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Time-Skip FAQ / Quick Start Guide

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Time-Skip FAQ / Quick Start Guide

Post by Uchiha Kagami on Mon Feb 29, 2016 5:17 pm

-Time-Skip Checklist-

  • Character Stats: Make sure your character has the minimum amount of raw, unbuffed stats afforded to you under the Character Starting Stat table located HERE

  • Check SCs: Make sure the Special Characteristics listed for your character match the updated SC page in both description and stats. If you possess an SC that has been removed from that list, you may either have it approved as a custom SC, or choose another of equal or lesser rank.

  • Check Summons: For those of you with a summoning contract, please check to make sure your Summons are within the limitations of the new Summoning Rules located HERE.

  • Check Jutsu: Make sure all custom jutsu fall within the criteria for jutsu under the new rules located HERE. If you would like to adjust jutsu that have already been approved, simply post your new updated version in the custom jutsu section for approval with a link to its former version.

  • Reshuffle your character: For a limited time only, we are offing players a chance to re-roll their characters due to the rules updates. You may re-select your SCs, Specs, Elements, and Jutsu, choosing a new option of equal or lesser value. In order to do so, create a NEW post in your character update page with the full, updated character template with all the changes you are looking to make and it will be approved. Once approved, feel free to edit your main Update template.

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