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Shinigai Kaguya Timeskip 6 Years

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Shinigai Kaguya Timeskip 6 Years

Post by .Shinigai Kaguya on Sun Jan 22, 2017 4:50 am

Year 1:
The fall: It was a sad day, when the sky village fell. The village fell into the ocean outside of Kazangakure, causing a ripple in the ocean and near by islands to suffer from tidelwaves. As the village fell so did the two brothers, Ashura and Shinigai. No longer were they the spectacle that fought valiantly against one another in an attempt to understand the other, no now they were considered dead. As the villagers made their way to jokigakure, the two sank into the depths of the sea.

Tentacles wrapped around the body of the late Sukaikage as he sunk to the depths of the ocean. Dragging his body deep into a temple. The temple would be small and would allow oxygen to be created in this small bubble that sat at the bottom of the ocean. Slowly the young kage would regain conciousness as he would open his eyes to the bijuu whos name had been known around the world, The Kraken. "Boy... awaken." He would hear as he arose from the long deadly slumber.......
[Shinigai meets the Kraken]

The Kraken:
Shinigai would spend a month in this bubble recovering from the loss of both his home and family. The kraken, keeping him company would begin to warm up to him. Their bond growing strong until the day shinigai requested to return to the surface. Wrapping his arms around him they departed only to meet fate standing upon the shores.

Fate: it was that day that fate would bring Shinigai and his rival together. Father's third child, Melyeeon. The boy was considered Father's most faithful child, being that shinigai had been his first child, only to abandon him after their struggle. Melyeeon's eyes met with shinigai and then gave a quick glance to the bijuu as he would smirk. The wooden doll was his nickname.

Their meeting was fated but what happened after was a mistake. Their battle began as shinigai commanded that Kraken left the area. As he began his departure they began their long awaited battle. It lasted for 3 days bringing both children to their bodys limit. With all of his energy depleted pride would arise. That renewed mind would renew his body. That day would bring about the death of Melyeeon and the last time anyone would speak to the real shinigai. His rampage began as he made his way through that foreign country the kraken had brought him to.
[Year 1 ended with Pride now in control of his body]

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