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Execution Day (P, Training, Flashback)

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Execution Day (P, Training, Flashback)

Post by Garnet Rose on Sat Jan 21, 2017 10:48 pm

It had been days, Garnet thought. No, weeks, since he had last got any activity in that could be considered mildly strenuous. Now, this admittedly had it’s own reasons. Ever since he had become the Hyozankage a few years back after the sudden and unexplained disappearance of all the previous heads, some coming back while others remained lost to the world, he had ended up with a lot more desk work than actual on the field experience. Of course he didn’t discount it, what others might see as mere papers were in the end the things that bound a village’s security and economy together, but he had been neglecting his own physical training in favor of working out a deal with a local fishing company which had grown a bit grumpy over a security increase he had seen fit to instate for a good two weeks about a month ago from that current point in time after he had some sightings of missing nin attempting to skulk around using the ocean as a route despite its unreliability. That issue was taken care of thankfully, but it didn’t stop the petty squabbling afterword. He understood that it was a bit of a hassle, but couldn’t they learn to lighten up?

Garnet sighed, deciding that now was not the time for him to sulk. After all, he had an appointment to make today. Admittedly not the most glamorous, or even morally just, but in the end it would be a boon both to himself and the village.

It was execution day.

Remember those missing nin he had mentioned earlier? Due to him dispatching a team of Jonin, whose names slipped his mind at the moment, he had been able to catch all five of their group before detaining them within his villages walls. Interrogation had found them guilty, but thankfully of no allegiance to other village. That could have meant war otherwise. The thing was, he couldn’t just let them go considering all the crimes they had already committed. That left only one option. They would be put to death.

Garnet took a look at himself in a mirror that he had placed in his office both for looking at himself and for covering his blind spots, noting how much he had changed in the last six years. Despite all of his training he had to admit that there was little to no obvious signs of muscle definition, although that didn’t mean he wasn’t strong in of himself. Somehow he found that his skin had become paler over the years and his once red eyes were now a deep and intelligent blue, signs of Pharoah’s integration into his system over the years. The Sphinx was quiet most of the time, but he could feel it sending coils into him day by day making them closer to one and the same being. He supposed that might be the reason why he was admittedly so soft in appearance compared to perhaps the muscle bound mountain man one might expect of his position. As far as any scholars knew the bijuu had no true gender due to being manifestations of chakra, although some certainly might adopt one for a while, so it would make sense that he was affected in the same way. He shook his head. He might have a good grasp in the field of iryoninjutsu but pondering it now would only give him a headache.

Standing up from his desk he stretched before filing his paperwork away into neat stacks, putting his finished forms into a pile before calling one of his assistants into pick it up, who he noted did so without a word as he put his unfinished forms away in his desk before locking it securely. Huh, normally they were more chatty than that. Was something wrong perhaps? One thing Garnet knew was that productivity was often affected by a worker's mental state, it wouldn’t do good for someone working so close to the Kage be hindering the work flow. That and he actually had a human heart and cared about those who he worked with. Again, something he should save for later. For now, he had other things to do.

Looking to the side he found his outfit pre prepared, having left it there after polishing it up back at his house and borrowing a few pieces of equipment to buff out some scratches on the metal. His Caffeine Set, all set and ready to go. He found it funny that after all these years, Myrtenaster was still not finished despite him being ready to create it. He supposed that he just kept getting ambitious with it’s final design which was mostly the cause of its delay. Ah well, it would certainly be just as good as this beauty when he was done. Locking the door to his office he began to get changed into his suit.

Putting on a skin tight base layer which had been made to be almost transparent so as to fool any potential threats into thinking he was uncovered in the areas not directly protected by metal, Garnet began to slowly put on his Caffeine Armor piece by piece. First came the waist and chest segments, which slid on to protect his upper and lower body, hearing them hum slightly as the pieces began to integrate and connect with each other. Good, he wouldn’t need to perform a system check. Those two pieces were followed by his arm segments, each covering both his arms and thankfully his hands so he wouldn’t need to go without gloves in the cold. Sliding his legs into the feet of the armor he heard a click before testing out the joints, watching as the feet moved and bent at his command just as a normal limb would. Standing up he found himself a few inches off the ground than he would be normally, due to the raptor-like position of his feet, but found no issues walking over the remainder of the Set in order to connect them to his body. A few seconds later the Caffeine Limbs were hooked up and running, the tail swinging languidly behind him from side to side while the limbs merely hung there inactive for the moment.

Drawing his extra set of limbs in and wrapping his tail around his leg he opened one of the large windows of his office, feeling the biting chill of the wind hit him immediately, before exiting through said window and closing it behind him rather awkwardly. Sure it was rather unconventional and people would probably have a laugh at his expense if they saw the leader of a village seemingly sneaking out of his own office, but in all actuality it beat going through his office in what appeared to be full battle attire. Feeling his systems activate as he began to move he noticed out of the corner of his vision his hair turning to a vibrant green, a sign of the systems working as he set off at a blinding speed that he wasn’t able to approach normally without any kind of outside buff, a trail of roses following behind him as he did so. Rooftop to rooftop he jumped, admittedly creating a couple of scratches from the sharpness of his claws but in the end he made it to his destination in the form of one of the prisons throughout Hyozangakure. Stepping towards the gate he noted the guards appeared to tense up as he passed, apparently a bit wary as to why the village leader was in full battle attire. How odd, it seemed that certain tidbit of information hadn’t made it down into the lower ranks. He would have to make sure that it did later, a lack of protection was just a beacon for assassination. While he didn’t like to dwell on such thoughts, it was a possibility due to his position and certain precautions were needed to keep his head on his shoulders. Then again, wasn’t he going against that by what he was doing right at that moment?

Striding inside and walking through security, obviously setting off dozens of alarms in the process, before walking through the maze of hallways and descending several floors before entering another room layered with heavy concrete so as to prevent any escapees from breaking through. The only other occupant of the room was the warden, dressed up in full uniform and already briefed on the situation. Despite this all it was clear that a slight sense of worry was present in him.

“Lord Kage, are you sure this is wise?” He immediately said as Garnet walked into the room, noting how he had to squeeze himself in due to the low clearance his suit gave him with narrow doorways. “I understand that it is your will, but these are still crimi-”

“I appreciate your concern, Head Warden.” Garnet said, interrupting the man from speaking further. While it was indeed a bit rude to stop the man from simply expressing his due opinions at the moment Garnet was in official business mode and sometimes feelings had to be put aside in exchange for getting things done. I’ll be quite fine. Have the prisoner's been prepared?” He adjusted his feet, noting that the warden winced at the sound of steel toes clacking against the ground. He supposed that at the moment he might be a bit intimidating, what with the rippling steel limbs giving a vicious visage to an outfit that would be a lot plainer otherwise. Apparently not trusting himself to speak the warden nodded and Garnet smiled, now having all the information he needed. Opening the heavy door Garnet stepped inside the next room.

All around him was heavy concrete, Garnet noted, along with an upper level currently manned by many higher level jonin disguised as prison guards for the day. Each exit was guarded by two or more men, making escape impossible. But what was to escape, you may ask? Well, each of those five prisoners had been confined earlier to this very room, each of them attached to chains on a singular pillar so that they were not able to see each other nor assist the others in escape. Each had been removed of all weapons and to be certain seal masters had sealed their chakra away while they were unconscious so as to inhibit their abilities. In the end this was still an execution, it wouldn’t do for them to make too much of a fight. Stepping closer towards the convicts he noted that while a few of them seemed to not know who they were facing two did recognize him, an expression of horror coming to their faces. Good, fear always made the fight more interesting. “Release them.” He called out, hearing the click before the electronic locks clicked and their bonds were released.

Immediately two of them were dead, impaled on long green claws, spasming in their dying breathes as lethal amounts of caffeine loaded into their system quickening the death they would already have due to a thing we like to call a borderline heart attack. The rest were wise enough to back up and retreat, one backing into a corner alone while the two who had recognized him stayed closer together. Did they have some sort of closer connection? It was no matter as a snowflake design appeared beneath his feet and six swords blazed to life as he dashed past them, nine identical cuts running through the both of them before the blood began to flow freely, causing them to crash to the ground painfully as the poison worked through their body. The last he decided would get a less merciful death for abandoning the last two, suddenly lacking both arms and legs before flipping him on his back and tearing with his claws until the man could feel no more due to the sheer amount of chemicals running through his body. Garnet stood up again and shook slightly, causing a slight spray of blood to spatter from his claws.

“Well, that’s my psychopathic tendencies dealt with for the month.” Gunbai said matter of factly. “That, and a good stretch after a long break. Clean up the mess and you’re all dismissed. Good work everyone.” He smiled despite his obviously messed up appearance before strolling back through the door he came from. Slowly darkness descended upon the room, leaving only darkness and the stench of blood.

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Re: Execution Day (P, Training, Flashback)

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