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Taoreta Leader- Ashura Akimichi

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Taoreta Leader- Ashura Akimichi

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• name ;; Ashura Akimichi
• nickname ;; , Crimson Lord, Lord Sukaikage,  The Shadow Kage, Cannibal of the Akimichi, The off Child, Devil Child Ashura
• title ;; Kage of Sukaikageure [Former] , Leader of Taoreta
• age ;; 18 23
• gender ;; Male
• sexuality ;; heterosexual


• height ;; 5'11
• weight ;; 170 lbs
• body type ;; [build] Athletic
• eye colour ;; [colour] Copper Yellow
• hair colour & style ;; Purple, spiky and stops at the beginning of his neck
• appearance ;;
• markings ;; [None]


• likes ;;
The Moon
The color Indigo
• dislikes ;;
Being demanded
The color pink
Crescent moons
• talents ;;
Can observe the smallest of details
Hot-blooded [Meaning he is acclimated to the heat]
• fails ;;
Cannot lie very well
Cannot control anger
Blood sets him off
• Strengths ;;

Name: Slightly Faster Than The Average Ninja
Rank: D-C
Type: Physical
Description: The user is slightly faster than an average ninja of their rank. When it comes to speed within this rank this user will usually win. Anyone of higher rank can still out run them. 20 Speed stat increase.

Name: Improved Endurance
Rank: D
Type: Physical
Description: Through intensive training and being hit many times, the possessor of this talent has an increased durability stat of 15 which makes them slightly tougher. They can withstand greater damage that could otherwise stun them in pain, and continue fighting. [this reduces the effects of stuns (excluding poisons) by one post] ( Needs taijutsu or weaponry as a specialty)

• persona ;;
Ashura personality differs from his older brothers, but is more on the crazy side than others. When he is around others his manipulative side comes out, quickly finding any and all weaknesses in a person to twist them and use them as he likes. This first stemmed from being around his older brother and watching him around people. Underneath the manipulative and calm center, he is a boy filled with demented ideas and tactics.

If one is unfortunate to catch him in one of his blood driven moods, they would find that he is much more sadistic than he appears to be.Through all the sadistic thoughts and manipulative actions and thoughts, he can be a laid back person and even the best of friends. Nothing deters him from doing what he needs to do. Honest to a Point: Whatever he has to say about a person or event he will be right up front and does not pull any punches. He would tell grown adult that if they had a story or info wrong and correct them. But when it comes down to helping a friend or someone in trouble he can lie with the best of them. But he can’t lie to his mother or grandpa.

Weird/Funny: He will say thing at random that only make sense to him and then will laugh at them for no reason. It happens when he is bored at of his mind. His granddad does the same thing with him from time to time. They can spend hours talking about random things that they remember that they thought was funny
Although his personality contrasts who he is, only around his brother would he act like a true brother, despite how much he hates him. The little brother persona comes out in which he acts like a little brother should.

Annoying his brother at every turn before turning around and having a decent conversation, he sometimes pokes at his brother about his past mistakes and less than admirable secrets although these remain between the two of them.Now around other villagers, his personality shows to be a bit more floppish, showing both his cool side and his more demented side.

The so called shadow of Sukai acts as its official "evil" taking on roles his brother wouldn't. While the latter is obviously the more demented of the two he does take pride in helping the village from the shadow and is even seen loitering about the office the two share while others are talking to his brother.

• motto ;; Blood, death, destruction...sounds like an everyday thing


• rank ;; Kage [SS]
, Taoreta Leader
• elements ;; Earth, Lightning, Water
• specialty ;; Puppetry, Ninjutsu, Medical, Tai
• clan ;; Jugo

Stats ;;
• Strength ;; 110 (+20)
• Speed ;;  100 (+20)
• Durability ;; 100 (+15)
• Chakra ;; 110


• village ;; Sukaigakure- former
• parents ;; Kiyomi, Mother dead
• siblings ;; Shinigai Kaguya, MIA
• mentor & idols ;; N/a
• history ;;

Birth: Ashura was born to a family held within Sukaigakure no sato, his mother and fathers youngest boy. Due to a mutation in his DNA, he was given a different gift, which confused even his parents on how he got it. After his birth he was compared by others to his older brother, who was the family genius and did everything with perfection and in a sense he grew to hate his brother while staying among the darkness of their family. Being born with an average intelligence put him under his brother even more as he stood in the sidelines, watching his brothers achievements pile up while he had nothing to show. Ashura enrolled into the academy at the age of ten just two years after his brother had enrolled.

Academy Arc: After enrolling into the Academy, Ashura was at first against making any type of friends and instead wanted to use them to set himself distant. He sat in the back of the room, far away from the other students and often skipped classes, only going because he did not want to make his family look if he cared. After spending enough time in the academy he graduated with a couple of other students, most of them failing due to "incidents".  Although he graduated on time, he still could not measure up to his brothers skills and genius.

Genin: Ashura was more than ecstatic when he was put on a team that wasn't his brother, giving him the chance to show his skills. Overtime he had gained knowledge over his own Kekkai Kenkai while pushing his other skills. His team had comprised of a boy and typical girl-boy which was an odd pairing but their team was a sense. He made friends with the both of them, keeping his motives and intentions hidden from them both and even their sensei. On the first day of their team meeting their sensei, a new jounin ranked ninja asked the three of them for their dreams or aspirations, the other two giving the typical answers. When the light came to Ashura, he smiled and spoke without holding back telling them that he was going to surpass his brother, even if it meant stomping over any and everyone. This bothered his sensei greatly, and he tried to help change him but to no avail. The team was soon ready for the chuunin exams and he was hoping that he would get to fight his brother and finally defeat him, but fate kicked him in the face and told him no. Through the genin exam he saw one of his teammates on the verge of death and as their blood splattered onto his face he lost all sense and killed the ninja who had did it, with only a smile on his face. After passing the exams, he went on to become a chuunin.

Chuunin: His time begin a chuunin was filled with boredom and excitement as he watched his brother surpass him again, but now Ashura did not care in the slightest. His goals shifted to beating his brother his own way. At this point he was assigned to lead a team of fresh Genin, two boys and a girl. As he lead the team, he slowly became more and more bored with how this was going, seeing that his brother was advancing even faster than him, he decided to stop pussyfooting in the meager life of a chuunin and shot for higher.

Jounin: After years of training and mission, the now 17 year old Ashura had finally became a jounin. His mission record was at the highest of his class and his performance as a teacher and trainer were impressive as well. At this time he had thought he had his brother beaten until he found out that he had became the Kage of their village. Now he simply spent his time doing missions and training, waiting for the moment he could fight the one person he hated but yet loved the most.

Kage: It was after months of following his brothers orders and commands that had sent him out on a mission of grave importance. He would have been gone for at least a couple of months before being called back on an urgent call, his brother had gone missing. The mission was put on hold as Ashura made his way back, curious as to why they called him back because his brother was missing. The village knew that he and his brother were not exactly the best of friends, but due to the urgency they needed him back now. When he had finally returned home he had found out that due to his brother being gone for so long, the seat of Kage was open and thus the village was in a state of disarray. A wide grin had played on his face as he took the seat without a question and from then on ruled the sky...until his brother returned, they fought and then the two ran the village.

• Roleplay Sample ;;

lyrics belong to nickelback - this means war.template created by yuuki kurama of naruto crisis 2.0

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Re: Taoreta Leader- Ashura Akimichi

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Re: Taoreta Leader- Ashura Akimichi

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