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Kaishi Senshi - Completed


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Kaishi Senshi - Completed

Post by Kaishi on Sun Jan 22, 2017 7:06 pm

• Name:  Kaishi Senshi
• Nickname / Alias: Kai
• Title: Bastard seems to be a common one
• Age: 26
• Gender:
• Sexuality: Heterosexual

• Height: 6'4'' 6'6''
• Weight: 218 pounds
• Body type: Athletic/Brawny
• Eye colour: Carmaine
• Hair colour & style: Dark Brown, Long/Wild
• General Appearance:
• Markings: Several deep scars covering his body, mostly arms and torso

• Persona: A big green man once implied to having layers like an onion, Kai, could be seen much the same way. The man is brutally honest, friendly, and quite charming at times, but he meets society with a certain degree of childlike innocence and wonder. He often asks questions he already knows the answers too, and will often pretend to be foolish for the sake of seeing who catches on, and who falls for it. He is utterly confident, highly intelligent, but sadly a bit of a slacker and fails to maintain the side of his duties that require bureaucracy. For example, after completing a mission, he may simply forget to turn in the report, leaving the Kage wondering just what in the hell happened, being as he's back and seen at the bar that night, but no report on his mission every touched the lord of the village's desk. This may be due in part that Kai is also, while kind and helpful, very selfish, believing that it is up to each individual to secure their own happiness in life and that it is not his job to please anyone, but certainly to please himself. Much of his spare time is there for spent either seeking knowledge which directly appeals to him, usually in the form of new Taijutsu, or Ninjutsu, or things that appeal to his lifestyle. Other ties he can be caught at the local bars, or eateries, trying as many new flavors of both whine, and food as he can manage, and when all else fails and you can't find the guy, check the home of the woman he's courting that week, as the man is highly flirtatious, and a bit polygamous.
• Motto: All it takes is a beautiful fake smile to hide an injured soul, and they will never noticed how broken you really are.
• Likes: Drugs, Alcohol, Sushi, Reading, Adventure and Women.

• Dislikes: Authority, Sweets, Schedules, Math, and Lies.

• Special Characteristics:

  • - Increased spiritual force, Improved Spiritual Endurance

• Rank: Jounin
• Elements:

  • • Primary:Raiton
  • • Secondary:Katon
  • • Secondary:

  • • Tertiary:Fuuton
  • • Tertiary:

• Specialty:

  • • Primary: Taijutsu
  • • Secondary: Ninjutsu
  • • Secondary:
  • • Tertiary:Medical Ninjutsu
  • • Tertiary:

• Clan: None
• Bijuu: None


• Strength: 100
• Speed: 50
• Durability: 50
• Chakra: 100

• Village: Sukaigakura
• Parents: Ryoto and Hinoka Kenshi, Deceased.
• Siblings: None
• Mentor & Idols: The Fourth Hokage
• History:
Men like Kai are not born, they are made. Forged in tragedy, depression, and darkness most often. Although he appears to be the friendly neighborhood cynic, the truth of the matter stems back to a much darker time, shortly after his graduation to Chunnin. Kai had been among the top of his class, and considered a genius by many of the village's top instructors. He was insanely strong for his age, and had shocked those around him, even as a Genin, with a powerful hidden store of chakra, uncommon for his age. When he started being able to do missions, along with other's he had been paired up with a lovely Konoichi, named Emily, and the two fell madly in love. Emily was rebellious, free spirited, and radical without a cause, and eventually, it cost her life. He rarely talks about those days, and far less about Emily, or how exactly it came to pass that she died, only stating after several rounds of alcohol how it was all his fault, his burden to bare before weeping and storming out of the bar and into the night. As the years have past, Kai has tended to handle the reoccurring thoughts, and nightmares about Emily better it seems, having only about one break down a year lately, but on the anniversary of her death, it's always the same as the rebellious Shinobi wanders off, usually alone and at night, to pay sacrament to Emily's cause.

It is due much in part because of that troubled past that Kai is who he is today, his own rebellious streak not a product of nature, as he had always been a rather ell behaved student, but something he picked up from here, and seemed to silently vow to carry on in her name, as if he had to live a life wild enough for the both of them in her absence. Kai had also, for a brief spell, been heavily into substance abuse and if you can name a drug, he has likely experimented with it. This phase started when he was about 20, and only lasted a couple years, but he has been known to relapse here and there, usually only for a night before seeming to have the nerve to regain control, despite dipping his feet back into that darkness.

Now, as a man heading into his late twenties Kai recently made it as a Joinin, passing the test with flying colors at the age of 25, and having conducted himself overall rather well, especially when one considers his past. He has been assigned several students, and aided the next generation of Shinobi in finding out who they really are, focusing highly on not only training one's body, but the mind and spirit as well as part of his regimen. He believes in short bursts of accurate, fast, and devastatingly powerful techniques for crippling opponents from the start, and applying your entire strength from the get go, and avoids prolonged fights, despite more than having the stamina to engage in them, and his students learn quickly that he holds very little back in training sessions either.

• Roleplay Sample: The night was setting in, though with the way the storm clouds hung ominously over the village, one could hardly tell the transition as things went fro dark, to darker. This time of day, this weather, all of it rang with a certain kind of beauty that Kai felt many failed to see, and after dismissing his students for the night, Kai had some free time on his hands, and planned to at least attempt to pay his respects to the beautiful cumulonimbus cloud which rested above his head, watching as the rain drops began to fall heavily, splattering against the tile roof tops and arcs of lightning danced playfully amidst the grey background.

He made his way towards the forest just outside of town, but along the way, stopped at a nearby sake shop, one of his favorite one's in town. "Yo, kuso yoro!~" He shouted playfully scornful at the bartender, who answered back qith a quick verbal blast of abusive terms back to the man before the both of them met with intense glares shot in the other's direction, then burst into laughter. Kai chose not to take a seat at one of the stools, but simply rested against the bar, as the long time friend and bar keep asked him what he'd like to start off the night with, being sure to call him a bastard to accent just how much he cared. "Eh, just a double hit of warm sake please, then I gotta take care of some things. Your wife called, and said you'd be working late again so I thought I'd stop by and pay her my respects." The bar tender shouted something along with 'Baka!' while laughing and shaking his head, then serving Kai a double shot of some of the bars more potent brew. Kai quickly downed the glass after raising it to the bar tender, honestly respectful, then slamming it down.- "Arigato." -Kai proclaimed with a sigh, as the hot rice wine rolled down into his guts, and he turned to exit the bar, walking back into what was now a light shower of rain.

Thunder rolled in the distance as Kai left the village gates far behind, and wandered off deep into the forest alone. Confident in not only his own ability to ward off any potential threats, but the repellent effects the storm would have on any but the maddest of souls, like himself, he often came out here to train late at night, or during fierce weather to test his body's resolve. He had covered various thick tree trunks with increasingly difficult armor, things like bamboo pads, iron plates, even large slabs of stone which were set up and showed signs of wear and tear. "... Raiton... ARMOR!" -Kai would cry out, his body suddenly enveloped with a thick layer of chakra, which insulated an electrical current currently passing though his body, and preventing it from grounding out. This heightened his senses, allowing him to perceive things at a much faster rate than before, amplified up his muscles allowing for much greater displays of raw speed, and protected his body from severe impacts, which when combined with his already impressive strength, explained the damage down to the metal and stone in the area. For several hours after which, Kai would be seen as a blur, darting from one obstacle to the other, attacking each training device from various different angles with strikes from his fists, feet, knees and elbows. Finally, after some time, the man would stand in the center of the devastated training course, panting as the armor faded and his muscles relaxed, his large chest rising and falling as he sucked in heaps of air. Then, he would place both hands a small distance apart, as if holding an invisible ball. Chakra swirled around the area as he attempted to work on a jutsu all of his own creation. Air was being pulled in, then, an electrical current ran back and forth between his palms, arcs of electricity building an static current in the pressurized airspace... Kai struggled, but before he could go any further, the jutsu collapsed, spiraling out of his control, and in disgust, the man collapsed, falling in tears against the rain soaked forest floor, and the storm above seemed to slowly begin to fade, moving away, as if it had itself, lost interest in the village now.

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Re: Kaishi Senshi - Completed

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Nice app, I approve

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Re: Kaishi Senshi - Completed

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Edits to stats made according to applicant's wishes as he found out that clanless characters get a 20 stat bonus.

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Re: Kaishi Senshi - Completed

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