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Crisis: Summoning Rules

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Crisis: Summoning Rules

Post by NC. Webmaster on Tue Feb 23, 2016 2:00 am

-Summoning Rules-

Summons are beast that roam the world and reside in different parts of the world that are sometimes unable to be traveled to. Some summons Roam the world and need to be encountered to make a contract with. Gaining a summoning contract requires a 3,000 word topic, illustrating the Player making contact with their beast of choice and entering into a contract with them.

Each beast the player is able to summon must be trained individually, with the training costs being determined by the Rank of the beast.

E: 500 words
D: 1,000 words
C: 1,500 words
B: 2,000 words
A: 2,500 words
S: 3,000 words
SS: 3,500 words

When creating a summon their stats are determined by their rank

E Ranked: 10 points
D Ranked: 70 points
C Ranked: 140 points
B Ranked: 210 points
A Ranked: 280 points
S Ranked: 350 points
SS Ranked: 420 points

When you create a Summon you must also provide a list of jutsu that it is able to use, along with a list of the Special Characteristics it has access to (the amount of SC's a summon can have depend on its rank, SS-ranks get 4 SC's, A and S-ranks get 3, B and C-ranks get 2, D and E-ranks get 1)

Summoning is Simple: First you must make a blood tribute after that you need to use the handseals, Boar → Dog → Bird → Monkey → Ram followed by placing your palm upon the ground or similar surface. The Blood Tribute is most commonly given by biting ones thumb, but any of the summoners blood will suffice

- If two people possess the same summon, and one the other person that tries to summon while it is has already been summoned by the other user the summoning jutsu will fail, as the summon is already being used.If a Player wishes to able to use a summon already in a contract with another Player, they require that Player’s OOC permission. Any number of Players may summon beasts of the same species.

Ninja can summon multiple beast at a time but only by having large amounts of chakra to summon them with. Ninja need a certain amount of chakra to bring out certain Summons.

E: 10
D: 25
C: 35
B: 50
A: 65
S: 100
SS: 140

- Ninja of Chunin Rank and Lower can only have One contract signed, Ninja's Of Jounin and Higher can have two but must claim one as their main. Sage Mode is a Mode learned through training with summons so that a person can only have 1 Sage Mode, and their main Contract is the only one they can get sage mode from.

- Each Summoning Race has a Contract keeper, it is small and does not fight. It can not be summoned in Combat topics and Holds the Scroll where all sign. It must be registered as well.

- Passives:

Most Passives would involve things such as Flight, Burrowing through land, speech and other such things. Add these in the application as you register your Summons.

Sage Mode Rules

Only if you are in possession of a summoning contract which has five or more summons, and you have visited the realm of the summons and trained with them.

In order to learn Sage Mode you must:

- Use Summons in training or Fights 5 or more times (Must be over 1000 words and be approved by staff)
- Train in the Summons Realm 8 or more times. (Must be over 600 words and Must be Approved)
- Train with the Summon Elder/Strongest Summon (Must be over 1,500 words and approved by staff)

Those who start with Sage mode due to the limited list will start with Mastered Sage Mode, and will also start with their summoning contract (without the need to train for it, or finding the land). You can start with 3 summons of any rank, but only one of them can be SS-rank.

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