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Hyozangakure Timeskip Timeline

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Hyozangakure Timeskip Timeline

Post by Garnet Rose on Tue Jan 17, 2017 3:36 pm

Jan 1st, 1122: A rebellion against the current system is lead by malcontents and ninja of the village of Hyozangakure. Many ninja on both sides are killed in the initial assault from all levels of power.

An order is called for all bodies and equipment to be collected from battlefields and kept in safe containment for fear of rebels looting to gain a power spike.

February 2nd, 1122: Rebels are pushed out of Hyozangakure and into the rest of Iceberg Country.

April 15th, 1122 : Garnet Rose is labeled the new Hyozankage. His rise to power is aided by fellow Jinchuriki Samaku Hoshigaki, who is promoted to jonin at this time due to the necessity of the moment.

May 25th, 1122: Last of rebels are killed, heavy casualties on both sides.

July 13th, 1122: During reconstruction a bomb that was never set off during the initial attack ignites, setting the populace on edge. Thankfully jounin Gonshiro Sasagawa is on site, bravely enduring some of the blast and saving lives in the process.

August 18th, 1122: Opting to reach out to other villages instead of guiding towards an isolationist policy the Hyozankage adopts a policy allowing for all contractors from any country to help in the reconstruction as a sign of goodwill from the new regime.

October 22nd, 1123: Hyozangakure is completely rebuilt and settles into their freshly built homes, feeling safer with a new level of security put into place to avoid civil war.

November 23rd, 1123-Present day: Hyozangakure is at peace with the other villages and continues to build up its trade.

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