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X and SS Rank Guide


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X and SS Rank Guide

Post by Psychosis on Tue Feb 23, 2016 6:55 am

X and SS ranked jutsu are special among jutsu, going to literally limitless powers. These are things which simply cannot be directly overpowered in what they do.

To explain in more detail, let us start with SS. For starters, SS rank means the jutsu is unrankable in a single aspect, speed or power. In this, it means that the jutsu is either so fast it cannot be avoided by normal means, such as Kirin, or it happens so absolutely that it cannot be blocked, such as Amaterasu.

The casual observer will note these two jutsu are both incredibly powerful and could not be overpowered in what they did, Kirin having speed surpassing anything else, and Amaterasu burning through anything.

A defining aspect of these jutsu, however, is that they may be bypassed, with giant weaknesses that must exist. For Amaterasu, it is its inability to burn through chakra itself, while Kirin requires a specific situation to be set up before its use, and can be blocked providing the defense is up before the activation of Kirin. This is what keeps SS and X rank jutsu balanced, the requirements of situations, or requirements of subversion possibilities.

Now, one may ask what happens when two people with the same ability, such as Amaterasu, attack each other, what would happen? The short answer is that the two attacks, being the exact same thing, would cancel each other out. The long answer is that each jutsu would persist, fighting against the other until the jutsu ran out of time. Similarly, when two Kirin are launched at the same time, they hit at the same time as well.

X rank jutsu are particularly special, given they have both unrankable speed and unrankable power. This is reserved for things like Edo Tensei, which should explain a lot. While it IS possible to cancel Edo Tensei out, it is never directly from the power of the jutsu coming into play, nor is it from the speed.

Edo Tensei in particular has no power or speed, both being dependent on whatever is summoned, giving it unmatched potential. X rank is specifically for things of this nature.

Now, a few rules to each category.

SS Rank Jutsu
1. If the unrankable category in this jutsu is speed, it must be situational, requiring many things to be set up before it is launched. While this can happen by controlling the environment in the first post, such as with Kirin, it is unlikely and WILL take a post to 'charge' before it can be used.
2. If the unrankable category in this jutsu is power, the jutsu must have at least three ways of subverting it. The first, of course, is to simply dodge. The second must be a way of bypassing it with offense, while the third must be a way of defending against it. 

X Rank Jutsu
1. X rank jutsu, unlike those of SS rank, have both unrankable power AND speed, which means not only must X rank jutsu require preparation, they must also have ways to defy them. In the above example, Edo Tensei, you can have this as a way to cancel it out, or reverse it even. It must follow both rules of SS rank jutsu as well, giving a specific preparation requirement AND three methods of avoiding/defying it. (Since dodging is impossible in this case, something similar to avoiding it ever happening will count as well, such as sealing a soul for Edo Tensei)

X and SS Rules

1. While a person has no true limit on how many jutsu they learn, in order to learn an SS rank jutsu, you must have the spec as at LEAST your secondary, while X rank must absolutely be your dominate. Yes, this rule is in effect even for SS rank characters.

2. X and SS rank jutsu are SUPPOSED to break the normal conventions of jutsu. There are many methods of doing so, but remember, each jutsu must have a singular purpose, such as Kirin being ONE lightning strike, Amaterasu ONLY burning, and Edo doing nothing but bringing the dead back. Any X or SS jutsu found to have more than one action in that manner will be denied. Keep in mind this does not stop you from using that singular purpose in a different than normal manner, such as using Amaterasu around the body as a defense. 

3. All X and SS rank jutsu require at least one admin's approval, as well as a moderator's. This is not only to prevent overpowered techniques, but to ensure that no X or SS rank jutsu slips by unnoticed.

4. Any X or SS rank jutsu is subject to review at any time, but any denials must be decided upon by at least three active members of staff. Similarly, to overturn that denial, three staff must agree when the jutsu is fixed. 

5. While no staff member has the right to vote on their own jutsu, any member, staff or not, has the right to speak with the staff on their own behalf to see what the problem is and how to resolve it. In regards to such debatable jutsu, it is likely misunderstandings will occur. Because of this, I encourage everyone, on BOTH sides, to act calmly and rationally when a jutsu is debated.

6. Because of the directness of SS and X ranks, if someone gets confused on the specifics of it, they have the option to bring in a battle or system mod to help them understand. Alternatively, if an argument ensues, admin may step in to resolve the situation.

7. While there is no rule dictating the weaknesses of these jutsu must be plainly written out, they must at least be discussed with whoever is reviewing the jutsu in question. If the weaknesses are not fitting with what the jutsu does, the admin or mod in question will request you to find another. 

That sums everything up, but keep in mind that X and SS Rules, much like any other rules, are subject to change as the site develops further.

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