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Uzumaki, Ayato

Ayato Uzumaki

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Uzumaki, Ayato

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• Name:  Ayato Uzumaki
• Nickname / Alias:
• Title:
• Age: 19
• Gender:
• Sexuality: [heterosexual]

• Height: 182cm, 5'9
• Weight: 75kg
• Body type: Athletic
• Eye colour: Yellow
• Hair colour & style: Red
• General Appearance: Ayato is regarded as a handsome young man with shiny red long hair combed forward in a straight fashion with some strands hanging down his face. The boldest features of this face are the high bridge of his nose and his valiant eyebrows. His hard cut mouth marks him with a stoic air, but his chestnut brown eyes give a brilliance in his gaze.

His skin complexion is fair and his physique well-built, especially around the shoulders and back, results of years training at arms. Graceful in his movements, Ayato's comely appearance is further complimented with a smile that cuts deep like a knife.

As far as his wardrobe is concerned, Ayato prefers to keep a smart dress attire. He wears a high-collared, black jacket over his white shirt and a blue loose tie. Pants made of black-grey wool for bottoms.

• Markings: [anything else]

• Persona: Ayato is a quiet, calm and level headed individual. To many, he comes across as distant and somber, yet when talked to he is really considerate and charismatic, with a sense of a dry humor.

Born into one of the Great Shinobi Clans, he is not a novice when it comes to living and working within the subterfuge and perils of noble courts. He is soft spoken and has exceptional social skills, knows how and when to throw a smile, make a jest and charm a woman. Qualities that make anyone well liked by the society and easy to get along with others.

Ayato sets himself apart from the stereotypical noble there; he does not look down on the less fortunate nor does he put on airs about his battle prowess. In a rigidly hierarchical world, he prefers to judge people by their character rather than their rank. Believing everyone else to be ignorant, superstitious or both; he himself is well-read and empirical. In a world where everyone is either obsessed with honor or are deranged lunatics; Ayato is an individual walks the middle path of disciplined hedonism. He's smart, compassionate when he can be, decisive when he needs to be and brave when he's forced to be--everything we like to think of ourselves.

During combat he was taught to be calm and observant, rarely acting on impulse and usually thinks things through before doing anything, always trying to stay one step ahead of every adversary.

• Motto: "Down to the last detail."
"Fear cuts deeper than swords."
Words are wind.

• Likes:
Ramen, goes with the Uzumaki line.
Thinking before acting
Shin Uzumaki
His own jests

• Dislikes:
His father
Shin Uzumaki
Touched around the neck. (Due to trauma)

• Special Characteristics:

  • - Name: Improved Spiritual Stamina
    Rank: C
    Type: Spiritual
    Description: Through extensive conditioning and countless hours of practice, the user has built up a level of spiritual stamina far greater than the average shinobi. Their chakra reserves are greater than most other shinobi of their rank, allowing them to fight longer before feeling the strain of battle. The user gains +20 Chakra.

• Rank: Sp.Jounin (B-rank)
• Elements:Water, Fire

• Specialty: Fuinjutsu, Ninjutsu

• Clan: Uzumaki
• Bijuu: No


B-Rank: 210 total stats

• Strength: 30
• Speed: 60
• Durability: 40
• Chakra: 80

• Village: Jokigakure - Village Hidden in the Steam
• Parents: Daisuke Uzumaki, Lya Uzumaki
• Siblings: an older brother and sister, Shin Uzumaki (First Cousin)
• Mentor & Idols: N/A
• History: Ayato Uzumaki, born to Daisuke and Lee Ann of the same name, was the third and final child they would have due to his mother's body becoming incapable of bearing any other. His father, the second son of the Uzumaki Head at the time, was regarded a fearsome shinobi in his youth who rose through the rank of society with his valor in battle rather than his family heritage. His mother was the daughter of a merchant lord, with smithers of noble blood in her. Enough to marry her to an Uzumaki warrior of unsavory reputation but not powerful enough to give her a match with the heir to the clan.

Regardless, Daisuke Uzumaki decided to have both his sons follow family tradition and have them trained to be a warrior in the service of Jokigakure and thus Ayatos's life was shaped. He was given tutelage in subjects such as geography, history and even learned proper etiquette. All in order for his mind and resolve to be shaped for the life that lay ahead of him. When he was old enough to hold a sword or a kunai, in fact, he was taught to access his chakra by his father and his rigorous training began.

Though he did well in the theoretical aspects his chakra was difficult to mold to the point where he would be considered to become strong as a shinobi. This eventually led to his father giving up on Ayato and focus more on Shin Uzumaki. Shin Uzumaki was the heir of the Uzumaki and came to be fostered at Ayato's home under a decree of their grandfather after he was orphaned at a young age. Shin and Ayato shared a friendly rivalry, but the slightly older Uzumaki didn't share Ayato's challenge of a weak chakra signature and excellent in every area.  Genin at 6, Chunin at 7, Jounin at 8.

Shin was everything Ayato was not. He really tried to hate him for that, he tried to, but he couldn't. This however turned Ayato into a rebellious youth, brawling in taverns, sleeping with whores, and finding ways to raise his father’s ire.  And that would be the end of it. However, in his fourteenth name day, Ayato's life took a dark turn. That was when his mother to everyone's shock committed suicide.

To this day Ayato bears the scars of his mother's actions, he blames himself as he feels that had he noticed her mental state deteriorating he could have done something to prevent her death. But it was only after that he realized the error of his ways and took it upon himself to change. To leave his own little world and challenge his destiny, promising to himself that someday he would become a man worthy of her praise.

In Ayato's quest for glory, however, there was no wicked man to defeat before he could claim to be the hero. He was never elegant in his movements or a genius that learned everything with half the effort. He wasn’t the fastest or the strongest, he was plain and dull. As his father put it out once; he wasn't born with any talent. Making a hell of lemonade with shitty lemons proved a lot more challenging than he initially believed.

But his decision was final. At first, it was sticking to the things he knew and understood. Practicing the same things over and over again, completing missions getting awarded with the rank of Chuunin. And shortly after that came the rank of Sp.Jounin

• Roleplay Sample:

"Ain't fixing this anytime soon"  the wine merchant from the haven country announced with his deep voice wiping the sweat from his brow with the back of his hairy arm. The past twenty minutes Ayato might have heard the same words half a thousand times. Shit, why does it always have to be trouble Ayato thought as he observed the man on his knees struggling to put the broken wheel back in place. "Oi, you shinobi give me to hand over here. What do I pay ya for?" The man demanded as he turned to look at Ayato. The caravan had stopped in the middle of nowhere when the rear left wheel went off during a chase with a small pack of wolves. The mare panicked at their sight, causing them to run off track, crushing with force on a large boulder.

"I warned this asshole a thousand times to stick to the original route.  This was supposed to be easy enough for even an academy student to handle, after an all what are the odds for something to go wrong on a road with so many lantern lights and guards patrolling here and there." Ayato was there simply to gain experience by throwing rocks at annoying pigeons. The greedy merchant ruined all that by insisting he knew a non-mapped path that would take them to their destination in half the time. And here they were now, in a dark forest with a caravan without a wheel and nightfall was almost upon them. The whole situation screamed of danger.
"Sir, once again I am here on an escort mission. Assigned this mission at the decree of the Kage, who spared manpower to increase protection of merchants across the realm-"

The merchant interrupted him before he could finish "Yeah yeah, enough of your blabbering." He stood up and came closer to Ayato's face "Listen to you brat. I don't give a rat's ass about the Hidden Star village or you shinobi. I just wanna get back to selling my wine. So you should you start helping me put the damn wheel back in place or else I'll report you did a shitty job." Ayato was never a boy for easy courtesies so he was not going to leave the last comment without an answer. Besides,  he did not have the luxury to remain calm and composed any longer. It would not be long before bandit or wild animal was alerted of their presence. "And you must understand I do to respond to extortion." He stated angrily at the man and paused for a moment. "I already told you how we shall proceed. The two of us ride the horse, taking all the merchandise we can carry, then we make for the main road."  

"And leave the rest of it here!!?? Do you know how much that would cost me!??" The man clenched his fists "Of course you don't! If you shinobis had any fucking idea of bartering, you brat wouldn't bring such bullshit idea to my face." The man yelled at Ayato, shooting bullets of spit as his mouth moved. "It has gotten darker. It is no longer safe to stay here. We must leave.." Ayato was tired of repeating himself, raising the tone of his voice did not seem to help at all.

The sound of bushes moving and a branch cracking echoed through the forest. Ayato turned immediately kunai in hand but saw no one "Who are you show yourself!" Ayato declared as cold sweat dripping down his brow and the feeling of anxiety within rose his heartbeat quickly. "The brat took notice of me. " Said someone to himself as he came out of the bushes. He had an ugly face, crooked teeth, messy brown hair with few hints of white here and there. He wore a worn out sleeveless leather armor and on left hand he held a drawn steel sword. In a sense, everything about him screamed cutthroat.

"Speaking to yourself? Are you a jinchuriki by chance? I am pretty sure I did not read anywhere one so ugly existed. " Ayato mocked his opponent with a nervous smile. It was inappropriate for a Hyuuga to behave in such a way; Ayato knew but right now it mattered little to him. Besides, other than the insult his opponent wouldn't mind Hyuuga's lack of etiquette either. As for the merchant; he was in no position to object, sitting on his ass having pissed himself in terror. "You little shit. Dare to mock me?" The brigand answered in high pitched voice. "Can't wait to hear the sound of gold in me pockets after I sell the goodies behind ya. But first I'll cut you two fuckers in pieces." He announced pointing his sword at Ayato.

I must end this soon, others might be on their way. Ayato realized not taking his eyes of the brigand "Your threats only make you look weak. Besides..." Before he could finish, the outlaw charged holding his sword up high; the tip slightly to the right attempting to slice at Ayato with force. As the blade came down at him, Ayato took a step to the left going outside of the downward sword arc. "Everything about you screams small fry" He whispered just before rotating his body 180 degrees, getting  behind him then stabbed the kunai with force at the left of the outlaw's spine. Black steel piercing through leather human flesh and vital organs. The rotation had given the strike so much force that Ayato was unable to remove the kunai immediately after. The outlaw fell to his knees, a red lake appearing around the kunai stuck at his back.

"" He let sword free from his grip, the sound of metal against rock echoing through the forest as the blade hit the ground. The man momentary gasped for air but only blood came out of his mouth before his face followed the same route his sword did. "It is done." Ayato declared to the merchant without as much s giving him a look "Shall we go? Others might show up" he asked with a calm voice. He could hear the man crying "Y..Yes." He answered sobbing.


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