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Chakra/ Jutsu System

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Chakra/ Jutsu System

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-Chakra System-


Chakra is one of the four critical stats your character will train and enhance during your time on crisis, but you might wonder what all that stat entails? The chakra stat is not a pool system to measure a character’s total chakra but is instead a measure of how powerful a person’s jutsu and techniques are. This means that when you use a jutsu, it does not reflect in the chakra stat by lowering it but instead there is a sort of honor system to follow and you must determine how much chakra your character has. As far as the honor system goes we won’t be overly strict with it, as long as everyone is being logical with how they go about it. Someone with 10 obviously shouldn’t be using high level techniques, and if they do, spamming them won’t count. And something used by someone with 100 chakra is far more powerful than a person with 50. But, should someone abuse this and a complaint be lodged, all parties with be dealt with harshly so use your best judgement and logic to figure out when/how your character will tire.


As for tying chakra into using jutsu, it may seem complicated but is actually a rather simple system. It essentially can be broken down to say that, the higher a person’s chakra stat then the more powerful jutsu they will create. Some very powerful jutsu are so strong that they can actually exceed being ranked in power and speed but these instances are few and of the highest level techniques. Beyond these, your chakra stat will go into developing and giving the power/speed stat to your jutsu in many categories (some intuitively and others less so). There are also some cases where a jutsu won’t have a power or speed, not because it is un-rankable like those of an SS or X rank technique, but rather in that they do not apply directly.

Aside from these special cases, when creating a jutsu, two sections need to be filled out specifically and will vary at each rank. One is speed, and in a general sense is the speed of your jutsu, and the other is power, which determines how strong a jutsu or technique is. Power and speed can be measured from 1-5 (outside of the SS-X rank jutsu) points

Power/Speed Info:

Power: When referring to the power of ninjutsu, it refers to how much literal power there is in a technique. How much punch a jutsu has, the literal strength of the technique. Derived from the user’s chakra stat.
Speed: Speed refers to the speed at which a technique travels. Derived from chakra stat.

Power: Derived from Base Strength.However Chakra based Taijutsu like Lariat is Chakra/2 + Strength.
Speed: Derived from Base Speed. However Chakra Based Taijutsu like Lariat is Chakra/2 + Speed.

Small Usage note about Taijutsu, you must remember to get certain effects you’re looking for you may have to pull a punch strength or speed wise, thus why it seems like you’re hitting softer but can get a more deadly or desired effect.

Power: Derived from Chakra. This Determines the Chakra needed to break out of a Genjutsu.
Speed: Derived from Chakra. This Determines how fast the Genjutsu sets in.

Power: Derived From Chakra. Determines how potent the medical tech is.
Speed: Derived From Chakra. Determines how fast a wound could heal or a different type of medical jutsu can move/activate

Power: Derived from the users chakra stat. This determines the strength and potency of a seal as well as how powerful an unsealing technique must be in order to break it
Speed: Derived from the users chakra stat. This determines how fast the seal moves and expands to its full size before it begins to seal something, it also determines just how fast the seal takes effect

Power: N/A
Speed: N/A

Power: Same as Taijutsu.
Speed: Same as Taijutsu.

-Jutsu System-

As for how chakra ties into jutsu, it is very simple. The more chakra stat a person has, the more powerful a jutsu is. Now there are some jutsu which cannot be ranked in terms of power simply because they exist outside of the realm of what we can rank. Such jutsu would be similar to Edo Tensei, which has neither a 'speed' nor 'power', or a jutsu which has effects which are absolute, or cannot be resisted. Such things are either rare, or heavily limited, but not impossible. If a jutsu is made to manipulate the heat around an area to specifically put out any level of fire by eliminating excess energy, it will not have a power due to it targeting a single aspect, in this case heat/fire, and being useless against anything else. While this is an example, such a thing is rare and hard to get approved due to the potential for abuse. These are ranked SS and X ranks, due to their insane potential.

In any case, When jutsu are registered, they have two areas which need filled in. Speed, the speed of the technique, and power, the power of the technique. These areas can be anywhere from 1-5, depending on the rank of the jutsu. The user must divide the total number of points between Speed and Power. However, if a jutsu proves too powerful, mods may decrease the number of points based on that. However such jutsu will be rare, and usually very powerful, or flexible.

Here is a list of how many points each rank can have.
E - 2
D - 3
C - 4
B - 6
A - 8
S - 10
SS - 5, with either speed or power being unrankable.
X - Both speed and power being unrankable.

All X and SS ranked jutsu must be approved by at least one admin. If that admin is unsure, they may ask another to help them. Because of this, please be patient when registering SS and X ranked jutsu, as they are complex and tend to take a while to balance.

As for an example of how the numbers work, each point in Speed/Power is equal to a fifth of the user's chakra stat.
Kokobo uses a custom jutsu, with 4 power, and 5 speed. Kokobo's chakra, including all chakra bonuses at the time the jutsu is used, is 100. The jutsu has a power of 80, and a speed of 100.

For simplicity, here are the numbers and what they equal.
1/5 = 20% of your chakra stat
2/5 = 40% of your chakra stat
3/5 = 60% of your chakra stat
4/5 = 80% of your chakra stat
5/5 = 100% of your chakra stat

Chakra Absorption/Boosting
Temporary buffs/debuffs exist. Chakra absorbing is possible. As for what it does, it temporarily lowers your chakra stat. In most cases, such as the case of Samehada, the effect only lasts for the topic, however special jutsu and abilities may make it last longer. There is no way to absolutely seal someone's chakra forever, however, save killing/enslaving them.

All boosts and absorptions are temporary, save for passive ones such as clan or SC bonuses. Even so, all bonuses apply to chakra scaling, so it is possible to temporarily make your jutsu stronger by increasing your chakra.

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