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Crisis: Experience System!!!

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Crisis: Experience System!!!

Post by .Shinigai Kaguya on Thu Feb 25, 2016 1:49 am

-The Experience System-

One of the new ways to gain different things in your rp experience is Experience itself. There are multiple things that it can be used for such as, Stats, Jutsu, Items, Ryo, etc. This will give you a basic idea on what it can get you and how you can get them. Experience is gained through different types of topics and Missions, as well as events.

Experience is given by Admins and Mods when they approve a topic or look over a topic. Basic ways of gaining Experience are Training and Sparring with other Playable Characters. Training gives experience at the rate of :

-Non-Combat Exp-

Non-Combat topics are awarded Exp on a basis of Word Count (WC)

100 Words = 100 Exp

-Mission and Event Exp-

Mission and Event topics are usually subject to a higher Exp gain than non-combat topics, simulating the rigours of battle, and their effect on a character’s development.

Successful completion of the mission or event may award additional Exp as well as other rewards. All mission rewards are detailed in the mission's description.

Training Rewards: 100 exp per 200 words

Character development is smiled upon here at Crisis. We want to reward players for carefully crafted stories, gripping plot twists, and for getting out there and role-playing with other members! For all non-training, non-combat threads, we will be awarding exp on the basis of the thread’s content. In order to claim Content-Based Rewards, a player must post at least 3 times in the given thread, with each post requiring a minimum of 250 words in order to be considered.

The more players post in a thread, the easier it is to gain rewards!

Only the highest Rank of Content-Based Rewards will be considered for the thread. A lower tier’s rewards may be chosen instead of a higher tier at the discretion of the player’s making the thread. For instance, a Significant Flashback that also contains Village Politics, an IC promotion and characters Grappling with Moral Choices, will only be awarded the S-Rank 5,000 exp per page.

-Content-Based Rewards-

S Rank: 5,000 Exp per Page
Significant Flashback
Major Character Development
Overcoming Trauma

A Rank: 4,000 exp per Page
Get an IC Promotion
Invade a Ninja Village
Spying and Gathering Intel
Forming an Alliance
Village Politics
Unprecedented Research
Exploring Distant Lands

B Rank 3,000 exp per Page
Meeting Family
Forming Bonds (IC)
Breaking Bonds (IC)
Serious Introspection
Overcoming Prejudice
Forming New Beliefs

C Rank 2,000 exp per Page
Meeting Old Friends (PC)
Making New Friends (PC)
Teaching a Student (PC)
Giving or Receiving Important Advice
Grappling with Moral Choices
Breaking an Old Habit

D Rank 1,000 exp per Page
Inner Struggles
Meeting Old Friends (NPC)
Making New Friends (NPC)
Teaching a Student (NPC)
Running Errands

-What Can you get with Experience?-

Jutsu ~

Experience can be cashed in for Jutsu.

E Rank: Free
D-Rank: 150 exp
C Rank: 300 exp
B Rank: 600 exp
A Rank: 1,200 exp
S Rank: 2,400 exp
SS Rank: 4,800 exp
X Rank: 9,600 exp

Specialties ~

1st Speciality: free
2nd Speciality: 2000 exp
3rd Speciality: 3500 exp
4th Speciality: 5000 exp
5th Speciality: 6500 exp

Every subsequent Speciality gained will cost 1500 exp more than the last.

Special Characteristics ~

D-Rank: 500 exp
C-Rank: 2500 exp
B-Rank: 4500 exp
A-Rank: 6500 exp
S-Rank: 8500 exp

Stats ~

The cost to boost a stat is determined by the number value you currently possess for that individual stat:

0-100 = 100 exp to gain +1 Stat Point
101-200 = 200 exp to gain +1 Stat Point
201-300 = 300 exp to gain +1 Stat Point
301-400 = 400 exp to gain +1 Stat Point
401-500 = 500 exp to gain +1 Stat Point

After Hitting the 500 overall Stat Mark, Stats will Double what is added to the Exp Cost. Meaning the cost will add 200 instead of 100 per 100 Stats. I.E.

501-600 = 700 exp to gain +1 Stat Point
601-700 = 900 exp to gain +1 Stat Point
701-800 = 1,100 exp to gain +1 Stat Point
801-900 = 1,300 exp to gain +1 Stat Point
901-1000 = 1,500 exp to gain +1 Stat Point

And so on.

Elements ~

1st Element: Free
2nd Element: 1,000 exp
3rd Element: 2,000 exp
4th Element: 4,000 exp
5th Element 8,000 exp

Advance Release Element: 4000 exp (Character must already possess the 2 required elements)

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