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崩遁 || Hōton || Demolition Release

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崩遁 || Hōton || Demolition Release

Post by Hyuuga Hitomi on Sun Feb 28, 2016 1:44 am

name ;; 崩遁 || Hōton || Demolition Release
elements required ;; Lightning & Earth
how is it made ;; The user gathers a large amount of lightning elemental chakra and merges it with earth elemental chakra in order to produce powerful detonations within solid objects. Massive amount of energy is introduced into an existing object, or created within an earth-based solid created by the user, and upon agitation the energy explodes, producing high amounts of light, heat, sound and pressure.
what can it do ;; Hōton elemental chakra can be inserted into animate or inanimate objects, causing them to react violently and ultimately explode, as if transmuted into nitroglycerin or other similarly explosive substance. Typically, through this method, the user will employ powerful taijutsu techniques to impact the target, and then through the insertion of the user’s chakra, cause that target to experience some form of explosive pressure, internally or externally.
strengths ;;
Earth - Hōton chakra can cause large earth or rock formations to rubble, by causing a detonation within the substance, causing it to explode. +1 Power against Earth Jutsu

Water - Hōton chakra can cause a high degree of pressure within water, acting as depth charge, either dispersing whatever chakra is causing the water to maintain shape, causing it to become inert, or simply blasting it away from the user. +1 Power against Water Jutsu
weakness ;;
Wind - High wind speeds and pressure can either contain or overpower an explosion, and nulify a Hōton Jutsu. -1 Power against Wind Jutsu

other requirements ;; Nin or Tai as a Primary or Secondary  spec.

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Re: 崩遁 || Hōton || Demolition Release

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