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Crisis: Gear Rules

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Crisis: Gear Rules

Post by NC. Webmaster on Tue Feb 23, 2016 1:55 am


At Crisis, we refer to all forms of combat equipment a player character uses as Gear. This encompases weapons, armour, trinkets, talismans, rings, consumable items such as food, potions, scrolls, and much more. All will work similarly with a few key differences:

Weaponry: Swords, spears, bows, kunai, shuriken - the sky's the limit! They are tools for inflicting pain. Killing your enemies, protecting your friends, whatever the case may be.

Armour: The stuff you wear or hold that keeps you from dying! Made of all kinds of materials, in all sorts of shapes and styles. It protects your body from harm.

Accessories: Small, unassuming objects typically infused with power! A pendant that allows you to see in the dark, a ring that turns you invisible, a gem that fills you with strength.

Consumables: Potions and their ilk - things you consume to gain mostly temporary effects. A scroll of healing, a pill that makes you grow to twice your size, a potion that restores your chakra.

At any given time, a player may only receive the benefit from THREE total items. A weapon, a piece of armour and an acessory; or two weapons and a piece of armour; three accessories, etc. This is to prevent absurd levels of buff stacking, and being covered in layer upon layer upon layer of armour! What shape these take is up to you, the player, be it a full suit of plate mail, or a nice wide-brimmed hat - you can only gain the benefits of three separate items. Consumables do not count toward this total.

Each piece of gear is given a letter rank, similar to all other abilities within the system. Rank determines the number of Property Slots a piece of gear has - how strong that item can be.

E-Rank | 0 slots | 100+ Ryo
D-Rank | 1 D-Rank slot | 1000 Ryo
C-Rank | 1 C-Rank slot, 1 D-Rank slot | 2000 Ryo
B-Rank | 1 B-Rank slot, 2 C-Rank slots | 3000 Ryo
A-Rank | 1 A-Rank slot, 3 B-Rank slots | 4000 Ryo
S-Rank | 1 S-Rank slot, 4 A-Rank slots | 5000 Ryo


If you possess a piece of gear with an Ability Slot, you may purchase a Property for it on your Character Update page. The cost of each Rank of Property is set, but some Properties will require additional costs listed on their profile.

D-Rank: 500 Ryo
C-Rank: 1000 Ryo
B-Rank: 1500 Ryo
A-Rank: 2000 Ryo
S-Rank: 2500 Ryo

View a list of Stock Item Properties: LINK

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