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A Dumb Thief [C-Rank Mission]


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A Dumb Thief [C-Rank Mission]

Post by Kenshin on Tue Jan 24, 2017 8:08 am

Name: A Dumb Thief
Rank: C-rank
Location: Any Village
Requirements: Genin+ (Can be done solo or in a team)
Reward: 1,500 Ryo
Description: A group of merchants in the village have been getting robbed each and every night, they pooled their remaining funds to hire you in order to guard both them and their goods. Somewhere in the large crowd around you is a thief, and he is quite angry that the merchants have hired you to guard them and their goods, but rather than doing the smart thing and choosing a new mark he chose to try and rob them once more.
Redoable?: Yes

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