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The Kazan Chronicles Act I: A Village of Tensions (Open to all Kazan Ninja, Event)

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The Kazan Chronicles Act I: A Village of Tensions (Open to all Kazan Ninja, Event)

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Tensions are Rising....

           Kazangakure was not one of the finest places to line in at the moment. At our current time tensions were running high about the village, and it was incredibly visible through the actions of everyone in their lives either consciously or unconsciously. When passing on the street friends and neighbors greeted each other with a guarded manner, and the shopkeepers greeted their customers almost with open hostility, almost daring them to steal their wares. Almost as if in response crime had risen a considerable degree, petty theft becoming a common thing in the markets and things such as assaults and god forbid-rape becoming too common as of late. But what could cause such a great shockwave throughout the village as to turn the atmosphere in such a way in less than two years? We turn to the village's government.
       You see, not everyone as of late had been very happy with the way things that were being run in the world of politics within this village. Many were calling for a new kage, yet just the same amount of people clamored for there not being a kage at all. Others wanted an emperor, some claiming that they should just give over the power to the daimyo and leave it at that. Families quarreled with families until eventually it seemed that war was going to break out on the streets. Eventually, it began to boil over.
        Outside the village meeting hall where currently a large political debate was going on with many of the large influential families currently housed inside a large mob was slowly building up, many of them wearing clothing that bore the symbol of a cutlass over a volcano emblazoned across their back. This was the Reeva movement, led by the influential Reeva family which while not known for producing ninja happened to hold a large amount of power. Alongside that, they were also known for their rather fiery tempers and often violent reactions which leads up to this situation. From this mob of seemingly angry people based on their crude weapons a single rather portly bald man in a formal kimono turned around to address those who had gathered.
        "People of Kazan!" The Head of the Reeva family roared into the crowd. Today, is a day of revolution! In these halls, the corrupt people of our government sit, debating their inane debates over their pointless disputes. But they avoid the real issue. The issue of leadership!" He paused for dramatic effect, along with for catching a breath. Today, we take that into our own hands! For if they won't fix our problems, we shall do it ourselves!" He began to continue on, riling up the crowd even more and more while at the same time raising all of their anger and frustration to the service. While he might be a radical to most people, he really knew how to use others emotions to his advantage.
        Throughout this entire process a single ANBU watched silently from a high rooftop, finally abandoning the square where the mob was located to head to the missions office which was thankfully still open without the leadership of a kage thanks to the ninjas resources. Immediately heading through the door the agent practically broke down the Mission Commander's door down before reporting the situation in almost a minute flat, not waiting a second for any response before disappearing. He had done his job, now time to head back and hang in the rafters of the situation so to speak to help out as required.
       The Commander cursed under his breath at the situation. Of course, it had to come to this couldn't it. Damn politicians just couldn't keep their mouths shut of just stop going after the top seat, now could they? No, of course not. They would have chosen a different profession otherwise. Turning to his secretary he began to issue orders while running through a worst case scenario plan in his head in case the worst was about to happen. "Send out our fastest messengers to all on duty ninja." He began while picking up a form that the ANBU had dropped before leaving, apparently including a more detailed report on the situation that he had somehow been able to write on the go. "And that includes the ANBU as well." Tell them that this is an A-Rank potential S-Rank situation on our hands if we don't quell that mobs anger immediately. Don't let them in that building and make them disperse, help as many of those people inside escape as you can. And while you're at it, get me the ringleader of this whole operation for interrogation."
        With a quick nod his secretary would leave to inform the messengers, who would be sent to all active duty ninja to gather support for this prevention squad. Meanwhile, throughout these short minutes the crowd's anger began to reach a peak as the Senior Reeva began to close his words, almost ready to storm the building where all the other political families were still blissfully unaware of the situation going on outside. If nobody showed up soon many would die, and Kazan would descend into chaos. Ninja of Kazan, arise and protect your village!

Mission Details:
Name: A Village of Tensions
Rank: S
Location: Kazangakure no Sato
Requirements: As many as possible. Open to all ranks due to its event status.
Reward: 6000 exp, 6000 ryo
Description: Outside the town hall a large mob of angry villagers have gathered in an attempt to assassinate the families that govern the height of Kazan's political front under the leadership of the Reeva family. Your job is to not only disperse the mob (bonus points if you do it peacefully) but to also help as many of the people inside escape while attempting to capture the leader of the mob. These people are armed, and while they aren't exactly dangerous they are numerous. The best of luck to all of you brave ninja.

Stats for NPC Characters:

Note: There will be a seemingly endless stream of NPC Angry Villagers unless you can figure some way to make the group disperse. However, there will be only one leader.
Angry Villagers:
Strength: 30
Speed: 35
Durability: 40
Chakra: 10

Leader (Reeva):
Strength: 40
Speed: 45:
Durability: 65
Chakra: 10

Redoable?: NO

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