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Recreation of Itami Uyeno


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Recreation of Itami Uyeno

Post by Itami on Thu Feb 25, 2016 11:11 pm

Itami had been pondered for a very long time. He had been wishing to be able to be on par with his father, or at least prove to be a great challenge to him. In Itami's eyes, his father was one of the greatest, strongest ninjas to have ever walked the earth. His intelligence alone could combat villages, leaving out his fighting capabilities. From a young age, Itami has noticed that Stein had a different body type. It wasn't human at all, abnormal was an alright word. His dad proved to have powers superior then any other. They talked about it before, how his father had undergone procedures long ago to alter his body. The agony and pain that came from it, having every organ excluding the heart taken out, including blood, and replaced with several threads throughout the body. It even made Stein feel a bit of insanity, the pain of having to deal with all of this, and the aftermath feeling of having to adjust. However it couldn't be denied, this bolstered his abilities in combat through the roof, and allowed him to determine the fate of many that crossed his path. Now, Itami has finally found his resolve on the matter. He has decided, for the sake of his beliefs and yearning to be on par with his father, that he must undergo this same procedure. Like Father, like Son.

Itami at the time was in the vast backyard of their home, looking out at the clear blue sky inhabited by quite a few avians. He was thinking of this procedure, and becoming an Earth Grudge Fear, for many weeks. The thought came up to him after rewinding the past battles him and Stein had together. If he ever wished to surpass his father, and reap the benefits of becoming like this, he would have to follow this one path. It would be a painful and gruesome one, however Itami has already suffer so much in such a small frame of time only being 16 years, he felt as if he was able to handle it. Of course, he was not underestimating his father's words, not one bit. It was said to be the worst pain imaginable, however after so you will be replaced with utter bliss, freed from pain, only able to feel it somewhat. Itami knew this would make him less human, but he wanted to be stronger, and become a powerful ninja of his village that rivaled many, so this was worth it.

Itami got up, once sitting down on his backyard porch, staring off at the flowers and trees which presented themselves to Itami. He took a big sigh as he stared off, knowing that soon he would no longer get to feel this much. He had already casted off most of his feelings, and taken a much more evil and chaotic road then his best pal Shin, and this would set him deeper down. However, Itami's wish was solidified, and he walked into his home, heading towards the man he knew could do this for him. His father, of course. He opened up the backyard door, and began to walk down the hallway to the living room. There he saw his mother, and his sister. It was rather a site to look at, wondering for a moment if he would ever be able to see them again. He knew full and well that this procedure could be the death of him, his life coming to an end in an instant. However, he felt as if lady luck was on his side, and he would be able to prevail despite the odds. He's taken many punches, many loses, and many scoldings. He would be able to at least deal with this. Itami gave them both a smile, and walked over to give the two a single kiss. He was aware they had begun to worry for him, becoming an Anbu Shinobi, Itami had been apart of more dark missions that involved many deaths. He also felt as if they would be rather upset seeing the new him soon. However, they would understand hopefully, and love him for who he was. It's not like he could lose emotions, though this was for the best of his fighting career. It was time to enter the big leagues, and live with this choice for the rest of his days. It was for the best though, to get stronger and more powerful then what he's ever come by.

Itami began to walk upstairs to the second floor of their home, each step bringing his heart lower and making him begin to somewhat regret this thought. Though he continued to walk, aware that he has done this many times before. It was not the first time, before he had wanted to ask Stein to do this, and has come so close, but backed away out of fear. But still, he had enough knowledge to know that he truly wanted this, constantly debating and going back and forth, he knew deep down he had a sinister interest of knowing what it was like, and would find out soon enough. He continued to walk down the hallway to the room at the end of it, with a door before him. He was standing before this door that would change his whole world, and make him a completely different person. He was in shock of his own nerves, that he would soon lose. His heart thumping immensely, he knew full and well the horrors that would be behind this door. Still, he forced himself to proceed forward with three quick knocks, his frightened alertness surprisingly lowering by each knock. He then proceeded to open the door quickly, with haste and impatience. Itami saw his father, sitting down some steps away, in his usual chair. They both now being there, in Stein's study. The time had come to finally do this, and he had hoped this request would come out easily. He was shaking at this point, however his resolve had stood it's ground. Itami looked Stein in his eyes, and began to spoke.

" Hello Dad. I came here just now because their is a request I have for you...And it's been something I've been thinking of doing for awhile now, though my own fears of the outcome and how I would turn out has kept me away from here until now. "

At this point, Itami paused. He knew that just now, out of his own frantic speech, he somewhat gave away his plan. Still, it was the moment of truth. He went on.

" Well, I guess I just gave it away. But still, I have been thinking. i want to become even better then you, Father. Your name wreaks these lands, out of fear and respect due to your power and abilities around your arsenal. I want to get better then that though, and prove to be stronger then even you, but I have to be honest saying I can't do this alone. Getting to this level of power of course...I have decided I want to follow in your footsteps somewhat, dad. I wish to gain the benefits of Earth Grudge Fear. I apologize if this is out of no where and extremely blunt, but I've been thinking about this for weeks and going back and forth about it. But finally I've decided, in order to truly become powerful, I can't continue to live at the bottom of the table and work that way, I have to get help and become stronger in a way like this, at least to my beliefs. You've helped me all the way up to even now, teaching me jutsu and guiding me through the path I am now. So I hope you can share your wisdom and help me on this as well, and not get a little too frightened at having another Shinobi you have to worry about."

Itami finished that last part with a smile, to hopefully lighten the mood. He was aware this probably sounded crazy, but he at least had to try. He was always feeling like he was weak to someone, an the only way to change that is to become the strongest.

" I know that it's going to be a terrible, horrendous procedure to do on me. But I feel like I've gone through so much already, that I can deal with this. And live on, fighting even better and more precise then before. Of course I'm a little afraid, hell not just a little. I could die. But still...I want to become the strongest their is around this world."

Itami stopped his speech after these words. it was now time to listen in on Stein's thoughts on the matter, whether it was a crazy idea to do, or he thought it be good. Either way, Itami was content with whichever way this conversation would go, and begin to live on staying the way he was, or becoming something more. He now waited, about 4 feet from his father, wondering what would happen.

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Re: Recreation of Itami Uyeno

Post by Stein on Tue Mar 01, 2016 12:32 pm

Paperwork, It was not just at the office, but at home too, Stein could not get away from it, when a welcomed distraction came suddenly, it was his son Itami, and Itami began to spoke, more so Rambling to the sounds of it, but Stein pretended to listen to most of it as it was a welcomed break from his work when something in Itami's Statement caught his attention, Itami wanted to gain the powers that his father had, that Stein Himself had, he wanted to learn the secrets of the earth grudge fear, but he knew his son and knew no way would he be talked out of it, so with a sigh as he leaned back in his chair he pressed a button which opened a secret door at which he would stand up and then make a gesture for Itami to go first, Stein would be right behind him as the lights began to flick on and when they would step through which would be inevitable, the door would close behind them.

After leading Itami down into his secret lab he pointed to a white doctor's chair or table it was hard to tell what it was called anymore and told his son "This Process will be difficult on you, so I am going to strap you in for the sake of all around you, first let me make sure your body will be compatable with the Earth Grudge Fear transformation " at which point Stein would then take a thread of his and cut the bare skin of his son that was on his hand and opened a vein, then sticking a needle into the hand to gather a pint of blood, which after words Stein would make sure to lead Itami to the table and strap him in, and as he began to use his own secret Medical Jutsu on Itami's Blood, Stein would send Earth Grudge Fear Tendrils into Itami through the cut he made, which would lead directly to Itami's heart and begin the transformation , this was a Pain his son needed to expereience cause it would be the last amount of pain he would feel ever again, mean while the blood Stein collected from Itami would begin to take shape into something else entirely, Using his Stem Cell Research Technique, Stein began to create two Hearts from Itami's blood, which point he would then take a heart into himself, and the other he would store in a jar filled with a special liquid to keep it fresh till it was needed.

Stein would now sit back and await for his sons transformation to finish, Stein himself getting use to the new bloodline the heart he just created would give him as it was made from the blood of a Uyeno, giving Stein the abilitys of the clan, a smile spread across his face as he knew, they would both gain power together.

Meanwhile Stein would turn to his table where he would have sitting covered , the body of Shinichi, which he had removed from the walls some time ago as not to allow it to rot, and the body of Kenshin Uzumaki, Stein would take some form of DNA from both bodys and begin to make two more hearts, one from each set of DNA, seperate from each other, these would help his son he knew it would, meanwhile Stein took some of his own Dna and began to craft a third heart, one more and they would both be complete, these three hearts would be forming right around the end of Itami's Transformation most likely


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Re: Recreation of Itami Uyeno

Post by Itami on Tue Mar 01, 2016 9:55 pm

Itami was surprised at Stein's unspoken approval of what Itami had decided. He hit a simple switch, and watched as doors began to open leading to a secret base, most likely where his father's experiments took place. Itami followed his father with haste, half excited and also half frightened at what he was about to do. Knowing that soon this same body of his would be altered, the one he's been living with for 16 years now will be changed and manipulated for the sake of Shinobi. Itami knew this all to be true, yet he continued to walk forward into this dark like fell into the view of Stein, and being presented with a doctor like chair. His father was seeming to run through this very quickly, it just reminded him of what type of person he was for the longest, or at least since becoming Kage, filled with busy hours daily. He felt somewhat glad his father dropped what it is he was doing in order to at least help out his soon which wishes something. That was the type of father he's been as well, always helping out with what was needing and caring for his children to make sure they stayed well. And now, Itami was going to see all of the world and his experiences in a different light soon, knowing that soon he would turn into something different and be seen differently. His friend, Shin of all people, might potentially take this new sight of Itami with disapproval and hatred, losing another part of his friends. However Itami cared no more, his only search being the usual gain of power that he seeked ever since Lumina left their realm.

Itami listened to Stein's very quick and brief information given To him, trying to not miss a single word and stay aware of everything. He knew his father was looking out for him and trusted him thoroughly, and would soon help him reach the power needed to get to even him and become in reach. Itami followed orders as instructed, still somewhat afraid but still having steel nerves to continue down this process. Their was not much warning to this all before Itami felt quite a bit of pain coming from his right hand, it being slashed by stein's threads. It made him jump and look at stein again, really reconsidering everything that he had done at this point. He watched as Stein began to insert the needle within Itami's vein, and begin to suck out some of Itami's blood. Of course this felt extremely odd, feeling blood, and probably the last time he would do so. He watched as the blood left his body, thinking again and again this was the last time he would ever see or need blood. At this point, he was somewhat happy that all he had been afraid of was starting and getting a move on. He always felt as if jumping right into it on things he was afraid of would make it all better, like into a pool to feel the water, battles, etc. And as he reminisced on each feeling, he weighed in the fact he was giving up every single feeling in the world, good and bad, to become more powerful. Is this what was necessary in order to become a true superpower? Giving up all he had in order to trade it in for strength and ability. It seemed so this was what was needed in the ninja world.

The procedure was soon to begin. Stein quickly moved Itami to the chair he was introduced too before, much to Itami's somewhat fear. He supposed stein wanted to make this quick and painless- well, painless would be impossible to achieve. He knew that. All that would remain would be his heart, besides his teeth and tongue most likely of course. Itami  watched as the blood stein has extracted earlier was being used as a heart for Stein, a new one. One made from one of Stein's many powerful jutsus, the ability to create anew with the smallest material. That seemed to completely break Itami's whole thought of him needing to trade in things in order to achieve others. And though he was somewhat pleased to know this, knowing it all to be a loophole possible, he was aware now that he was beginning to do something which would leave a tall mark on him forever. As this thought crossed his mind, Itami began to have the feeling of something entering his body. Strapped down to the touch, Itami had no chance to avoid this, or fight it. He could only sit there, in his own sea of oncoming pain, and endure. Not all make this procedure, and it is quite likely even he wouldn't. It felt to come swift, yet slow at the same time. Slow due to having a sort of, pause to it even after the tendrils entered his body. However it all happened in a moment. The agony and pain that surfaced after some time became immense, of course something he would of never imagined. Itami's eyes popped open from the realization of what had just happened, and would continue to happen from then on for who knows how long. His father failed to do a certain amount of things for Itami. Tell him how long this procedure could last, how to handle it, and what to expect. However maybe he did so on purpose, in order to make the time go by quicker and lose himself with the thought of time being nonexistent, in order to stay sane. Itami took this as a choice to reflect on himself and all he's been through, though it was found to be difficult. His father wanted him to find something.

Itami continued to feel pain, sheer pain. Nothing he's truly imagined before, at least something he had gotten right previously. This was just cruelty, more torture then what he felt even Lumina went through. And with the thought of Lumina, the presences of nerves still within his body shot down his spine, though the threads were beginning to nullify even that. He could feel the threads moving, the diabolical threads searching throughout to destroy and create anew, replace Itami's old organs, muscles and nerves with thread based ones. He knew this was all happening before his very eyes, however he could do absolutely nothing about this. Only endure and allow this to pass, like a virus within his body. Maybe he won't ever get sick again, that could be a plus to all this pain. However, he wished not to think about benefits at this point, only to survive, him gritting his teeth so hard it felt as if it would all shatter. Itami began to lose vision to an extent, realizing where he was and beginning to lose even himself, only the feeling of his own body eating at his feelings and breaking him down. He saw the distant sight of his father off looking elsewhere, seeming to be nonchalant while his son let out grunts and even screams from the depths of hell itself.

For a moment, Itami assumed this place he was being led too would cut out any pain he was already going too. It was about some minutes into the procedure, and the threads were taking their sweet time to continue and finish the whole thing and allow Itami to be freed of all this. However that could only be a dream, and the pain continued to worsen in Itami's little dream even. This was telling him he was at least still alive, but he was continuing to feel the excruciating feelings that came after. He had wished the threads take out his nerves first so he wouldn't feel all of this, but of course that would be too easy, where would the legend of this procedure being pain filled come from? Of course it would have to go last, out of all things. Itami was picturing a scenerio, of what seemed to be a flashback from the past. He watched as he was surfacing around a playground like area, with a street way in the darkness of night. From the distance he was able to see his long companion Shin, though with a distressed look on his face, looking towards Itami, but not directly at him. This only reminded Itami of the time he had been dealing with after Lumina's death, and how the remaining team coped that night. With every part of his waist and up in God like pain, Itami tried to at least walk towards Shin, though unable to lift a finger or even keep up his body. It felt as if he was walking in a rewinding scene, it constantly going over and over again, having shin walk towards Itami, while Itami walked towards him. In this world, this all felt like at least 20 minutes of walking, so close yet so far. Then, out of no where, Itami's vision turned completely dark, and he was trapped in darkness. It began to feel as if his body was beginning to become with the darkness, empty and something he just couldn't feel. But soon after, a strong, white noise suddenly appeared, and Shin appeared right in front of Itami, face to face. However, Shin's bangs clouded his eyes, and Itami could not reckon what was happening. He tried to say something towards Shin, however before he had the chance too he felt as if he was Being kicked forward, while also feeling as if he legs just gave out, following by hellish pain from his legs.

Then, Shin seemed to open his mouth wide and devour Itami from there on, continously mawing him and having Itami cease to exist. Itami then found himself warping in a new area. It was a room full of nothingness. White. Purity, it's meaning found in one word. It surprised Itami that he was found present in this area, one who assumed he was clouded in darkness, however brought to a place of light. Was Shin not the one that should be the light, and Itami the darkness!? Itami had no clue, however his back was to whatever substance held him up, as he looked up to the sky, staring at what seemed to be a white moon. He was unable to move, having the full throttle of the procedure taking effect now throughout his entire body, showing it was not through yet. Itami cried out in agony at this time while questioning the current presence of the moon inside his inner world. From then on he could see his reflection from the moon, it's whiteness so pure and enriching, it actualy provided a mirror image, though had darkness and black within the crater areas of the moon. He only saw himself, his body seeming to begin to spasm out, though he was unaware of this happening at the time. This moon also was see through, but Itami was more occupied currently with how he was looking. It seemed as if his body was filled to the brim with threads, a surprising look of things. He never had pictured his body to be at a state like this, it filled him with some excitement after what's been feeling like hours to days of pain what it seemed like. It was all almost over it seemed like.

But Itami also watched his hair begin to dance as it seemed, but also be Coated with some white form of threads. It reinforced itself around Itami's hair several times, seeming to crush his current hair like it did to his organs, and leave forth a new color of hair. White. What is up with all this white? It really shocked him and made him want to really understand more of this. But soon after another show began, inside the moon this time. It was a rerun of the past times he could remember with his original squad, the missions they've been on, the feuds, fights, happiness, anything imaginable. Itami felt as if he was being reborn in a sense, having all of his memories of that squad rewinded back, while having his body grinding his organs out and implementing threads. Though, it all began to go down as it came up to the chuunin exams tournament. White pedals began to fall from where Itami stared, though turning red after hitting a certain point in space. Itami watched, as the grueling moments of that time had resurfaced, and the floodgates began. Seeing Lumina killed in an extremely gruesome way, now Itami can at least somewhat relate but having to live this way. Watching as his comrades Shin and Stein held their heads down at the sight, torn from it all. He felt as if he was entering that nothingness area again. He began to let out tears, physical, emotional, and mental pain being visible all throughout Itami's face. It was utter hell at this point, in this white room with red dancing flowers. His reflection began to transparent the look of his eyes turning what seemed to be red, scarlet red. Like the petals that fell.

Itami continued to watch, as a week later that night by the playground was shown, and how Shin was ready to give up. He was throwing in the towel, while Itami wanted to continue forward, and gain power in himself in order to protect his village, and his comrades. He wanted power, he was power hungry, loving the thrill of battle, going so far to manipulate his own body make-up. This is what he now became, a lust for power, but now beginning to notice a trend. A trend of one set of the remaining duo who wished not to gain power like Itami, and who didn't train as much as he did, wanting more to just give in. This other half, was of course Shin. Shin became what seemed to be the pinpoint of all of Itami's issues up until now. The boy had always seem to be a prodigy of his own, rivaling Itami and making Itami want to be stronger and demolish him. However, he was always a step ahead it seemed, and if not caught up would even surpass Itami in a sense, upsetting Itami immensely. This new brainwashing, began to fill Itami with anger, anger at one who hasn't worked as hard as he has, yet holds the same amount of power of he. Going so far as to lose feeling forever and become less than a human, in order to defeat that man, and not as much helping the village any longer. His goals has changed every since that night, he had begin to not work for the village, but more so for his own capabilities and powers, in order to become a superpower. This of course didn't dismay his loyalty, still sticking strong with the village. However still, he quenched for more power, having that fear that his father had about him walking the streets, the seemingly effortless ability in skill like Shin. He wanted to be better, quicker, stronger, overall the greatest ninja that ever came to these lands. He would make his family proud of him, and defeat those who think other, and of course, defeat Shin no matter what the cost. This was evolving more then just a rivalry, but more so resentment and hatred could be a better saying. Due to being inferior. He would not allow himself to feel such a way again, he would prevail and obtain more power for himself at this time. He will, he must.

Itami looked up at the moon, still white like purity itself, now understanding what all this had meant. He was to have been washed away of any previous thoughts he had of himself, and expressed the truth of how he was. Itami loved, he hated, he also wished for power and to become the alpha ninja in this world. Not just some ordinary Shinobi, he wanted more. He was now seeming to be pure, his essence and vitality restored. This was the new Itami, recreated, anew. He was more darker, willing to do as must needed
In order to get what he wished, and also to slay others down. Lumina is dead, their was no turning back from that, that is the way this world is and being wrapped up around a lost love is meaningless to him now. He found himself now standing, his white wavy hair more visible sitting upright, with his red eyes reflecting across the white room he was hovering over. He saw in the distance, Shin Uzumaki, cloaked in darkness and wearing black clothes. The tides had turned, their roles had switched. Or at least seen differently. The white purity that Itami had was of refreshment and simply being pure, and searching for whatever he must in order to continue this road, with his red like tendencies necessary to get his power and wantings, unattached to the past. The darkness, full of depression and regret, weakness of not knowing what new was, and sticking to one thing, that was now Shin. Itami prepared a Chidori, and pierced Shin without a second thought, with a rather sadistic look on his face, having Shin appear visible to his face. Then after, the room seemed to start cracking. Like his mind, now broken and readjusted, needed to do so. This procedure was more then just a procedure, it was more so an awakening.

Soon, a bright light enveloped Itami, and he began to wake back up, conscious of where he was. He saw the same chair, strapping him down, his father a few ways off, still preparing something in the distance, it seemed like only minutes or so passed by. However, what all truly happened to Itami felt like 3 months at least. He began to act groggy and a little confused, however fully aware of what had happened. He had noticed his hair seeming to still be black from where the bangs were at the current time, guessing that the lasp he was in, actually was only a ruse set up by his mind in order to showcase what it is he had to aim for, or at least live by. Itami was surprised to not feel any pain or actually, anything in general from then on. No nerves getting in his way, no bones feeling like it, somewhat squishy yet hard at the same time. He assumed he at least survived, and had just blacked out. However, he is now new of course. And things have defientely changed. He looked towards his dad, now needing his assistance once more, but was very nonchalant yet definite about it.

"Father, I believe It's done. I could use your help now."

He gave off an unamused look, waiting for assistance, but also glad he had gotten through it. And had a father who was able to do this for him. Now he was one step closer to getting even more stronger, always being his ultimate goal. He waited for his father to help him up, and most likely curious as to what happened to him, and what to do now with this new body. Due to all that happened in the trance, or the hallucinations more so, Itami wasn't so sure how he felt or anything. He was still loyal to his village, but didn't care much more for his friend Shin, seeing himself as superior and willing to go the extra mile to be powerful then all. Itami stopped caring about that boy, his past however, he couldn't fully give up. Giving up his past would only invoke the thought that Itami was no longer human. He already possessed a less human body, if he let go of the memories and ideals that could be seen as human it would be all over. So, though he didn't see it as that significant anymore, he still held a tight grasp of the horrors that led up to now from his past, all of which he could feel thankful for somewhat, building onto who he was now. He felt as if he was becoming what he's always wanted to be, a overall superpower for himself and for his village. Not many could stand in his way very soon.

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Re: Recreation of Itami Uyeno

Post by Itami on Mon Mar 07, 2016 3:39 pm

As Itami watched his father patiently to get out of his restrictions, it seemed as if his father was in a trance of some sort which disallowed him to hear anyone from the outside. He was still hunched over, looking at the hearts that were being made just for Itami most likely, as a gift for becoming an EGF. Itami just stood there, somewhat aloof wondering when the hell his father was going to help him out, however came to the conclusion it wasn't going to happen anytime soon. So, he supposed it was time to test out this new bloodline of course, or more so jutsu. Itami tried to buffer out his new strength agaisnt the straps that kept him pinned down to the seat, and easily broke free after a few seconds. Damn, he was fully aware it would take longer then that for him to do something so crazy before, well then. Itami started to like this body quite a bit, he would ride with this thing for awhile now, a long while. He was starting to already reap the benefits of having it, and rather glad he did so too. However, the slight issue of not being able to feel his body after the procedure proved to be some sort of nuisance, getting up he felt as if he wasn't exactly sure where he was.

Now standing, Itami only stared at his father, still watching the hearts.

"Sigh...Old man's threads might be getting in the way of his eardrums. I know damn sure mines are. Well, thanks Dad. I'll be back later when I feel like you are feeling a bit better."

Itami began to slowly walk out of the area in which he was once a different being, now completely new. Itami began to already tamper with his new and improved body, unaware of what all he had in store for it. He felt as if he wouldn't be able to use the threads just yet, they taking a little more time to  get use too. However, it was all in fun and games, Itami would be able to fully do things with his new body soon enough. He punched it lightly, trying to get a feel for his new meters of how hard he can punch and how soft his punches would hurt. It was going to take a few, but soon enough he would get it down. Itami thanked his father again in his head, while walking out from the cave like setting a different man. A different body. And a different resolve.

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Re: Recreation of Itami Uyeno

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well....that was a thing. APProved.
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Re: Recreation of Itami Uyeno

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Re: Recreation of Itami Uyeno

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Re: Recreation of Itami Uyeno

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