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Rise and Fall of the Black [Ashura's time skip]

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Rise and Fall of the Black [Ashura's time skip]

Post by Ashura The Gluttonous on Mon Feb 29, 2016 6:03 pm

"Are you happy that you caused the downfall of your village young Kage? It was befitting of the village of betrayal to fall to its own kin, but you? Oh I have uses for you,"

-Unknown voice to Ashura

Ashura's fall in the battle against his brother went with silence as he stood his ground to prevent the fall of the once great village of Sukaigakure into the depths of the water that had been underneath it for so long. With his last reserves of chakra he kept the floating village from breaking down at the cost of his own body...or so he had thought. Shortly after the fall and the village being saved, Ashura fell into a hidden crevice that had been set underneath one of the crystals of the village.

For days he spent laying on the wet cave floor trying to rest his broken body, eyes scanning the area as his only regret was letting his own madness get to him. At that moment he could hear the voice echo through the caverns. A year passed as his body was taken over by a being that had been sealed within the base of the crystals by the first Kage's and his fight with his brother had broken the seal that had kept him locked up. After the revival of the being, Ashura had lost his body and mind to the being becoming lost to the world, yet he had appeared to one person to tell them one thing.

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