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叢雲 || Clouds Gathering || Uchiha Kagami Timeskip

Uchiha Kagami

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叢雲 || Clouds Gathering || Uchiha Kagami Timeskip

Post by Uchiha Kagami on Sat Feb 27, 2016 11:53 pm

Kagami stepped from the elevator onto the unmarked twenty-fourth floor and blew out a breath. The air was sterile, heavy with disinfectant. The walls, the doors, the furniture, everything was the same unsettling shade of white. She hated coming here with her Father, but she hated coming here as an employee even more.

Despite vehement opposition from her colleagues, she insisted on remaining in her regular clothing, refusing to touch one of their starched white labcoats with a ten-foot pole. She much prefered the comfort of her skin tight black tactical bodysuit, her red cropped arm-and-shoulder coat and matching skirt. She stood out from the other researchers. It made her feel different from them, a feeling she clung to desperately.

It wasn’t so much the research that bothered her - the pursuit of knowledge was something she had fought for her entire life. In fact if she were alive some odd forty-years-ago she probably would have been one of the founders of the whole company. But it was something she hated about her father - on of the few traits of his she couldn’t stand. His cold, near inhuman lack of empathy for people outside of their clan. Regular folk. People who didn’t see the world through shades of crimson, like they did.

Of course, in her tenure as managing partner, she had done everything she could to prevent human and animal testing, but even she barely knew everything that went on in the gargantuan skyscraper. The thought of innocent people, locked away in padded prison cells, waiting for a stiff in a suit to come in and inject them with something, or strap them across the table, just to see how potent their genjutsu had become, sickened her.

Kagami was old school. She much prefered the scent of sweat and polished wood of the Dojo she had spent much of her teenage life training in. The beautiful sound of cicadas in the distance, the warm breeze blowing through the open windows - it felt like heaven compared to the perfectly regulated temperature controls of her late Father’s company.

As much as she hated to admit it in her adulthood, she was cut from the same cloth as her father. She poured her blood, sweat and tears into her training as a ninja, and practically lived Koichiro-Sensei’s simple wooden Dojo, while her father holed himself away in his study or his laboratory. They were both obsessed with the truth. Obsessed with seeing the world for what it was, not what they wanted it to be. It was an unpleasant truth, but so was most of her life.

On the whole, Kongen was a worthwhile pursuit, and an important pursuit for the village. Someone had to run it, and at least it wouldn’t be handed off to one of her corrupt second uncles or third-cousins-twice-removed. The thought of them getting their fat fingers on the company her father built made her stomach turn. No, if anyone was going to pursue her father’s legacy, it would be her. She told herself this at least. She tried to make herself believe it was what she wanted to do, but even she knew that it was the last place she wanted to be, and the last thing she wanted to be doing. She had successfully distanced herself from everything that reminded her of her family - her father, her brother, everything. Everything, except this.

Kagami exchanged glances with the receptionist in white, sitting at her while desk; the black ink of her brush painting characters across her long white scroll.

“Oh, Uchiha-Hakase! So good of you to make it. Akagi-san is already waiting for you in her office.”

Kagami kept walking, giving the bear minimum of a nod. She hated coming here, and she hated going to her office even more.

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