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Katsuo Hachirou

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Katsuo Hachirou

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• Name:  Katsuo Hachirou
• Nickname / Alias: [no need to explain]
• Title: N/A
• Age: Twenty-Nine
• Gender: Male
• Sexuality: Homosexual

• Height:  Six foot Five Inches
• Weight:  165 Pounds
• Body type: He has a built body-type, although it’s not overly-bulky.
• Eye colour:  Brown
• Hair colour & style: A light brown that looks purple.
• General Appearance:
• Markings: No particular markings.]

• Persona: He’s a man utterly confident in his own abilities. He just spews confidence, and expects people to follow him. His aim ain't to be the best, he figured there ain't no point in such a foolish thing. He has faith in his skills to carry him through any battle. He has faith in his eyes that's left that he'll be able to see when things aren't going his way, and above all, he has faith that his brain won't leave him before he dies.

He has a lot of faith in a lot of things, except one. Well, one idea. That people will follow exactly what they say. He ain't the trustful sort, no sir. He has a few reasons for his lack of faith, but above all, it's past experience. Maybe he had bad people, and maybe he just didn't meet the right people. That doesn't matter, now. This trait of his is, and will always be in him. He's not paranoid. He just doesn't trust in people to actually follow through, so he plans accordingly, but keeps his old plans.

He never left his old persona out back, though. He used to be a thug. He used to use intimidation to get what he wanted, and it's backfired more than once, not that he minds. He figures it was, and always will be, worth a try. Some people are surprisingly easily intimidated, while others are surprisingly hard to do so. He doesn't mind either, he'd just like to know beforehand. It makes things easier to do in the end.

• Mottos: “I’m good, I ain’t bad, and I sure ain’t ugly.”
“I’m good enough to not get hit, bad enough to take advantage of your weaknesses, and I’m too ruggedly handsome to be Ugly.”
“It’s certainly one term to say I’m sleep deprived. I like to think that it’s the time I think best.”

• Likes: His Cigarettes
Downtime; Even if it’s filled with paperwork.
Conversations; Even negotiations
Staying up for extended periods of time
Not dying.
• Dislikes: Sleep
Spicey food


• Special Characteristics:

  • Name: Basic Chakra control
    Rank: C
    Type: Spiritual
    Description: You are able to manipulate chakra more efficiently than the average Shinobi. The user’s jutsu, C-Rank and below, cost less chakra.

    Name: Increased Spiritual Force
    Rank:  C
    Type: Spiritual
    Description: The user has trained their chakra circulatory system extensively, and is now able to mould their chakra to greater effect, producing more powerful jutsu than the average shinobi. They are able to expend chakra faster and with more force than the average shinobi. The user gains +20 Chakra.

• Rank: SS
• Elements:[same as below]

  • • Primary: Earth
  • • Secondary: Fire
  • • Secondary:

  • • Tertiary:
  • • Tertiary:

• Specialty:

  • • Primary: Ninjutsu
  • • Secondary: Medical Ninjutsu
  • • Secondary: Fuinjutsu
  • • Tertiary: Taijutsu
  • • Tertiary:

• Clan: N/A
• Bijuu: N/A


• Strength: 30
• Speed: 30
• Durability: 20
• Chakra: 340

• Village: Jokigakure
• Parents: Katsuo Sr/Father/Alive
• Siblings: N/A
• Mentor & Idols: Stein
• History: When you consider that his mother left at the very start of his life, the moment after birth, and that the father was fully willing to leave. He's actually turned out quite well, although if that were all that he had gone through, he wouldn't be nearly as strong as he is these days. He had a nice childhood, realistically. At 12, he finished the academy and was assigned to a squad under Stein. He liked it, although Stein was a bit weird to a young Katsuo.

For three years he stayed with that team, he made friends with Steins son. It was at this point where he became more of a thug, as his father had kicked him out of his home.  He stayed with the squad until he was twenty, when he went off to look at the world. That went so well, that let's tell you the stories that he has to tell.

that one time him, as a sannin, got robbed:
Even at 20, he was a thoroughbred Sannin. He had survived through Stein's training, and was dedicated to surviving most-no- everything else. He had determined that he was going to outlive Stein if possible. It wouldn't be proper for a sensei to outlive his student, would it? There were two major times in his past that he's had to actually make an effort. One was when he got kidnapped, but that's a bit later. His first one? It was quite a social situation he had got himself into; one that if he fucked up, he could've very well have died.

What is this situation? He had went traveling, and found himself in a tavern, a bar if you will.  He had a few too many drinks and got into a fight. Sure, as a sannin, it was his job to put up the hardest fight. Now, this fight wasn't exactly the hardest sort of fight physically. In fact, he could have probably done it physically. However, as one would have it, a drunk Katsou was not the most intimidating of sites. Even as he stood a massive six foot five inches, his actual lack of muscle made it amazingly obvious that he wasn't fit to physically fight all those involved. Taking off his hat and ruffling up his hair; it made him look more like a thug, and a small chakra burst through the bar got everyone to quiet down.

"Now.  Run that by me again. You want to attempt to kill the kage, yeah? Well good fucking luck with that. You aren't going to do shit. Anyhow, let me introduce myself. I'm Katsuo Hachirou, student of Stein and Sannin. I'd suggest stepping down. If you would kindly do so, that'd make my life so much easier. Probably yours, too. If you choose to continue, I'm going to have to use force, and I'm unsure I can hold back enough not to kill you."

He undoubtedly could; in his normal state. In his drunken stupor, he wasn't quite sure. He wasn't quite sure he could get the measurement just right. When one of the ruffian assassin wannabes came forward, they were no longer alive as they were torn apart by a concussive force. He... did not get the measurement right, but he figured it was right enough to scare the rest off. By scare, it meant have the blood and guts of their once-faithful member all over them. It was effective.

Thankfully, that was all he had in him as he passed out over the counter. A mix of drunk and power isn't meant for a 20 year old Katsuo. Even with all his skills.
The second event? It all happened when he got restrained during a home invasion. Not his home, of course.  Someone elses home that he happened to be in. He had went to bed that night quite comfy, without rope around his body and without a gag in his mouth. However, he woke up with both of those and it was simply a everyday morning for Katsuo, Stein had pulled worse pranks. To make matters somewhat worse, he had to deal with his hand. It was broken in multiple places. This didn't matter. He'd have to pull some sort of risky move.

He used his concussive blast to break the chair and ropes holding him, after doing said jutsu with a single hand using hand-signs. He'd get up afterwords, his biggest problem being that his hand was completely useless. Just, it was as useless as he was tall. Both are very, and both helped him none in life. This meant he was rather disgruntled. If he had to deal with more of this, he'd feel like a genin all over again, and that was just not something he wanted to deal with. So, with his broken hand and a will of hatred, he began wondering. He felt a little off, because little did he know, he was drugged. With some top grade stuff, too.

So, in proper form, he wandered the house in attempts to find who did this. He found his answer in a ninja dressed in clothing he didn't recognize. This was going to be fun. At least, that's what he thought as he blew that part of the mansion literally out of the country, or at least that's what it felt like. The bodies were never found, anyway. Once he blew away the ninja, he helped evacuate the rest of the injured and periled, and just walked out. It was as if nothing ever happened. No one knows where the hole in the house came from, but no one talks about that. It's a nice window, that's what it is. Really. Honest.

It was around this time when he was 23, he met back up with his sensei. Katsuo might have gotten stronger, but even he knew that he was no match for Stein, and never tried to take advantage of it. After all, he rarely had the physical strength to actually harm someone. He just poked at you till he found a weakness, and abused said weakness. While Katsuo was unaware, this was around the time that Stein's son had died, although he was made aware of this soon.

He felt something was off with Sensei, though. Sensei was more or less treating him like a second son, and if you know anything about Katsuo, he doesn't trust very easy. He slowly came to accept as the years came on. He didn't mind it after awhile, especially since he knew that Stein was immensely strong and probably wouldn't die.  Hopefully. If Stein would die on Katsuo, that'd probably cause Katsuo did something stupid.

He became the kage after being Hand-picked by Stein 1 year ago. The way he was 'hand-picked' was that he had the EFG surgery done to him.

Due to Stein wanting to retire, and his son being dead, that left one guy left to become Kage that actually had the proper potential that Stein knew of, and that was Katsou. Katsou, being his surrogate son, was basically told that he'll be kage if he survives the surgery that killed his son. This was fine with Katsou, and Katsou went under the surgery, barely pulling through in the end. Yes, it was painful. It was also dangerous, but in the end, it was all worth it. The biggest complication was actually entering the second heart into his system, as his body almost rejected it. In the end, like was said before, it was all worth it.

• Roleplay Sample:
"She's my daughter. Sarada is my fu*king daughter" He said, putting his hands to his face. He really did it this time. He fucked it all up. He would've been able to save her if he had woken up just ten minutes eariler. He was.. he was unconsious because his stupid drinking and drugs. Why did he do this to himself. He rolls himself on his back and there were tears streaming from his face. It's not a sight you'd see very often. Especially when he's doped and drunk. There was three ways out of the situtation, and according to the fact that this guy wasn't aware of who Sarada was, he was not Mu. That meant he was...Kartas.

"Look. She was taken right in front of me, and I need to talk to Mu about this."

Mag didn't even have the strength to get up. He was in a pitiful state. He wanted, more then anything, to stab Kartas currently. He, however, was unable to muster the strength to do so. He had, in the time span of 8 hours, scoured literally everywhere in the village in a frantic run. Not only was he exhausted from eight hours of straight running, he was high and drunk. All of these things made him lack any strength he'd usually have in any of his limbs.

"And make sure that he understands I have... images him to look at. You can take them to him. Their in my front pocket, with a letter. He needs to see this, otherwise he won't believe me and will think I'm a crock full of shit."

The contents of the pockets were otherwise clean, nothing in them. It was obvious that he had come in a rush, otherwise, he would've been stocked up on his normal equipment. The only equipment he had on him was his ring, and even then it was god damn useless right now. All of this strength he supposedly had...and none of it to save his daughter. He had hit rock bottom, and he couldn't find a way out. Not right now. He had been trusted with one responsibility. One. He failed it. He doesn't even know who the letter was from.

He had killed a lot of people. He didn't take their names and ask for next of kin, he plunged his blade in their chest and laid them down. He was simple, effective and didn't bother with any of the shit a normal assassin would. He didn't care, refused to care. It wasn't his job right now. Getting Mugetsu's help to find and save Sarada took precedence over anything that would happen in relation to his job. It was the most important thing on his mind.

He couldn't even stay sober or clean in times of crisis. He cracked and did everything he wasn't supposed to. All because he was having a big problem that most ninja wouldn't even have. No. He had to be in that alcohol related black-out, nothing  was going to have woken him up except for the fact that they had accidentally touched him. Even then, the ropes were tight and he couldn't do anything against them. That was the most frustrating thing for Magunasu.

He was powerless. He was never powerless, often he had too much power for the situation. Even with the chunnin back when he was a chunnin, he had too much killing power. This was the exact opposite, and he couldn't tell what he hated more. What dragged him down further. He was wallowing in self-pity while a small girl named Sarada was probably crying because she was scared. She might be a student in the academy, but she's still a kid. Nothing prepares a kid for all that. Nothing.

Hell, he wouldn't lie. He'd be terrified. He makes no ideals that he's this fearless man. If he was, he wouldn't have crawled back to his pitiful drugs and alcohol. He wouldn't have crawled back to his vices before seeking Mugetsu's help. He should've gone to Mugetsu first, but couldn't bare to face him. Not when he had one job, and couldn't even succeed in that basic job.

He didn't deserve to face him.

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