his shoulders. With his piercing gaze, the lad looked upwards to a sky with a half moon and hundreds, no, thousands of stars. They made him and his entire quest to be his own man seemed so insignificant, and somehow instead of disappointing or discouraging him, it brought solace in his heart.

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Re: Lowlife in the Outskirts [P] [Mission]

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