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Crisis: Training Rules!!

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Crisis: Training Rules!!

Post by NC. Webmaster on Tue Feb 23, 2016 2:07 am

-Training Guidelines-

At Crisis, we don't require specific, dedicated threads to training any ability, as long as it doesn't have a certain IC requirement.  Instead, when you exit a topic, you can total up the number of words that you wrote in it and spend them on the things listed below.  Alternatively, you can store them in your update sheet to be spent later. In addition, if you do the tradition training thread to, for example, learn a jutsu, where your character is actually focusing on doing such a thing, you can still use the words you wrote to train something else as well. Finally, all posts excluding creations must be written exclusively for Crisis and must never be brought over from another site.

Some abilities or characteristics can only be gained through training in dedicated threads or with IC events, such as the Sharingan, where someone is required to reach IC requirements or states of mind, but as long as you are buying something from this list, you should be fine..

-What can you Train?-

Jutsu ~

E-Rank: 250 Words
D-Rank: 500 Words
C-Rank: 750 Words
B-Rank: 1000 Words
A-Rank: 1500 Words
S-Rank: 2000 Words
SS-Rank: 4000 Words
X-Rank: 6000 Words

Nature Release Elements ~

1st element: free
2nd element: 1000 words
3rd element: 2000 words
4th element: 5000 words
5th element: 8000 words

Advanced Element: 3000 (Character must already possess the 2 required elements)

*: Only available to characters A-Ranked and higher.

Ninja Specialities ~

1st Speciality: 500 Words
2nd Speciality: 1500 Words
3rd Speciality: 2500 Words
4th Speciality: 5000 Words
5th Speciality: 7500 Words

Every subsequent speciality trained requires 1000 words more than the last.

Special Characteristics ~

Some Special Characteristics have unique Word Count requirements to be trained. These stack onto the regular WC requirement.

C-Rank: 500 Words
B-Rank: 1500 Words
A-Rank: 2500 Words
S-Rank: 3500 Words

Training for Summoning

E-Rank: 500 words
D-Rank: 1,000 words
C-Rank: 1500 words
B-Rank: 2000 words
A-Rank: 2500 words
S-Rank: 3000 words
SS-Rank: 4000 words

Stats ~

For every 100 words done through Word Count training, the Character will gain 1 stat point.  For each 25 stat interval, the wordcount required to gain stats will also increase by 25, and this includes any starting stats that your character may have.
0-25 Stats = 100 words each
26-50 Stats = 125 words each
51-75 Stats = 150 words each

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Re: Crisis: Training Rules!!

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Re: Crisis: Training Rules!!

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Re: Crisis: Training Rules!!

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