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Crisis: Puppetry Rules

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Crisis: Puppetry Rules

Post by NC. Webmaster on Tue Feb 23, 2016 1:58 am


Puppets are a form of long-ranged weaponry in which a person manipulates a (usually) humanoid puppet.  These puppets tend to have a lot of weapons and modifications built-in, and Puppet Masters tend to coat these weapons in poison.

A player with Puppetry as a Dominant or Secondary Spec can trade in a Jutsu token for a puppet of equal or lower Rank.

E rank: Can Not Start with Puppets.
D Rank: Can Start with 4 Puppets, 2 can be C Rank
C Rank: Can Start with 6 Puppets, 3 can be B rank
B Rank: Can Start with 8 Puppets, 4 can be A rank
A Rank: Can start with 12 Puppets, 2 can be S rank
S Rank: Can Start with 14 Puppets, 3 can be S rank

A puppet's total stat allotment, the number of fingers needed to control it, and the cost to purchase the main, un-upgraded body of the puppet is based off of its Rank.

E: 4 stat points | 1 finger | 1,500 Ryo
D: 35 stat points | 1 finger | 2,000 Ryo
C: 70 stat points | 1 finger | 2,500 Ryo
B: 105 stat points | 2 fingers | 3,000 Ryo
A: 140 stat points | 3 fingers | 3,500 Ryo
S: 175 stat points | 4 fingers | 4,000 Ryo

Puppets stats can be increased by spending Ryo.

0-100 = 100 Ryo to gain +1 Stat Point
101-200 = 200 Ryo to gain +1 Stat Point
201-300 = 300 Ryo to gain +1 Stat Point
301-400 = 400 Ryo to gain +1 Stat Point
401-500 = 500 Ryo to gain +1 Stat Point

When creating a puppet, it’s Rank will determine the number of Items and Mechanisms it may possess. Some more complex contraptions within the puppet take up multiple slots. Custom weapons and Mechanisms may be created for these puppets, but will be subject to the same restrictions as other Weapon creation, and/or Special Characteristic creation.

D Rank: 4 Slots, No Elemental or Chakra Enhanced Weapons
C Rank: 6 Slots
B Rank: 8 Slots
A Rank: 10 Slots
S Rank: 12 Slots

View a list of Stock Weapons and Mechanisms: LINK

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