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Ball of Wound-Mending Fur

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Ball of Wound-Mending Fur

Post by Lady Anri on Mon Feb 22, 2016 3:54 pm

Name ;; Ball of Wound-Mending Fur
Rank ;; S
Type ;; Medical Ninjutsu
Element ;; Elementless
Range ;; Touch
Power ;; 5
Speed ;; 5
Cool Down;; None, requires constant emission of the chakra used to heal. No other techniques can be used with this, however.
Description ;; The user, typically a summon, curls into a ball around their summoner, or a specified area of the summoner's frame. Once doing so, the user emits a massive amount of regenerative chakra from their frame, repairing any part of the target's body that comes in contact with them at an extremely quick rate. In the case of an abnormally large user, this technique is most effective because the target can have their entire body healed. The user cannot move while this is being used, nor can the target.

Healing Speeds:
1 Posts - Minor/Major Cuts, Burns, Stab wounds,  Fractured bones, Torn ligaments, And wounds with an entry and exit,
2 Posts - Broken Bones and partially(or fully) severed body parts
3 Posts - Saving a patient from brink of death
Requirements ;; Mystical Palm Technique, Fox Summon

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Re: Ball of Wound-Mending Fur

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