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Return For The Parts(P,Stein)


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Return For The Parts(P,Stein)

Post by Itami on Thu Mar 03, 2016 11:00 pm

It had been a few days or so ever since the operation. Itami was feeling still a little out of place, his body feeling to be tampered with and broken in a sense. Still though he was able to slightly move, not quickly however, around due to just being used to the act from his whole lifetime. Itami had been informed from his father he had prepared him gifts for his new jutsu ability, and would be ready in a few days. Therefore, the day had came for Itami to go and obtain these orders. He had the mindset of knowing what they would be of course, and was somewhat excited for it to happen. Itami was currently in his bed, thinking about his new life and how he would of been changed now. He had no issues with this point with all that had happen, and invited it, seeing as it was no turning back. With slow motions, he began to get up from his bed and walk outside his room, and towards his father's usual study.

It was a difficult time indeed, getting there. However, he had to make it as soon as possible. He would need to acquire these generous gifts from his father, in order to obtain more power and defeat his rival, Shin. Well more so a hated rival, he despised that kid unlike any other at this very moment. He hated the essence of him, wishing it to rot away due to how weak he seemed now, and how superior Itami was feeling. However this wasn't the beginning of such hatred, Itami realized from how he felt as if Shin barely ever trained, yet was able to be on par with Itami. It made him hurt especially feeling as if he would train nonstop day in and day out. Before he realized due to his lost of thought, Itami had arrived outside his father's study, only days before had he been apart of an actual human body. Now? It was just threads.

With three slow and gruesome knocks due to the odd feeling of his body, Itami walked in after a moment to see his father, doing his usual thing. Itami didn't have much patience to speak, knowing that he had been out of bed for too long already and feeling the effects, therefore he spoke swiftly.

"The gifts you spoke of, Father. Or more so, the hearts."

Itami went on to wait on the man, still dived into his work to lead the way.

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