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James's TS


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James's TS

Post by Kaos on Sat Mar 05, 2016 6:58 pm

To begin with, it was never James's intention to attack Kaos. He never wanted to try kill Kaos. But the seed of doubt, the seed of who was the clone and who wasn't dug deep into his mind, slowly growing into the all consuming thought that James was the real one, and Kaos had stolen from him.
To begin with, for the six months after James's and Kaos's spar, James felt normal, no overwhelming ideas of killing Kaos. He and Kaos trained together, both growing stronger. They worked on their separate things, but after every training session they did a spar. Of course, Kaos didn't hold back anymore, because he learned from their last session.
James didn't stick as a shadow out to Kaos, as he originally did. He actually went out and did his own things. He did some missions, and all that. He trained on his own, trying to catch up to Kaos. He failed to ever really catch up, but it just encouraged him more to try and succeed.
One of the things that James trained for was another element in his spectrum of elements. He decided to go with an element he wasn't familiar with whenever he was a part of Kaos. He was mulling between earth and fire. He went back and forth, trying to decide which one he wanted to use. Eventually, he choose the more durable ability of earth, to strengthen his defensive capabilities. He would sit outside in the arena, meditating like Kaos was taught. He focus himself, and then fade into the earth around him. He let nature take over, the sounds and wind blowing over him. He focused on what earth was, and for six months, every day after his training and his sparring session with Kaos, he stay in the arena and meditate. Each and every day, he think and meditate on what makes earth earth. He pondered why earth was more defensive then offensive, and what made earth so durable. He practice flowing his chakra into the earth around him, to get a taste of what earth was like. And there he stayed for hours on end, though not for the full hours did he ponder the very nature of earth, at times, he would search for the meaning of his existence, the very question of why he existed. Was it to be the shadow of Kaos, to follow and serve him, or was James to be something more, more than just a clone, to become his own person, to become his own self? At times of deep pondering like that, a feeling of unease would fall upon James, but he could never get a understanding of w7hy he felt that way, but unbeknownst to his conscious mind, his unconscious mind was beginning to become corrupted with the idea of killing Kaos, of killing him and taking over his life. And also unbeknownst to his conscious self, the war for control of his mind, the mind of what he was going to choose began. As such, over the first six months, he had nightmares at night, nightmares of two of him battling, fighting, clashing. He knew that it was himself, and not Kaos, but still he couldn't fathom why he was dreaming these dreams. Of course the memory of the dreams faded after the first five minutes after he woke up so he forgot what he had dreamed about that night, but he remembered that it was a recurring dream, a dream that always seemed where he lost no matter how hard he tried. After three months of having the same recurring dream, and not remembering it, he began to worry, and that worry began to spread into the other aspects of his life. Not enough to drastically affect his performances, but he couldn't help but worry from time to time. And during training or sparring, he pause, hesitate, stop a bit, and that bit would mess up his train of thought, his motion in training, or his attack- which when he disrupted his attack, it would allow Kaos to overwhelm him for moments, upon moments. After nine months since their spar, James began to grow more and more consumed with the outcome of this dream, even if he couldn't remember everything about it.
James also was on the lookout for missions to do work, and some of the odd jobs he performed could be considered funny at best. Like this one time, at this tavern. He was just sitting around, waitingon some friends to show up. Random guy shows up, asks him for his help. James shrugs, and says, "What cha need?"
The guy nonchalantly passes James his beer and says, "I need to run home to grab some cards, I got a few friends wanting to play poker, but none of us have any cards on us, so I need someone to hold my beer, and I don't trust any of my friends not to drink it. So I decided to ask someone who looks like they're too young to drink and you seem like the only one around so far.
James nods, and says, "Alright, I'll watch it."
The guy smiles, and says, "I'll pay you 100 ryo when i get back if it makes you feel better."
James sits around, with the beer on the table next to him. He starts to get worried when a bar fight breaks out around him. It soon drops into a chaotic state, as people go full on brawl. James watched as the fighting got closer and closer to his table, until finally he had to shove some guy out of his lap, and threaten the whole place with immediate destruction if anybody disturbed him. At first, they laughed, and someone took a swing at him. Big mistake on their part, as James quickly dropped the guy, and looked around for another challenger. Everything quieted down soon after that, and the guy who James was waiting on to return, showed up again. The guy slipped James the 100 ryo, and then returned to where his friends were. James pocketed the money, and called it a night, seeing how his friends never showed up.
He also did a impromptu help of feeding the homeless, something that Kaos had done, and they seemed to remember Kaos when James arrived to help out. He smiled and told him that he was the twin of Kaos, the twin named James. They smiled and pointed to where he was suppose to work, and told him to tell his brother hi when he sees him next.
He nods, and begins his duties. Nothing crazy happened there, except for the fact that a lot of people seemed to remember Kaos from the last time. He simile and just tell them that he was James, the twin of Kaos, nothing more or less. They nod their understanding, and ask him to pass on their greeting towards Kaos. He nods every time, and says that he will. The shift passed without incident, and James soon went home, and passed on everybody's greetings. Kaos laughed, and said that they were nice people indeed, and he remembered whenever he needed help and that soup kitchen helped him out. James nodded and said that he did too, from retaining Kaos's memories of the events.
He continued to train for his earth element, and he begin to realize that he was tuning himself to the earth easier than before. He began to practice molding his chakra into earth, and began to shape earth around him. It started out hard, because even a break in concentration would resulting the chakra snapping back into wind or lightning chakra, and blasting whatever he was working on away from him or shocking himself by accident, which usually caused him to go into a state of twitching uncontrollably for a few minutes. He would sigh after every break in concentration and try again. He knew that if at first you don't succeed, trying again usually helped out, because practice and hard work paid very well in the end. So practice he would, and try he did, until finally he succeeded in molding his chakra into the earth element, for a total of two seconds, before it reverted into wind and lightning chakra, so not only did he get blasted off his feet, but he started to twitch uncontrollably. He sighs, as he's on the ground, and waits, until finally he gains control of his body again. Excited though, he sits up and begins working once again, relaxing, and molding his chakra into earth once again. He sighs as for several minutes he can't duplicate the process, and starts to get frustrated until he finally realizes that his frustration wasn't helping. He takes a few minutes, and calms down, before, on this day of meditation after nine months of trying, he finally succeeded in molding his chakra into earth and holding it like that. He grins, and lets it go. He forms his chakra around his body, his right hand holds wind chakra, his left hand lighting and his whole body holds onto the power of earth. Elastic, he runs home and tells Kaos what he was able to do. Kaos nods and grins, glad that James was branching out on his own.
James continues to grow in power and realizes that he's more than ready to take on the chuunin exams, so with the permission of Kaos, James sets out to take the exams. He enrolls in them, and soon he spends the time studying for the chuunin exams. The big day arrives, the first exam, the exam where you had to take a written exam. He arrives having studied hard for this exam, and they place the paper on their desks, and James begins. He looks down, and almost laughs, but holds it in, as he realized that the questions were the same ones from Kaos's chuunin exam, and Kaos had gotten his questions right. James quickly records his answers and waits for the exam to end. He hands in his paper, and watches as the person grades it, giving him a perfect score. The ninjas who watched over them, making sure nobody cheated more than five times, began to argue among themselves as to whether or not he had in fact cheated. They decided among themselves that they couldn't prove it, so they allowed him to continue on.
The second stage was almost too easy. Collect a second scroll. No problems. He and his team successfully ambushed another team, who had done the same things themselves. They took both scrolls with them, and made it to the building before the end of the first day. At the building, they ran into some trouble, as another group had taken up residence there, trying to claim as many scrolls as they could before they entered the building. After a hard fought match, James and his team managed to drop kick the team away from them, and claimed the three other scrolls the team already had claimed. They then entered into the building, and learned that they had completed the second stage of the chuunin exams. The third stage happened a month later, and it was a simple hands down brawl between two ninjas. James managed to knock out all his opponents, and showed many great strategies of doing so.
He made it to the final round, and faced down a strong ninja. They fought for what seemed like days, but turned out to be only a matter of hours. They both showed great resolve, and neither one were willing to back down from the challenge. They clashed, and fight, and send out many different jutsu to each other, and then break apart, both recovering, and testing the waters. They then clash all over again. The end came as the sun faded in the sky. The low lighting made it difficult to see, and one of the traps James had set earlier finally caught his opponent off guard, and there, James dealt the finishing blow. In the end, only his opponent and James were promoted to chuunin.
James was elated at his new status, but fate had other plans for him. His subconscious began to influence his conscious mind. And he began to think thoughts of killing Kaos, of utterly destroying him. And so, a year after their spar, James set out to kill Kaos, and began planning out how he would do it. He decided on the perfect avenue, and within three months had everything ready. And fifteen months after they had spar, James led Kaos into the trap. He waited until Kaos was distracted, and then pulled out a kunai, and attacked, trying to take him down. Kaos managed to dodge the first attack, but James kept trying and tried to push Kaos into a pit. Kaos's reaction time was great, and he managed to shove James back, straight into one of James's trap. James hit his head hard, plus managed to stab himself on one of his traps. He fell, and Kaos began to worry. he started healing James right away, but James didn't wake up. For the next six months, James laid unconscious, and unmoving. Until finally he woke up, though he remembered nothing. He had no clue who Kaos was or who he was, and there, Kaos decided that it was time to send James away. Kaos knew that James was hurting, corrupted by an idea, and if he stayed around with Kaos anymore, his memories could come back, and he could try again. So, he pretended to be his subconscious and told James that he had been injured, and saved by someone who was out right now. He had been out of it for six months and thought to be dead. They had left to arrange for James's funeral, but James wouldn't be there. He had a greater purpose, to make his way to the land of Sky, and find out what his true calling was there. Kaos told James his name, and then disappeared, and James rose up, now knowing both his name and his purpose, he took only what he had with him, and left everything else behind.
He traveled by boat for many days, before finally ending up in Suki. There he stayed, waiting and watching, wondering what his subconscious meant about finding about who he was. He tried to recall his memories, but failed completely. And there for the next few months trying to recover.

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Re: James's TS

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