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Phyra trains more


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Phyra trains more

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Phyra was training in the training area after class, “this was going to be a long night”, she thought as she started hitting the training dummy, it barely moved as she struck it. She had to work on her ninjutsu she had just learned a few new Jutsu's that day in class. She had started learning the shadow clone Jutsu, water walking technique, and the substitution Jutsu. She started practicing it on the dummy so that she would hit the dummy, make a few clones, then substitute so that she could dodge the “attacks” that the dummy was throwing. Phyra was very excited to start learning actual Jutsu's and techniques instead of just doing go for quests.

As Phyra Trained, she started to get tired from the constant use of chakra. as an Uzumaki, she had a lot more chakra than most academy students, but it did put a strain on her as she used it. luckily she had brought a whole bunch of onigiri to have for lunch as she trained. As she ate, she wondered what she would be like in one and a half years, she hoped that there would be a bright future for her. She finished eating and got up, ready to train again. As she prepared, she started getting better and better results.

Six months later, Phyra had all but mastered all three Jutsu, she had worked very hard and had never given up. She had already had worked so hard to understand and learn these Jutsu and she had done it.She wasn’t sure if she was ready for the graduation test yet, but there was a lot of potential in the work she was doing. She was studying all the Jutsu she needed to learn plus, she was completing jobs that she needed to graduate.

Phyra had been training for one year now, she was learning fast and was finally ready for the graduation test though she wasn't sure of what the test entailed, she had passed all her classes with flying colors but she needed to make sure that her training was absolutely perfect. She continued training her speed and agility, also focusing on her mind, keeping it sharp and clear. Her sensei had shown what a good job she was doing and he seemed pleased that she had picked up all her Jutsu so fast, he even offered to help her with training.

After a few more months, she had fully mastered all of the Jutsu she was told was needed for the graduation exam, she was so nervous about it, but it was going to be fun. As she packed her bags with Precooked ramen and some snacks, she thought about the next day and what was going to be on the exam. That night, she dreamed about the exam and had a bad dream where she messed up and everyone was laughing at her, that was the worst. She couldn't get that dream out of her head

When she woke up, she got dressed and looked herself over in the mirror to make sure that she looked ok, grabbed her backpack, and headed out the door, locking it behind her. She ran through the village and thought over the bad dream she had had the night before, it couldn’t be that bad, could it? Well, she’d just have to wait and see. As she ran into the academy building, she passed by a lot of other students, some she knew and some she didn't’, but she didn't have time to stop and talk, she had to be early. She had to make a good impression or she’d never graduate.

As she entered the testing room, she saw that there were her teacher and a bunch of other higher level ninja at the front table and that the rest of the class was sitting in their seats, she knew that there was a chance that she could fail and that the rest of the class would laugh at her, this made her more nervous, and the fact that she was already self-conscious did not help. She looked around the room and saw that some of the kids were talking about how they had mastered their Jutsu and were taking bets on who would or wouldn’t pass.

As she watched all of the students one by one show their skills and Jutsu, she got more and more nervous until one of the teachers called her name, she walked up to the front of the class and turned towards the teachers judging the Jutsu. As she started with her substitution Jutsu, she had to focus harder than usual to combat her nerves, there was only so much she could take. She then went on to her clone Jutsu, this was a bit harder because she could only sustain it for a little while but the judges looked impressed with her. She was almost over her nerves when she started her water walk Jutsu, she had a very good understanding and handle over this Jutsu and had been practicing had on it hoping it could save her performance.

After she finished, she walked over to her sensei and bowed as she thanked them for considering her Jutsu. She hadn’t seen any other student do so but felt she had done a good thing. As she sat back down and waited for the other students to finish, she was shaking with anticipation, she was so anxious about whether she had passed or not and she couldn’t wait to see if she had. After the rest of the class had finished, the judges posted the results on the wall outside the classroom, she went outside to look, she had passed the exam and had become a genin. She was so happy that on her way home, she stopped by a local restaurant and order a whole bunch of food. She walked home after her meal and went to bed dreaming about the days and adventures to come.

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Re: Phyra trains more

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