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Crisis: Stat Rules!!

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Crisis: Stat Rules!!

Post by NC. Webmaster on Tue Feb 23, 2016 1:43 am


Strength- Physical Might. This will determine how strong a person is. That incudes lift, damage of physical strikes, and what they can stand without being knocked back or knocked off their feet.

Speed- Movement. This is how fast a person can move on their feet and react to certain events. During battles there will be attacks that move faster than your character, but that does not mean you can not see it coming, but it could mean you are not able to dodge it.

Endurance- Physical resistance. This is the health stat of Naruto Crisis. It works differently then others where people can be frail, take a chidori to the face, and magically survive. This is the body's ability to take damage itself. So, the higher this stat, the less damage they take from attacks.

Chakra- Your prowess with ninja techniques. It is used to determine the power and speed of all chakra-based jutsu.

Characters start with the following total stat points to distribute:

E-Rank: 10 points
D-Rank: 70 points
C-Rank: 140 points
B-Rank: 210 points
A-Rank: 280 points
S-Rank: 350 points
SS-Rank: 420 points


Any Generic character, Those without clans, will gain a 20 point passive boost to use when doing their stats. This is to give them a slight edge against those with clans. Such as if you start with 280 you get 300

Different Clans will be allowed different passive boosts which should be added to the Clan app.

Stat point Gaining:
There are two ways to gain stats in the ninja world. The first and most used way is through word count. The other way is through the Experience route in which different Character Development Topics, Event Topics, and Mission Topics give you Exp Points to spend on Stats, Specialties, Jutsu, or Items.

-Exp Stat Gain-

During certain Character Development Topics a character Gains Experience from the approval of a staff member. Missions and Events are guaranteed to give a character experience, and different Topics such as, Team Training, Wars, Fighting a kage, and such can allow someone to gain Experience.

-WC Stat Gain-  

For every 100 words done through Word Count training, the Character will gain 1 stat point. All Word Count topics must specify which area is being trained.  After gaining 25 points, the word count will increase each time. This means that if you have already trained has 25 stats already the next one will cost 125 words instead of 100. Note that this includes starting stats, so while academy students could train their first 13 non-starting stats for 100 words each, S rank shinobi would require 350 per stat gained, until they hit 275, at which point it increases by 25 again.
First 25 Stats = 100 words each
Second 25 = 125 words each
Third 25 = 150 words each

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