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お願い!!愛の時間を! || Please!! Time Enough for Love!

Hyuuga Hitomi

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お願い!!愛の時間を! || Please!! Time Enough for Love!

Post by Hyuuga Hitomi on Sat Feb 27, 2016 11:51 pm

The roar of the Kamitaki falls crashing over rocky bluffs of the Tendo Peaks drowned out the world, enveloping Hitomi in the cocoon of her own thoughts. She stood motionless, perched atop a single rocky outcropping, barely large enough for a person to  stand on, jutting out over the precipice. She balanced on one foot, gracefully mimicking the Heron, one of the principal animals of the Hyuuga clan martial art. The chilling spray of the falls collected in beads along her slender form, her long red hair fluttering around her like a candle flame caught in the wind, dancing chaotically, as if fighting to stay aflame. Her eyes were sealed shut, the familiar yellow-orange tattoo-like glyphs formed by the world’s energy flowing through her veins streaked its way across milky skin. She was one with the falls. She could feel the flowing water. She experienced its gravity, its raging descent over the falls, and it’s cool, calming presence. It mimicked the beating of her own heart, it was the natural element she felt most connected with. And yet, despite her attempts to connect with the spirits of the peaks, her mind raced, lost in itself and trapped in a maze of her own doing.

Hitomi remembered the first kami she had ever spoken to directly. She was deep in spiritual repose in her personal sanctuary, reaching out to the kakuriyo, the spirit-plane with her mind. Then, a light appeared – not any physical light, however. This glow existed only in her mind’s eye, and it was softer, warmer, and more comforting than any she had ever known. The kami spoke to her, not with words, but with impressions, feelings, and fleeting images. Even then, the message was obtuse and complex, leaving her mind whirling with shreds of thought and emotion that she hardly knew where to even start interpreting. But even with this gulf between them, the kunoichi felt full of hope, comforted by the kami’s words, even if she couldn’t comprehend them.

She would speak with the Kami many times before the war would break out, but it wasn’t until one night, when the wind outside her bedchamber in the main building of the Tendo Monastery, that she felt like she finally understood the visions the spirits were trying to show her. Unfortunately for Suzuya, it was already too late.

Wow, you’re still out here?” Mitsuha’s melodic voice shattered the loud silence of the falls and pulled Hitomi from her tortured meditation.

Not now, Mitsuha. Really.” Hitomi kept her eyes shut. They still flickered orange with the spirits of nature she had accumulated, but she could feel them slip back to sapphire. That girl always had a way of throwing her off balance.

The bespeckled brunette hopped and skipped over the surface of the rushing water, making her way over to the redhead perched on the edge of the world.

Hitomi could feel a playful defiance in the air. Somehow, Mitsuha’s life-force reminded Hitomi of a cat - her cheshire grin whenever she was up to no good, her complete and utter disregard for the pace of others, and above all else the way she always happened to hover around when Hitomi wanted company the least. “Honestly, can you not!?” Hitomi spun around, stomping on the stone-too-small-for-two and threw her arms at her side.

Mitsuha’s face was inches from Hitomi. Smokey grey eyes stared from behind her red-framed lenses, cat-like grin plastered across her face.

Hitomi paused, words lost in mist of the falls.

What’s the matter Hime-sama? Cat got your tongue?

Perhaps it was the abundance of natural energies swirling around in her body, or a malfunction in her shikinami-type combat suit, but Hitomi felt her body grow hot. Her face went flush, inching shades closer to her flaming hair.

Mitsuha broke her gaze and doubled over, giggling. “You’d be easy to read even if I weren’t a Sage!

Hitomi shifted awkwardly and stared off in the other direction. “H-hey shut up! You’re the one who came up behind me… besides -

Mitsuha’s finger gently pressed against Hitomi’s lips, bringing her to a silence.

They stood there, clothed in their skin-tight battle gear, perched at the edge of an endless stream of falling water, eyes locked, surrounded by the roaring silence of the falls.

Hitomi could feel Mitsuha’s heartbeat. She could feel an intense warmth. Not too hot, but warm enough to make her fingers tingle. She could feel the rhythm of her oldest friend, the melody of her heart, and the indistinguishably bright chakra of the girl who meant the world to her.

Listen, if you keep furrowing your brow like that, it's going to stay like that you know. You need to loosen up more! Take a breath and smile, kay?” Mitsuha grinned. “I know you can do this, Hitomi.

The red kunoichi closed her eyes. She took in a long slow breath and let Mitsuha’s energy flow into her, the warm bright pink chakra swirling and mixing with the stormy-red chakra in her chest. She savoured every emotion, every fragmented memory, every sensation she received from the girl’s energy. She could feel the raging torrent of the falls, the timeless cold of the mountains, the howling chill of the winds - even the distant beating of the hearts of the monks practicing their forms in the snowy stone courtyard on the other side of the monastery. Hitomi opened her eyes, greeting Mitsuha with a fiery orange stare.

行ってきます」Hitomi’s voice rang clearly over the fall of water.

行ってらしゃい」”Go get ‘em, champ.” Mitsuha smiled as she watched hitomi resume her stance and slowly slip from the realm of the living, her mind wandering the spectral landscape of the spirits of the Tendo Peaks.

As she turned to leave, she felt a tinge of red brush against her cheek. A hot jolt of energy rush into her body. A feeling of excitement and a fluttering of wings in her stomach - the sensations she always felt from Hitomi’s chakra. Mitsuha didn’t bother hiding her blush.

Hey… if you’re going to kiss me, do it like a normal person, you goof…” She laughed inwardly and carried on her way back to the main building of the monastery, not wanting to distract her any more than necessary. It’s not like the fate of the world hung in the balance or anything…



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