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The Walking Deadman. Black Swirl of Joki Itami Uyeno


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The Walking Deadman. Black Swirl of Joki Itami Uyeno

Post by Itami on Mon Feb 29, 2016 5:39 pm

The year long time after Itami's procedure was a gruesome one. Or at least, it began gruesome. Itami had thought about his procedure of becoming an Earth Grudge Fear long after it had finally happened. The pain, raw emotions that he had been presented, something that could never had been imagined before to him. Not even dreams could match what he had went through. It surprised him that his father was the one who was able to withstand this pain, and now do it to his own son. However, it was something he had asked for from the very beginning of it, and had been considering for the longest. Therefore their was no reason why Itami should feel some sort of way. He had to just live on from that point, as less than a human, but more then just threads. It was a very difficult time for him, very. He for one had to readjust himself to his new body, moving his new limbs and practice walking daily. It got to the point of where Itami truly had no clue whether he would be able to get back to his previous standing with his body, and potentially he was one of the ninja that had went wrong with this procedure. It was possible, if his body and mind wasn't prepared to endure all this, that Itami could of died, or be permantely broken and crippled body wise for the rest of his days. It was a gamble in fact, and at this point Itami had but no clue whether or not it was agaisnt his wishes that the verdict was made. However, his father reassured him daily that this would happen, and he would soon begin to feel at home with himself.

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