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呪印 || Juin || Cursed Seal

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呪印 || Juin || Cursed Seal

Post by Aburame Mitsuha on Thu Mar 10, 2016 1:09 am

Name:  呪印 || Juin || Cursed Seal
Rank: S
Requirements: Bearer begins with Stage 1, requires an additional 5,000 words to train Stage 2
Type: Physical, Spiritual
Description: Possessing a Cursed Seal is both a blessing and a curse. Placed on the bearer’s body is a small tattoo-like marking, infused with foreign chakra. As the user draws power from this seal, their spiritual and physical capabilities are greatly increased, allowing them to perform incredible feats of speed and strength. However, the more the user’s body becomes accustom to this foreign chakra, the more the bearer may descend into madness.

In some cases, Cursed Seals have been given to one’s vassals, as a means of artificially strengthening them, while at the same time, ensuring they remain an obedient servant. It is possible for the creator of the seal to exert control over the mind of the bearer, allowing the seal’s power to slowly eat away at their mind, leaving them little more than a savage beast. However, in other cases, the purpose of the seal is not so nefarious. Forged from dark energies, or simply copious amounts of natural energy, the seal exists as a temporary power-boost to its bearer.

Each seal is given a different name, and manifests in unique ways. Some fill their bearer with rage, causing them to fly into a violent frenzy, while others have more subtle applications. In all cases, constant use will cause physical strain on the bearer’s body, eventually causing irreparable harm.

  • 状態1 || Jotai Ichi || Stage 1
    The bearer draws energy from the seal, causing its dark pattern to spread across their body, spreading further the more power is drawn from it, eventually covering their skin in glowing markings. Until the bearer has unlocked Stage 2, this ability will cause them constant burning pain throughout their body. Those with Endurance of 50 or less will be constantly struggling to hold back this pain, lest it get the better of them. Those with Endurance of 100 or more have little trouble fighting through the pain, but as their injuries become more severe, they will have a much harder time maintaining the seal’s power.

    While active, the seal grants the bearer +80 stat points. How these points are allocated is up to the bearer, chosen at the time of the seal’s creation, and will be unchangeable thereafter.

    For every 50 points of Endurance the bearer possesses, they are able to maintain Stage 1 transformation for 5 posts. Once the bearer’s seal retracts, they are unable to call upon its power until after taking a long rest (they are unable to use it again for the duration of the thread)

  • 状態2 || Jotai Ni || Stage 2
    The bearer draws even greater power from the seal, transforming their body entirely. They maintain roughly the same size and weight, but become much more demonic in appearance. How exactly this transformation manifests is unique to each individual seal, but most experience altered skin and hair colour, along with the growth of large horns, tails or other bestial appendages. Transforming to this stage or the previous no longer causes the bearer any pain. They are able to call upon the seal’s power with ease, even for short intermittent periods. The bearer may still only sustain the seal for 5 posts per 50 points of Endurance they possess, but may freely activate or deactivate the seal at will, making note of how many posts the seal has been active within the thread.

    While active in this stage, the bearer gains +160 stat points, allocated in the same fashion as the bearer’s Stage 1 transformation.

In the case of both stages of transformation, for every 5 posts the bearer spends transformed in a thread, they must engage in a 250 word recovery thread; with each subsequent 5 posts adding an additional 250 words. Failing to do so will leave the bearer unable to draw from the seal’s power if they don’t properly recover. If the bearer attempts to draw on the seals power beyond the duration they are physically capable of, the seal may or may not grant them its power, but in all cases, will severely harm the bearer’s body, often resulting in their death.

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