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Garnet Rose, Bane of the Yakuza (Solo Mission, WIP)

Garnet Rose

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Garnet Rose, Bane of the Yakuza (Solo Mission, WIP)

Post by Garnet Rose on Mon Feb 22, 2016 8:33 pm

Name: Fight! Fight! Fight!
Rank: C-Rank
Location: Public Area
Requirements: Chuunin or Genin who can take C-Rank missions.
Reward: 600 Ryo and 600 EXP
Description: You are in a public place such as a store or a bar and a fight breaks out between two civilians. You must break the fight up. The person in charge of the place you are in will award you Ryo.
Redoable?: Yes

       Today seemed to be simply another boring day for one Garnet Rose, who was currently meandering through the chilly streets of Hyozangakure at a leisurely pace completely unsure as to what exactly he should be doing with his time right now. As he had already completed his self set quota of missions for the day he was letting himself off the hook for a good couple of hours, perhaps do some browsing at the shops nearby the marketplace and see if there was anything that perhaps he might consider buying at a later date. Admittedly it was in the end going to be an utter waste of time due to the fact that almost all of his reward money from missions was going to what he now was calling the Mytenaster Fund, which thankfully was now beginning to take form down in his family run forge back at home. While it was still admittedly nothing more than many small pieces of metal at the moment he hoped that soon he'd run into enough spare cash so that he could finish the incredibly complicated hilt so that he could start working on the blade of the weapon itself, which was going to be rather important if it was going to conduct the special surprises he had in store for the weapon well. Bah, it was so hard to come into the money for the materials though! He knew that he wasn't going to come into that kind of boost in his wallet for a while now so it made each and every second towards it a sort of agonizing tease as he knew that in the end it was going to be a very long time until he could actually hold it in his hands and say that yes, Garnet Rose actually has a real weapon. Shaking himself out of his thoughts Garnet suddenly realized that he was at the market which was rather far from where he had been walking which meant that quite a while had passed, before also realizing that something was a bit wrong. While it was normal for these streets to be crowded, today they were compact beyond belief. It was almost as if they were waiting for something in a sense. His curiosity piqued, Garnet began to timidly nudge through openings in the crowd to gain a glimpse of the big spectacle.


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