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White Snow, Red Roses I Garnet Rose Timeskip (WIP)

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White Snow, Red Roses I Garnet Rose Timeskip (WIP)

Post by Garnet Rose on Mon Feb 29, 2016 4:12 pm

WIP <_<.  Move along....

     Garnet's parents had always said that he was a special child right from the beginning, ignoring the fact that he had a blue cat eagle thing stuffed inside of his stomach within the first week of his birth. It was strange genetics indeed that caused a person born from a mother with brown hair and brown eyes and a father with black hair and blue eyes to come into this world with a shock of bright red hair and eyes just a shade darker, something that they had never experienced in their family before. Always they had said it was a sign, that their son was something special in some way that they couldn't understand yet. Garnet couldn't stand it.
     A full moon lit the streets of Hyozangakure, the air chilled and filled with the movement of winds that carried an arctic chill, the kind that sent people inside even though as a people they had been tempered to withstand such temperatures since birth. However, for those still brave enough into that harsh wintry weather they would be met by a rather strange phenomenon. Among the cold flakes of snow fluttering softly to the ground, a strange flurry of petals redder than anything that most people in these parts see mixed among the solid precipitation, twirling in midair before seemingly fading away right before the villages eyes. If one could somehow figure out how to track the source of this strange activity through the blustery and ever changing winds they would find it to be the top of a high rising building the likes of seemed to almost call to most ninja to hide out upon, the height offering such a person solitude from most of a normal person's trifles. Garnet was no exception to this, curled up slightly around himself as his cloak fluttered softly in the wind behind him, the end seemingly letting out an endless flow of rose petals that caught on the wind before spreading throughout the village. Normally he would care, but today not so much. He had bigger stuff on his mind, after all.
        Months had passed since Garnet had become a chunin after all his hard work to be promoted without the guidance of a wise jounin sensei to help him along the path of the ninja. The daily grind of tedious work under the guise of missions was sometimes enough to make Garnet wonder if he was going to go insane, but he couldn't stop if he wanted to keep at his dream job. Yet for what? 
          Closing his eyes and feeling the rush of chakra flowing throughout his system, pure and free before changing to wild and unpredictable nature of wind six blades of compressed air seemingly formed from nothing behind him, floating there simply like some sort of decoration before he snatched the bottom left one from where it floated, studying it closely as the wind kicked up slightly causing a small shiver to cut through his body. had been like this. That original sword that he had been gifted as a genin, such a simple thing it had been. It was nothing special, something that you could probably find in any smith if you tried hard enough, but it was his and it made all the difference. Garnet's world had crashed around him in that sense the moment he had hit chunin, if he could recall correctly. The day his blade shattered, so did his ability to act efficiently as a ninja of the Hidden Ice. After all, what was a swordsman without a sword? It had been so hard for him, unbearably hard, to relearn everything he knew about being a ninja until eventually finding a crutch to support him in this slump that came in the form of ninjutsu. It wasn't enough though, and he knew it. Each time he reached for his blade and felt the intense strain of his chakra being shaped into his weapon, each time he moved to swing and found nothing but air in his palm the humiliation seemed to double. Garnet Rose, the swordsman without a sword. Couldn't even afford a suitable replacement, what kind of a joke was he?
        The angry eyes of someone who was unhappy at the world glared at the moon which continued to shine brightly, uncaring of the boy who believed himself to be in so much suffering at the moment. Why was it that him of all people had to be stuck with a stupid thing in his stomach for the rest of his life. Why was it that he hadn't been assigned a sensei? Why was it that when it mattered his most the most important tool of his trade had shattered beyond repair, forcing him to basically redo all of his training as a ninja? He knew other people saw it too, he could see it in their eyes when he went places. "Oh look, its that red ninja" they said. "Wasn't he that one who only goes around doing peoples errands even though he's a chunin?" Even his superiors who handed him missions at the office could sometimes be heard gossiping, and after a while it really bit deep.
      Garnet continued looking deep into the moon until it hurt before looking away, an answer seeming to form in his mind. What did it matter that life threw all these problems at him? He was a Rose dammit, and he knew that if his parents could hear his mental moping the people in Sukai would still have his screams ringing in their ears for months to come. So what if people he didn't know ridiculed him? He didn't need their approval, all he wanted to live the life of a ninja and if that meant that he needed to bear with a few odd looks, than so be it. Life was getting in his way in general? Just barrel through it! Garnet had come this far in the path of the ninja, he couldn't stop now because of some minor setbacks. With a smile on his face that befitted a simply soul like him, Garnet leapt off the roof in a flash of speed, rose petals drifting off into the night as he began to act on his little self talk.

3 Months Later.....

         It had been months since Garnet had done his little talk to himself up on that rooftop, and things had been slowly looking up for him while not quite in the best of situations yet. Tackling his work with new fervor, Garnet's reputation among the villagers was changing from that of "glorified errand boy" to "that really fast chunin who always wears bright red". It wasn't grand and it wasn't glorious by far, but it was a major improvement to what he had been dealing with beforehand. While he wasn't quite saving the village, he definitely was making many civilians grateful across the board, always there to lend a helping hand whenever some sort of an issue came up. Like right now, for example.
         "Oi, what do you think you're doing old man?" This came from a rather plain bald man wearing your typical yakuza style clothes trying to intimidate a small graying shopkeeper in an apron. "Can't you see we're trying to hang out?" He gestured to a small group of similarly dressed thugs who were currently loitering in front of the shopkeepers store, driving away potential customers with their crude language and the smell of tobacco being burned from the ones who carried pipes with them. "You better back off or you're going to get whats coming to you."
       "Uh, excuse me, Mr.Shopkeeper? I have a question about your merchandise." A voice called from behind the two. Suddenly enraged, the thug turned around to face who was interrupting their conversation. A small pipsqueak in a stupid red cloak who looked like he could probably be blown away if you exhaled too hard on him. "Oi kid, you stay out of this if you know whats good for you. This is between him and me, got it shrimp?"
        To be completely frank, Garnet had no idea what this guys problem was. Really, all he wanted to do was to ask the shopkeeper if the mangos were still on sale. Seriously, some people? Still though,  what was with that guys last remark? "...Are you threatening me?" A questioning remark from Garnet, with a slightest hint of warning giving an edge to his voice that apparently the thug could not detect. "Of course I'm threatening you, ya stupid mouse! Now scram!"
        Oh boy, this guy should have done his homework. Garnet paused slightly before letting out a slow and quiet "Ohhhhh...." before swinging  his fist towards the mans ugly mug, sending him flying clear from the stand into a pile of unmarked crates with a crash. Civilians never seemed to identify ninja until it was too late when it truly mattered, and it was in that difference that there was a key advantage between the two. A buff civilian might be enough to leave a couple bruises, but most well trained ninja could hit like a tank compared to that. Suddenly finding himself surrounded on all sides by five thugs six blades made of pure wind chakra formed on his back as he cracked his neck and then looked at the ones in front of him.
        "You know, I thought people like you knew well enough to go away when you have ninja in your midst. Ah well, I guess there's always an outlier." A large glowing glyph that seemed to have snowflake design flared up below his feet, spinning slightly before ten smaller ones flared to life around them trapping them in a dome. "Goodbye." With that Garnet was a blur of rose petals, smacking the thugs multiple times with a sword in each hand and time to time hitting them with the ones that still floated behind him until they all lay crumpled on the ground, their lessons clearly learned. Dragging them to the side and making sure that they weren't that badly hurt, he turned to the shopkeeper once more.
       "So, how about them mangos?" Turns out that they were no longer on sale, but Garnet ended up getting a whole bag full for free for helping get rid of those thugs. Sometimes it does pay to be a good person. Best of all, Garnet hadn't stuttered once throughout the entire thing.

3 Months Later (Again)

       It was a rather confused Garnet that we find now, who currently sat inside of a small office within the building where missions were normally distributed. Currently he was twiddling his thumbs while at the same time thumbing through his wallet and setting aside some of the money that he had earned that day for food later and another portion towards the Mrytenaster Fund which to his joy he found becoming larger with each passing day. It seemed that as that sum grew larger so did his confidence, which he felt continuously bolstering itself with each passing day, although he himself could admit that only at times could he fully shake it off. It felt good though, being able to say your own words and not stutter all over them in terror. It definitely made for much better first impressions.
       His thoughts were cut short by the entrance of an elderly balding man, who shut the door behind him softly before sitting down on the other side of his rather messy desk. Shoving some papers aside, he addressed Garnet with a kind smile. "Well, I'm glad to see that you've made it Garnet." Hiro Takazawa was a rather elderly and quite feeble looking old man, a now retired jounin who worked the desks at the offices due to his advanced age causing him to become less than effective in combat. Still, his mind was a strong one and many a time people had found themselves suddenly bested by him when they tried to pull a fast one on him. Nothing escaped those eagle eyes, however kind they were. "I was afraid that you might not have gotten that memo."
        Indeed, Garnet did receive a memo, but not before being half escorted half dragged by a persistent secretary who had been sent to suddenly summon him to the office while he was out doing some supply shopping for his grandfather. Honestly, some people just couldn't wait. Ah well, it wasn't that important of an errand so it could wait for now. Anyways, back to the matter at hand. For now though, he needed to answer unless he wanted it to look like he was totally incapable of interaction with other humans once again. "Ehehe, yeah I got that very loud and clear. And next time, maybe you could include a little less ear tugging in it?"
       At that Hiro let out the hearty chuckle that could be almost compared to Santa Claus, only going "ha ha ha" instead of "ho ho ho" as that would be rather off season even though it was almost always winter in Hyozan. "Yes, I do believe that I'll need to speak to my assistant on her pushiness, although you'll have to understand that we've had a rather busy week. Anyways, onto the reason I called you here." He then opened a small manilla folder that he had currently to his side before pulling out a small stack of papers, handing the top to Garnet, which happened to have a picture of him as the highlight. "Mr. Garnet Rose, you are an enigma to most of us in the office. To be honest, nobody truly expected much from you. Often those from civilian clans tend to either have an early retirement or sadly enough, die early in their careers. You though, are different. With only a sword in your hand you managed to pass all of our expectations and managed to rank up to chunin, which in your case is an incredible accomplishment. Then you surprised even more, what with...your incident with your former weapon. I know that meant a lot to you. Frankly, for a while there was a small bet pool on when you were going to quit!" At that Garnet glared at him slightly, at which Hiro chuckled again before raising his hands in the air. "I can confirm for you that I did not have any part in that pool whatsoever. Anyways, you then surprised us by going into a whole new field of techniques, something that we normally don't see until much later in a persons career. But besides that, I must say that I feel that you have made a name for yourself. The public likes you, I like you, and more importantly the superiors like you and have recognized your talent. Congratulations on attaining the rank of Special Jounin!"
       Obviously, Garnet was in a bit of shock at this. Him, a special jounin? Frankly, he hadn't even thought of trying to get promoted in any way recently, he was just trying to save himself some money at the moment. But this...oh my god, his mind went blank. He did it! Standing up and letting out a whoop of joy he began to ramble all over his supervisor, the excitement of his promotion overwhelming him to a point that most people wouldn't normally even think they could be taken to. Even so, it was a good day for Garnet.

2 Weeks Later

      Today was a normal day for Garnet it seemed.Wake up, once again feel that small jolt of elation that tends to come with remembering your rather recent promotion, buying a couple of groceries and then returning to the house to drop them off before heading towards the training grounds for some stuff. Beat up a log for about an hour with a magical sword created from wind and then well, the rest of that time either just kind of sit around doing nothing or something of equally dumb things. Dumb things included…..following what seemed to be a living sandal?

      Yeah, you heard me. Around now, it was close to noon and Garnet had decided that he was going to treat himself to lunch instead of simply going home to eat, but while he was walking towards the main streets he heard an odd scuttled sound echo throughout the streets. Pausing in surprise, he strained his ears and heard it again, this time originating from a long, narrow street mostly lined by housing and a couple of small shops here and there. Of course, anybody would be curious when they hear odd noises, especially when the noise seems to be coming from a small sandal muttering something about teeth and eyes underneath its breath. To many this might seem scary and unnatural, but we’re talking about Garnet Rose here. His life revolved around the fact that rose petals scatter everywhere he walks, bright glowing symbols appearing from nothing when he attacks and the demon that happens to be sitting in his stomach. Yeah, things weren’t exactly natural around here.

        Thus, when this sandal scuttled into a building Garnet followed, not noticing that not only was it occupied already but also apparently a restaurant. Turning the corner to follow the sandal thing into what he could only assume was its secret lair he was suddenly met by what seemed to be a rather nice and cozy restaurant currently in attendance by a waitress with long black hair and some rather ridiculous Harry Potter style glasses who was seemingly awaiting a new customer. Seeing the new arrival, she perked up instantly. “Ah hello, welcome to the Turtle’s Den.” She said evenly, a small smile gracing her lips. “A party of one, I assume?”

        Gosh darn it, here we go again. Poor Garnet, not only was he not on the clock but now he was facing a new person whom he had never met before. Put those two together, and you had a recipe for a social disaster in the makings. Still, at least now it seemed to only be contained to situations where people normally would begin to stutter, such as in front of a pretty girl. Ah well, it's still worth a shot. “U-um, yeah, that's right. Me being alone, I mean.” His face turned the color of his hair as he kicked at the nonexistent dirt awkwardly, already feeling like a fool. Thankfully he was met with only another small smile, the waitress seemingly already used to these kind of people before leading him to a table, this one much deeper within the place.

        Now, while Garnet had at least hoped to find the sandal creature while he ate, he definitely wasn’t expecting this. While there definitely seemed to be some creatures that could pass for human, while some were….let's say not the norm. People whose head’s weren’t attached to their bodies, others that were literally beasts in humanoid shape to some that were simply animals or artifacts placed at a table littered the whole place, causing an amiable chatter to fill the room. It was quite odd, seeing what seemed t be a normal old lady try to interrupt in a conversation between a two tailed cat and what seemed to be a rather creepy doll.
       So much was Garnet enthralled by this whole experience that he barely noticed that he had already been sat down and was being asked what his drink was. “O-oh, sorry Ma’am. Just thinking. I’ll have...a….Red Bee I guess?” At the the waitress suddenly smiled, seemingly finding his awkwardly polite language to be somewhat endearing. "Sure, I'll be right back with that in a minute." Turning on the spot on her heel after writing his order down suddenly his waitress disappeared leaving him once again alone, causing him to be privy to a bit of conversation that he probably wasn't meant to hear between a nearby one eyed man and what seemed to be a tengu of sorts due to the rather long nose.
        "...Heard that they found a person to sign the contract. Not sure who exactly, just that they took him to this cave that faces the sea along the outskirts so that they could make him sign the contract." This was the Tengu, who was apparently nursing what seemed to be an entire bottle of sake by himself. "Gahaha, about time they found someone! How long do you think this one will last before it gets devoured? A month? Maybe two?" This one came from the Hitotsume, who was also partaking in similar drink.
       Now, this left Garnet in quite the predicament. While he had really only came here on a whim thanks to that wandering sandal creature which he still hadn't located, it seems that he had stumbled upon a kidnapping plot in progress. Now, what was a ninja to do? Old Garnet would have probably just stood there terrified, completely unsure of what to do, but thankfully we wouldn't need to deal with it this time. Nope, new Garnet was on this scene and this time, it was his duty to go help whoever this guy was. Trying to seem as unsuspicious as possible for a guy who had just sat down only to leave without ordering anything he snuck out the door, thankfully without encountering the nice lady, before suddenly disappearing a flash of rose petals.


       "And so that's why I'm saying, broccoli is better than brussel sprouts man. I don't get how you could get that mixed up." Said one random village guard to his partner, currently in idle chatter as he scanned the horizon for any others who were going to enter the village. Today had been rather quiet, so he had been reduced to inane comments on vegetables to keep it from becoming too awkward of a job. Suddenly, the monotony was broken by the appearance of a falling...was that a rose petal? Suddenly the loud sound of a person's rapid falling footsteps would be heard behind him and before he could even turn around a figure dressed in red would suddenly flash in his vision before dashing through the gates, banking right sharply in order to head towards the ocean. "...wasn't that the "Red Ninja" that all the shopkeepers have been talking about? What's got him in such a hurry?"
       What had Garnet in such a hurry was that he thankfully did know of such a cave by the sea that was nearby and thus he was en route to that location to hopefully stop whatever act was going to take place if he didn't. It seems that it did help to go with his Grandfather whenever he went on his odd trips to the seaside to collect sand, he tended to remember the geography of where he visited earlier. Covering an incredible amount of ground with his stampeding footsteps he soon found himself in front of quite the sight, pausing on a nearby icy cliff of sorts to take it in without being noticed.
      Despite the heavy blizzard surrounding the area the place was abuzz with the activity of various yokai, many drinking or simply making merry in the waters despite its bone chilling temperatures. Others simply sat in the sand, soaking in the nearby atmosphere while even more seemed to gravitate towards the very cliff he stood upon, although thankfully not looking up, seemingly gravitating towards a figure which appeared to be a young boy, who was seemingly being guided to the waters edge for some reason. Then he saw the reason. A very, very big reason.
     Rising from the depths was the very embodiment of what made so many fisherman wary of the ocean and its deep waters. With a great gray body similar to that of a shark this leviathan  of a monster emerged from the sea with a great crash, smacking a ridiculously large and barbed tail into the waters causing a great spray to fly everywhere. Yet as Garnet watched it come closer its form seemed to change in appearance. Smaller and smaller, it eventually shrunk to the size of a man until eventually forming the figure of a 7' tall man with grayish skin seemingly dressed in a sort of fish scale armor. Striking the ground in front of him, a suddenly silence descended upon the clearing save for the most lively of the yokai, who were reduced to whispers.
      "Today is a glorious day!" Roared Isonade the Beach Stroker through his now human form, causing a great thrill to rush through the crowd and dread through both Garnet and the boy. "For today we have found another who will take on our contract and lead up on the night hunt of the Yokai Clan. Indeed, we should all greet this which celebration!" A great cheer rose out from the crowd surrounding them. The boy was pushed to the waters edge where a scroll was being unfurled by a small demonic looking creature with razor sharp teeth, in the process having his head jerked around at one point so that he was staring directly at Garnet who miraculously had yet to be noticed. It was in that instant that Garnet not only was able to confirm that this kid wanted nothing to do with this ceremony of sorts, but also it was the same damn kid who he had brought in for pranks almost a year ago now. Fate worked in odd ways, didn't it? Taking a deep breath in anticipation for the dumb thing he was about to do, Garnet jumped off the cliff.
        Suddenly in-between the boy and the scroll along with Isonade stood a figure in red, who brushed off the snow that had gotten on his pants before removing his hood. Bright red hair and crimson eyes glared straight ahead at his opponent, his cloak whipping about him in the wind as rose petals began to scatter in copious amounts from where he stood, the excess showing his system already working overtime to prepare itself for a battle. Surprisingly, Isonade kept face despite this. "Well, it seems that we have an uninvited guest today. What a treat! A new summoner, and an addition to our feast." A row of razor sharp shark teeth were revealed through a sadistic smile."Kill him."
       And then they were upon him. Or was he upon them? Who could tell in this sudden melee that had been come upon Garnet as with a flourish he drew one of the six swords of wind that had suddenly materialized upon his back before cutting through a wave of yokai with a horizontal slash, blood flowing freely as they let loose horrible wails of agony. For being such fearsome creatures, apparently they weren't very strong when it came to being cut. It was very easy to cut through the first wave, many of them being minor supernatural creatures with close to no powers, knocking away their crude weapons before dispatching them. Then came the second wave.
       At this point Garnet's Wingblade technique had run its course, shutting off for its cooldown time lest it completely burn out his chakra coils. Unfortunately, this left him severely disadvantaged against creatures who more or less did have much more strength. While his superior speed was something to be reckoned with, without a true weapon he couldn't do much to harm his opponents. Seizing a bone from the ground he quickly guarded against a heavy slam from a long armed yokai only to suddenly receive a nice burn on the shoulder from some sort of fire spirit. "Gah!" Garnet yelled, only to let out another cry of pain and frustration as a small patch of ice caught his foot after being fired off from a nearby Tsurara-Onna. Quickly trying to shatter his bindings Garnet suddenly found himself gaining damage quickly, frantically trying to beat off his opponents while trying to regain the ground he had lost. Through the yell of the crowd he heard the harsh cry of a young boy, but couldn't make out the words. Eventually though, Garnet had dispatched this wave and found himself in a small empty area, revealing Isonade once more with his hostage tied up on the side struggling through a gag. Trying to move, Garnet suddenly had to lean on his large bone lest he collapse.
        Isonade let loose another one of his grins, but this one had a triumphant grin. "I see that you have finally felt it." He said, his voice somehow seeming so much more menacing all of a sudden. "Our fear, that is. One yokai is only so much, but together? Any human would quiver at our sight. Just look at you." He seemingly sneered before spitting at Garnet's feet and pulled out a long, hooked staff from seemingly nowhere before swinging it upwards for a long swing that would take off his head. "End of the line kid. Time to die!"
       Time seemed to slow down for Garnet, almost as if it were in a imitation of one of those moments from the matrix, or perhaps just an episode of bullet time. In one piece of his vision he saw a hook coming towards his head inch by inch, and in the other he saw a dusty coliseum with a great iron net in the middle covering a very blue, very irritated sphinx.
       "Foolish human." Pharaoh uttered, seemingly angered at Garnets inability to fight off an army of yokai alone. "How do think it looks when my host gets beaten down like any average housefly?" Garnet tried to speak but his voice failed him for some reason as his prisoner stalked around its prison before turning to look him dead in the eye. "...Very well. I believe that I don't have a choice this time. You better not disappoint me or there will be hell to pay." A wave of red energy shot out through the cage and into Garnet and the flow of time seemingly corrected itself.
       Suddenly Isonade found himself a couple meters back from where he had been before, this time missing his hooked staff which lay a good couple of feet from him. Shaking his head and grabbing his weapon he looked around to regain his bearings until slowly his eyes fixated couldn't be. No, it was impossible. Humans shouldn't be able to...
       Standing in a circle of barren earth, Garnet was now covered head to toe in an crimson aura that bubbled and boiled like water in a kettle, seven tails lashing out from behind him seemingly with a mind of their own almost like writhing snakes. Long claws extended from his hands and bright yellow slit eyes like a cat stared angrily out from the cloak, clearly conveying malice to not only him but all else who would dare attack him. Worst of all though, was his aura. A sense of foreboding emanated from him, the kind that sent lesser men into fits of terror. The feeling of fear coiled around Garnet like a cloak, and Isonade needed to kill him before it would overwhelm him
        Unfortunately for him though, it seemed that he was a bit late on the uptake though. Suddenly the mixed look of anger and apprehension on Isonade's face was replaced by one of shock as suddenly his head was removed from his shoulders, spinning in midair before plunking into the sea. Suddenly his body fell limp, dropping the staff in the process and a great hush fell over the clearing. Quietly, Garnet sidled up to the small boy before pulling him close, at the same time also grabbing the large scroll they had been handling before and putting it under his shoulder.
        "What are you all looking at?" He growled at the silent clearing, most of which was still being occupied by shocked yokai at the fact that their leader was dead. "Scram! Go on, get out of here!" Those last words seemed to drip with an unknown force that brought terror to the minds of all within the clearing and soon Garnet found himself once again alone save for the boy, who he turned to. "This never happened, okay?" The boy nodded dutifully, seemingly too scared to refuse. Garnet smiled. "Alright, thats good for me. Lets go home." Picking up his temporary charge and putting him on his back, he set off again at breakneck speeds back home.

Another 2 weeks later...

        Garnet was in his room back at his home drawing out the hopefully final design for Myrtenaster on his table when he heard a noise rather similar to that of the tapping of a beak on a hard surface. 

"Tap tap tap." went the noise.

          Looking around, he found nothing but himself in his room. Shrugging, he turned back to his desk.

      "Tap tap tap." went the noise again.

      Turning around a bit quicker this time turned to be fruitless, there still being nothing besides him in this room. Letting out a sigh of annoyance, he began to reach for his pen until-

     "Tap tap tap." Alright, that was it. Standing up from his chair he suddenly came to realize that the noise was coming not only from outside his window, but from...was that a small tengu? A crow tengu that. On a gut decision, he let the small creature in which fluttered inside in a dignified manner before alighting on his desk. "Ahem," The small crow began, apparently needing to clear its throat. "I am Karasu Tengu of the Nura group, one of the prominent forces in the Yokai summoning group. Would you happen to be Garnet Rose?" Garnet had yokai stalkers now, great. What else could he have expected after going ahead and practically massacring almost an entire coven of them on a beach? Giving out a small sigh and simply nodding rather dumbly in response, the crow continued. "Ah, thats good. Just needed to have been sure, as being in the wrong house would be quite awkward. Anyway, I have come to deliver a message from Lord Nurarihyon himself on the incident that happened a week ago. Ahem..." Karasu Tengu seemingly produced a paper out of nowhere. "Dear Garnet Rose, thank you for your help with the Isonade group a week ago. While you may be wondering why I, a yokai, would be thanking you for killing many of my kind you must understand that their actions do not reflect us as a species in any way. Admittedly, we do have a rather...mischievous reputation, but we are not kidnappers or murderers as long as we can help it. What you saw back then was an attempt of Isonade's to gain control over the world of the Yokai summons by stealing the contract scroll from its place in Hell and forcing random children to sign it so that he could then manipulate them to increase his powers. Thanks to your actions, we can now say that no more children will be taken from him, but still we do have a problem with this contract as there are many other demons that will seek it out for similar means. As such..." The crow stopped for a lungful of air. "Geez, that guy can really write when he wants to. As such, I humbly ask of you to sign your name on the contract of the Yokai Summons as a favor not only to our species, but to yours as well. Do as you may with it, but with your signature it is my belief that those who would seek to use the contract for its evil will be discouraged when they find that they'll be facing off against another who not only wields such a fear that could make Isonade tremble but also is signed into the contract. I do truly believe that in the end we will both come to remember this as a great day if you come to sign it. Yours truly, the commander of the Nura group Nurarihyon."
        Garnet's head was still spinning from the ridiculously wrong and rather strange letter. Contract scroll? Wait...did that mean that scroll from before? He did remember bringing it home with him, but the next day it had been gone when he woke up. Suddenly, it all made sense as it was likely that it had apparently been summoned back to hell as he slept. Besides that revelation, he now had a big decision. Being a summoner was a huge thing and a great honor, but he had to think about this one. The only thing he had really seen of yokai were ones who apparently liked to kidnap children and used them for their own nefarious purposes. Yet at the same time...his mind drifted back to the Turtle's Den, which he now came to realize was actually a yokai hideout. Most of those who inhabited that place there, while strange, actually seemed to be rather decent creatures. Maybe he shouldn't count them out just yet. "Very well, I accept." Garnet said after a long pause of thought. "Where do I sign!"
        With a shout of joy Karasu Tengu leapt into the air before suddenly shooting back down, apparently embarrassed. "Sorry about that.", it said somewhat abashedly. "It's just that well we were hoping that you would agree. Anyways, just sign right here in blood. Its a bit nasty, but its the only way for it to work." Suddenly in a poof of smoke the scroll from before reappeared before rolling open, showing an empty space for Garnet's name. Grimacing, Garnet whipped a random piece of metal from his desk before cutting his finger, messily writing his name until eventually it was totally spelled out, making him glad that it wasn't a very long one. Quick as it came the scroll glowed red and disappeared and so did the tengu after an awkward pause of silence leaving Garnet alone with a bleeding thumb. Now he just had to hope that he hadn't screwed up royally by writing him name in there. There's no way that could backfire, could it?

6354 words! 0-0

+Yokai Contract (3k/3k)
+5-7 tails V1 (3k/3k)
+4000exp due to 6k words (couldn't do that last 1500, thats insanity)
+26 speed stats (my math SHOULD be correct on that)

as for the missions

Garnet has done these during the TS:
Harsh Lesson
Harsh Lesson
Harsh Lesson
Harsh Lesson
Harsh Lesson
Harsh Lesson
Harsh Lesson
Harsh Lesson
Harsh Lesson
House Ca- HAH! ANOTHER HARSH LESSON. In total that means a +15000 ryo from those missions.

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