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Your Village Needs YOU!!! [C-Rank Mission]


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Your Village Needs YOU!!! [C-Rank Mission]

Post by Kenshin on Tue Jan 24, 2017 8:05 am

Name: Your Village Needs YOU!!!
Rank: C-rank
Location: Any Village
Requirements: Genin+ (Solo only)
Reward: 1,500 Ryo
Description: The villagers have gathered near the great theater and are expecting a great show.  The Kage wants you to stand before the crowd and demonstrate your skills for oration.  You are to give the crowd a fine story regarding the glory of your village, and list off a few past events from the brief histories of the villages, from your own history, or make up and embellish past events to work the crowd into a fury of patriotic zeal.
Redoable?: Yes

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