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Oliver Windhelm [Finished]

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Oliver Windhelm [Finished]

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• Name:  Oliver Windhelm
• Nickname / Alias: N/A
• Title: N/A
• Age: 19
• Gender:
• Sexuality: Heterosexual

• Height: 6’2”
• Weight: 185 lbs
• Body type: Muscular
• Eye colour: Dark Brown
• Hair colour & style: Black and Spiky
• General Appearance: Oliver is a tan Caucasian male with smooth skin except for his face which has a few scars. One on the middle of his nose going horizontally across it, one on the left side of his nose going vertically, and two on the left side of his face going vertically (see avatar for scars). The shinobi finds pride in them, as they are his battle scars. He likes to think the rest of the features on his face are good enough for the ladies, like his black spiky hair, dark brown eyes, average eyebrows, average-sized forehead, round chin, small ears and a fairly large nose.

According to most people in the world, Oliver is a tall person. Whether that is a good thing or bad thing is up for debate, but Oliver himself isn't really a fan of being so large, since he could probably be much fast if he was a few inches shorter. It is a good thing in some cases however, like being able to get on every ride at an amusement park ever.

Oliver works out almost everyday, resulting in his muscular build which he is most proud of. Many women would be attracted to him from just looking at his fit body, especially if he is shirtless, revealing his six-pack. His personality after they try to get to know him might scare them off, 'but at least they gave me a shot,' Oliver always says.

Oliver is almost always wearing a black leather coat, a tank-top(the color varies), a large red belt, jeans(the color varies), black socks and black boots.

• Markings: N/A

• Persona: Oliver is a very determined individual who tries his best to finish everything that he starts, no matter how long it takes and no matter what must be done to finish it. He is also a very blunt and honest person that doesn't hide his emotions whatsoever. When he wants something from you he will ask straight up, and when he wants to say something to you, no matter how rude it may be, he will say it. Oliver believes that a person can't move forward if they are afraid to do what is on their mind all of the time. This ideology has turned him into a man who is probably too straightforward, to the point where someone who is simply trying to have a fun time without any possible negatives may avoid a chat with him. That would be hard to do however, since he loves socializing with people. You probably won't ever find him by himself if he can help it.

Despite his directness, Oliver is quite the caring fellow, always trying to cheer up the people in his village if he can help it. He wouldn't mind giving up some of his time to help them with something either. Friends mean the world to the man, and anyone who would try to bring them despair will feel his rage. Aside from those in his village however, Oliver couldn't really give a damn about anyone else, and might even seem like a jerk to them. Anyone apart of his village has pledged their loyalty to it and its ninja, but everyone else can't really be trusted, including those who request missions to be done, and even the daimyo of the entire land. It is for this reason that the shinobi is always fully alert outside of his village walls.

During a fight that isn't a spar between his fellow shinobi, Oliver can be quite cruel, rarely holding back. If he is allowed to, he would even kill his enemies to ensure that they aren't a threat to him or his guild anymore. His fighting tactics change depending on his enemies. If they look easy enough to handle, he will go for a full frontal assault, but against more dangerous and cunning foes, he might think up a strategy for him and his allies. He is alright with following orders as well, as long as the one leading the strategy is a guild member of his. He won't fight with anyone outside of his village unless it was a truly dire situation.

• Motto: Don’t allow yourself to be stabbed in the back

• Likes:
- Hyozangakure

- Honesty

- Ryo

- Weapons

- Socializing

• Dislikes:

- Weak People

- Interacting with anyone outside of Hyozangakure

- The Daimyo

- Other Shinobi Villages

- Genjutsu

• Special Characteristics:
Increased Hand Control (+20 Speed)
Increased Movement Speed (+20 Speed)
Increased Strength (+20 Strength)
Improved Endurance (+20 Durability)
Increased Spiritual Force (+20 Chakra)
Improved Spiritual Stamina (+20 Chakra)

• Rank: B
• Elements:
- Doton (Primary)
- Fuuton (Secondary)
• Specialty:
- Bukijutsu (Primary)
- Taijutsu (Secondary)
- Ninjutsu (Secondary)
• Clan: N/A
• Bijuu: No

Stats: B Ranked/ Chuunin: 210
• Strength: 60 + 20 (SC) = 80
• Speed: 60 + 40 (SC) = 100
• Durability: 50 + 20 (SC) = 70
• Chakra: 40 + 40 (SC) = 80

• Village: Hyozangakure
• Parents: Unknown
• Siblings: Unknown
• Mentor & Idols: Joseph Wright (Mentor, Alive)
• History: Oliver was born in Mid-Hyou No Kuni within an urban village considered to be very wealthy. Most of the residents never struggled to provide for their families, and they lived in very nice homes. There was an orphanage within this town that seemed like heaven on earth for children abandoned by their families. There was a large playground near it, and materials were plenty. Because of this, many parents from less fortunate villages nearby would drop off their children there, hoping that they would have a better life than if they stayed with them. This was not true in the slightest, and in fact, the children may have had a far happier life in poverty than in the hellish prison.

The woman in charge of the orphanage, Jessica Lance, was as cruel as she was beautiful. Although the orphanage itself had enough funding to give the orphans quite a lot, Jessica used most of it for herself, and used most of the space in the building, resulting in large groups of children sleeping in the same rooms. They all got three meals a day, but there were many times where there was barely any food on their plates, whole the staff ate like kings and queens. They were forced to act happy in front of people or else Jessica would cast them out into the open, and when this did happen, no matter how much the outcasts would beg for the other citizens to help them out, they were denied for 'giving the heavenly Jessica hell.' They were only allowed to play on the playground in small intervals each day when the town was lively with many people out, thus allowing them to see joy in the children's face. Everyone in the town believed that the orphans were so well off that there was no need to adopt them. After 8 years of suffering like that, Oliver was tired of it and left on his own. The other children were too afraid to do what he had done, all believing that they would just get rejected no matter where they went.

For two years, Oliver roamed the cold land, searching for a place to call home, but no one wanted him. He didn't have any ryo either, so he resorted to stealing food and water. He had to develop fighting skills to beat his way out of a situation where shop owners caught up to him and attempted to get their goods back. A knife usually did the trick.

Eventually, security within stores were too tough for Oliver to get through. He couldn't get a job either since no one would hire a kid. Hungry and thirsty, he was just about to give up on life and find somewhere to die until he stumbled across Hyozangakure. Realizing that they would accept children into their shinobi ranks, giving them a chance to do some good, he signed up for the academy. Oliver graduated within 4 years, becoming a Genin. He then became a Chuunin 5 years later. He owed it all to his Jounin instructor, Joseph Wright. During his 9 years of training as a shinobi, Oliver has made many good friends all across the village.

• Roleplay Sample:(Taken from another site): "Ugh, my head," Oliver groaned, his whole body aching, but he couldn't  remember what happened to put him in this kind of condition. He just woke up with his body laying stomach first on what felt like sand to him. Once he pushed his body up with his hands and opened his eyes, sure enough he was looking at the sandy floor of the beach he landed on upon being thrown by that storm he faced a few hours ago. Oliver continued to push himself upwards until he was standing on his feet. He looked forward at the violent sea that continued to rage on. Dark clouds gloomed over the young man's head. He wondered how long the storm would continue, but the greatest question he could think up was where he exactly landed.

Oliver looked around the rocky beach, and saw no one, as expected. Who would dare enjoy a day at the beach when there was a storm about anyway? The swordsman looked at the forest that appeared beyond the beach. He began walking in that direction, hoping that beyond the large group of tree was a town full of friendly people who would give him an answer to all of his questions. As he got half-way to the entrance of the forest however, three men stepped forward out of the shadows of the trees marking the entrance. They wore commoner's clothing, but had swords strapped to their waist. They all had mischievous grins on their faces as they looked at the confused Oliver.

"Uh, hello. Do you three happen to know where the nearest town is?" Oliver asked, suspicious of the men, but taking his chances anyway. They laughed at him once his words fully registered into their minds.

"Ha! Why would we let a demon like you near our families and friends? Go back into the storm you came from, or we will end your life right here!" shouted the man in the middle. Their grins got even wider as they placed their hands on the grips of their blades. Oliver did the same to one of the two of his, but before he had to kill anyone, he wondered why these guys were being so hostile to him.

"Demon? I had a shipwreck and landed on the beach. I assure you that I am no demon, but maybe you are masking your own demonic ways with ill reasoning," Oliver replied, the confused expression on his face turning into a serious one. The three laughed again, only making the young man angrier.

"The everlasting storm that surrounds the Isle of the Old Gods don't let humans in or out of the place, probably because we are the chosen few that will eventually rule humanity, heh," the man on the left stated in an arrogant matter. Isle of the Old Gods? Everlasting storm? Chosen few? Oliver was now certain that these men weren't entirely 'there,' and he knew firsthand that you couldn't argue with those kinds of people, so he was ready to fight.

"Well, in that case, I guess this 'demon' will have to force his way past you three," Oliver said jokingly, but it seems that these men took him completely seriously. He could see the murderous intent in their eyes as they released their blades from their scabbards and charged at him. The young swordsman didn't unsheath his blade yet however. He could see from their starting stance that had several openings and lousy strides towards him that he would only need three seconds to kill them all. A fight that quick only called for Laido. Oliver got into the appropriate stance and wait for the first enemy to approach him. Fortunately, one of the men dashed towards him, getting there way before the other two, so he could try out a technique he had been testing out for a while now. He was still on the beach just a few meters away from the forest, so there was plenty of space for him.

Oliver's opponent started with a diagonal strike going from his upper right to his lower left, hoping to cut the young swordsmen in two. He hand both of his hands on the grip to ensure that Oliver would be sliced open like butter, but that didn't happen. The blue-haired killer easily dodged the attack by dashing forward to the left quickly while ducking to ensure that the blade wouldn't cut his head. Now that he was behind his challenger, Oliver suddenly turned to his right, his eyes on the man's head, and quickly unsheathed one of his katanas, ending a life with a horizontal slash directed towards the neck. His head ended up beside his falling body. The other two men were just a few feet away from Oliver when they witnessed their friend die in the blink of an eye. They kept running, but now their terrible posture got even worse as they were shocked at what just happened. Oliver turned his attention to them and dashed in their direction, unsheathing his second blade with his left hand, quickly stabbing the enemy on the right in the head, pulling the blade out quickly, and stabbing the other in the same spot. They couldn't react quick enough since it was hard to see Oliver's movements with their eyes, especially with emotion clouding them. It seemed that the trio was pretty close together, and they just couldn't fight at 100% with the death of one of their own fresh in their minds. Even if they could, Oliver still would have been too fast for them.

The young man sheathed his swords as soon as the last man was dead and began to walk towards the forest, eager to find a village. He hated the fact that he already had to kill people before he could even process where he was.

"Nathan, this place may be worse than our homeland," Oliver said with surprise, as if he was speaking to his late leader, who was his best friend as well.

Oliver's gut told him to turn away and go find another location, but he couldn't go anywhere else until the storm let up, so he hesitantly continued forward.

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Re: Oliver Windhelm [Finished]

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Re: Oliver Windhelm [Finished]

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Re: Oliver Windhelm [Finished]

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Re: Oliver Windhelm [Finished]

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