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Sorin Apollo Hoshigaki


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Sorin Apollo Hoshigaki

Post by Pain on Sat Jan 21, 2017 1:20 pm

• Name: Sorin Hoshigaki
• Nickname / Alias: Apollo
• Title: No
• Age: 18
• Gender: Male
• Sexuality: Hetero

• Height: 6'3"
• Weight: 187
• Body type: Athletic 
• Eye colour: Red
• Hair colour & style: Red and shaggy
• General Appearance: 

• Markings: Gills along arms, legs, and back, skin isn't tanned but pale

• Persona: Some would say that Apollo is one with multiple personalities as his mind has progressed so much through the years he has been a man of the world. When he first started out being a ninja Apollo often liked to go outside during the seasons change of the world and play around like the little kid he was before. However that changed as after his mother had died he started to focus more on his work. He had became distant from the other men failing to cooperate with anyone which made him quite unfit to be a fighter. His mind was considered slightly broken as the other people within his time thought him to be broken.

He had seen many people live as well as die from his time in his homeland. Most beings are fleeting things his mind had become attached to the phase that humans never were able to evolve further if they were left as simple men. Other people are different to some extent, as very little of them have the same mind that Apollo himself possesses and as such, something of an understanding of the vastness of the world and can be allies or enemies, but he was still far younger than almost all starting ninja he had met and has likely seen so much more.

But while Apollo is powerful in his own right, he doesn’t actively seek power as some other people do. He is far more content following his own whims, allowing them to lead him across the land hopefully to places both new and old, hoping forever seeking novelty and distraction when he’s not otherwise engaged in important matters, likely another effect of his advanced knowledge and time spent training. There is little that Apollo finds entirely new in the world, and while it has not yet become enough of a problem that he has turned to darker methods of creating distractions, he still craves the pleasure of discovering something entirely new. In this manner, Apollo is actually quite hedonistic. When he is not pulled by the weight of more important matters – such as the people within his life or the death of his mother. Apollo seeks experiences to fulfil his need for novelty and pleasure, leading to him travelling further and further across the land in the hopes of finding what it is he desires most.

At the age of 21 though many years had passed and Apollo became a guy that was considered happy go lucky. Most of the time you would see him in the public training with himself or some other kid that had walked upon him. His father who was still alive had educated him in fighting knowledge allowing Apollo himself to figure out ways to awaken his inner self. His observation of the world around him had only grew which made him become more interested in the life of all living thing taking care into them. However when he is provoked his ideals are easily changed using what is within his power to end what has come in his way.

Though while in combat Apollo is a different person, he tends to stay in the back of a battle if it is a team fight as he does not want his power to be shown if stronger than the enemy allowing his teammates to take control. Though he would seem happy go lucky off of the battlefield his mind is like the ocean changing at a moment's notice going from a cool and calm person to a raging man who would do anything in his power to save his friends. Though if Apollo is the last one standing on the battlefield he sometimes looses hope of defeating the enemy as when his mom was killed he was the only person in their home at the time of her death and saw himself as useless for not being able to help her.

• Motto: get Rich or Die Trying

• Likes: Sleeping, Fighting, Trying, Women, Sex, Life

• Dislikes:
 Idiots, Stupidity, Weakness, Bright things, cold

• Special Characteristics:

• Rank: A Rank- Jounin
• Elements: Lightning, Water, Wind

  • • Primary: Lightning
  • • Secondary: Water
  • • Tertiary: Wing

• Specialty: 

  • • Primary: Taijutsu
  • • Secondary: Ninjutsu
  • • Tertiary: Medical

• Clan: HOshigaki- a clan that looks like Human sharks
• Bijuu: No


• Strength: 50
• Speed: 80
• Durability: 50
• Chakra: 100

• Village: Hyo
• Parents: Kitsu and Nonri Hoshigaki Mom and Dad mom is dead
• Siblings: No
• Mentor & Idols:No
• History: 
Apollo was born in a Hyo. His mother was born into a mysterious clan known for its shark abilities and transformation. However, the woman did not survive due to the villages lack of sufficient medical care and equipment, leaving the boy alone to be raised by his father. A naturally quiet kid, his childhood made it seem like the gift of his mother hadn't been passed on, at least until he had hit puberty. After the age of 12 he was prone to always training. He destroyed property and even hurt people on occasion. Even though he was forgiven each time, even though he was always welcomed back with open arms, he couldn't take it. So he left his village at the age of 18, heading for the other villages. He dreamed of becoming a ninja capable of protecting those around him, as well as controlling himself.

Apollo wandered the deserts for a while before going to any sort of town, wanting to find some sort of peace for himself. He didn't know exactly who, or what he was. In his travels of the sand he came to control his transformations into a shark and rage a little better with meditation, though at night he found himself on edge, and usually waking with nightmares. He felt there may be another, almost divine force acting upon him. Something he couldn't control. Even searching deep inside himself, he couldn't seem to find that unstable piece, the piece he needed to fix to make himself whole. Eventually, he found himself as ready as he'd ever be, and decided to finally head for the village. 

With mastering his abilities at such a young age, he would return back to Ho. Once again they would welcome him with open hands, but he didn't plan on being just that random person who left and came back. Sooner rather than later, he rose through the ninja ranks and would become a Jounin. Promising to protect everyone he loves. While sleeping of course.

• Roleplay Sample: 
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Re: Sorin Apollo Hoshigaki

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