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Keito's Custom


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Keito's Custom

Post by Keito on Sat Mar 05, 2016 2:31 pm

• name ;; Providence
• rank ;; E(S)
• type ;; Ninjutsu
• element ;; -
• range ;;Indefinite(80m)
• power ;; 0(5)
• speed ;; 0(5)
• cool down;; 0(5)
• duration;; -
• description ;;

E Rank-

Providence is a Space-Time dimension created by Keito in order to be used mainly as a base of operation. He is able to teleport from and out of this realm while he is out of battle by making the seal of confrontation, doing so causes the man to begin to fade away from the current dimension, leaving a trace of his chakra signature behind in the same dimension, whilst warping to the other dimension with the left behind chakra signature. This chakra signature is bounded to the realm at which it was left behind, and can be used to trace Keito back to any position or area in either world. Keito is able to bring along others or items with him to and back from Providence, and can do so by making contact with the being or item in question. He is also able to teleport himself and others simultaneously, and their is no limit to how much he can teleport.

In the realm known as Providence, it is Keito’s wonderland and where he has utter control of the space, due to being made up of his own chakra. At first, it is an indefinite space with a land that can go own forever. The transparent ground is white, and besides the ground there is nothing present other than the black skies that seems to be present in a 360 degree angle, making the white surface which one stands like a planet itself. Keito is able to manipulate this space to be anything of his imagination, as long as the surface continues to stay white and the skies black(If his chakra network is tampered with, the setting would be changed to a different color due to it being his chakra). He can stay in this place indefinetely, others can do so as well, and he is aware whenever a lifeform is present inside this space, made up of his own chakra it is impossible to pass through this all knowing knowledge to him.

This version of Providence is only useable if Keito is out of battle and not combating anyone. Even if their are others around who are fighting, as long as he is not in battle he is able to use this form.

S Rank-

This version of Providence follows the same pattern of the E rank, however with a few changes. This version of Providence is only used while in the midst of battle, in order to stop any form of abuse teleporting wise. Forming the seal of confrontation, Keito is able to teleport to Providence, and also able to teleport back in any area he so wishes as long as it is within 80m of his initial position. Keito is also able to teleport others into this realm, being his opponents in battle, by either making the seal of confrontation and then making contact with the person in order to teleport them, or touching them with one hand and making the seal with the other. These teleportations also include items, though the max he can teleport item wise before the cooldown begins is 2, the same as the amount of people other than himself he can teleport. He is able to teleport anyone including himself simutaneously. The teleporting speed is that of the S rank version jutsu. If he chooses, he can send out a shockwave which is 10m out in all directions from where Keito initally was. This shockwave consists of a white, mist like substance that takes presence in every space of this 10m standing, and if touched by it you will be warped into Providence. Keito must use the Tiger, Ram, Boar, Snake, Tiger, Boar, Ram handseals in order to do this. This counts as the 2 teleportations allowed in one cooldown stance. If their is another lifeform within Providence who isn’t Keito or an ally, he is able to teleport there instantly, bypassing any cooldown set. Though he is not able to teleport back from Providence is any circumstances until the cooldown is met.

Upon entering Providence in this jutsu, Keito is able to manipulate the area as much as he wishes, though with some rules being:

-Keito can not create any minions or lifeforms with this Jutsu
-Keito can not create anything which can be seen as a SS or X rank jutsu
-Anything he creates have the power and speed of the jutsu
-No instant death smells or any form of absolute death to be created

These are the rules that make Providence in this form of the jutsu. Keito is also able to manipulate Providence while he isn’t present in that realm, due to feeling the presence of the invading chakra signature he can multitask. However, he is only able to use the S rank power and speed if he has not already teleported a person or item before the cooldown begins, if he has done so already and not reach the max 2 teleportations, then he is able to still manipulate Providence while not present but at a A rank level, with a Power of 4 and Speed of 4.

requirements;; Be Keito Uchiha, Taught by Keito Uchiha
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Re: Keito's Custom

Post by Uchiha Kagami on Wed Mar 09, 2016 1:30 pm

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