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The Doctor Steps down (WIP)


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The Doctor Steps down (WIP)

Post by Stein on Tue Mar 01, 2016 12:42 pm

Stein had spent the next two years pondering over the mistakes he had made already as a kage, and as suck appointed a new man to take his place, the Shinobi who was as a equal to him, Kaigen Shikiyo , and over the years he spent making sure the conversion of Kaigen into office was smooth and allowing himself to step down into the roll Kaigen had as one of the Steam Villages Sannin, but yet he was still called Kage by most, Lord Third even, but Kaigen was now the Active Kage of the Hidden Village in the steam, Jokigakure, Stein used this time to spend as much time as he could with his family now, but offering advice to Kaigen when he was asked for it, as being a previous Kage himself, Stein knew how it was to be a Kage with no one to advise you on what to do or how to handle situations, the deaths of Shinichi and Kenshin both still haunt Stein in his dreams, two mistakes he made as a Kage which would haunt him forever it seemed to him.

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