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A Shikyo ascension


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A Shikyo ascension

Post by Kaigen Uzumaki on Tue Mar 01, 2016 10:37 pm

Kaigen's life took a dramatically powerful turn. Kaigen met his long lost twin brother shortly before this time skip. Once Kurokon Shikyo disabled the barrier disrupting his memory, Kaigen hit a new ground for living. The mixture of his new & old life twisted in his head. Kaigen obviously kept Kurokon a secret to his village, despite technically being a major crime going against his village, even for his brother. The brotherly training pushed Kaigen beyond his old limits. He'd only been this powerful with his memory of his brother, without it, it was like living with weights attached to legs. All he did was bond and train with his brother throughout the years. Traveling but staying loval to his village and brother at the same tme.

Eventually the current "Lord Third" made an offer impossible to refuse. But Kaigen did at first, until Lord Third went into details. Kaigen accepted it for the sake of discussing possible other candidates, realizing out of all the choices he was quite frankly the best. He took the position for mulitple reasons, many being selfish, it was going to be useful. It gave him extreme pressure thinking about the chance. After bribery and more studying he trained to better himself. He'd find plenty of ninjas and trained with them to build a bond on top of a better ninja.

He was counting on saving the village, from anything. This new Kaigen is much more active than the old one. Kaigen knew he may have to deal with any enemies of the village. It would mold him, but into what? There are missions even for the young newly appointed kage in training. Could he protect the village? Could he got Kurokon to stay? Is he strong enough? Can he handle the pressure? How many ninjas did he train? What's his next move?
Let's find out.

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