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Jutsu Rules and Template

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Jutsu Rules and Template

Post by NC. Webmaster on Tue Jun 18, 2013 8:29 pm

-Approving Jutsu-
Staff, be sure to quote the jutsu you approve in your approval post. This helps make sure no one edits their techniques without permission. Further, remember to move all CANON jutsu to the canon jutsu archives.

-Making Jutsu-
When making canon jutsu, please put all canon jutsu into separate topics with their names as the title and a marker with [Canon] to the side. Thank you.

Each Jutsu needs to be balanced well and have drawbacks. Such as Buffs and the Debuffs afterwards.

Here is a list of how many points each rank can have.
E - 2
D - 3
C - 4
B - 6
A - 8
S - 10
SS - 5, with either speed or power being unrankable.
X - Both speed and power being unrankable.

-Buffs are things that increase a stat or something different when the user uses the jutsu. The duration a buff may last is determined by its Speed stat:

Speed 1: 1 Post
Speed 2: 2 Posts
Speed 3: 3 Posts
Speed 4: 4 Posts
Speed 5: 5 Posts

The total amount an ability can increase a stat or stats is determined by its Power. This may be added to a single stat, or divided among multiple:

Power 1: +20
Power 2: +40
Power 3: +60
Power 4: +80
Power 5: +100

In order to Buff one’s stats, the user must concentrate to maintain the effect. A Character may only concentrate, in this way, on a single effect at any given time. It is possible for a player to Buff another player in this way, potentially allowing buffs from multiple players to stack. This is to promote strategy and teamwork within combat among player characters.

-Debuffs are things that lower a stat after a buff has been applied. Sometimes they are used as jutsu to lower someone elses stats during a fight. Debuffs are treated the same way as Buffs, except they decrease a stat rather than increase it. A Character may only concentrate on a single Debuff at any given time, but may do so in addition to concentrating on a Buff as well.

All Jutsu with Buffs that increase the power of the User need to have Debuffs to be applied when the jutsu is over. This is to ensure balance.

Jutsu are governed by someones Chakra. Speed and Power are based on a percentage of the users current Chakra stat. Any Buffs that increase this stat will increase the jutsu Speed and Power as well.

-Taijutsu are Governed by Strength - Power, and Speed - Speed. When making a Taijutsu the two stats change to match the users stats in percentages. 1- 20%, 2-40%, 3-60%, 4-80%, 5-100%

-Other Jutsu that have no need for Speed or Power will still need the points in it for use.

-Training Jutu-
When a jutsu is made its wordcount is already set in the training rules. If someone wants a jutsu that has multiple ranks then that is also in the training rules. Certain Jutsu can have a Mastering Level which must Be over 1000 words if it is B rank and lower, or 2000 words if it is A and up.

-Genjutsu Note-
Genjutsu does not run off a Speed, but rather has a Grip in its place.

-Jutsu Template-

• name ;; [a realistic name, or one that describes how the Jutsu looks or what it can do.]
• rank ;; [A rank that matches the jutsu]
• type ;; [ninjutsu, genjutsu, etc.]
• element ;; [if any.]
• range ;; [how far it reaches.]
• power ;; [1-5]
• speed (Grip if a Genjutsu) ;; [1-5]
• cool down;; [how long You have to Wait before using again.]
• description ;; [What it does. How it can be used. Any preparations.]

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Re: Jutsu Rules and Template

Post by NC. Webmaster on Tue Jun 18, 2013 8:29 pm


• [color=teal]Name ;;[/color] [a realistic name, please]
• [color=teal]Rank ;;[/color] [mind your rank.]
• [color=teal]Type ;;[/color] [ninjutsu, genjutsu, etc.]
• [color=teal]Element ;;[/color] [if any.]
• [color=teal]Range ;;[/color] [how far, or whatever..]
• [color=teal]Power ;;[/color] [1-5]
• [color=teal]Speed ;;[/color] [1-5]
• [color=teal]Cool Down;;[/color] [be careful with this.]
• [color=teal]Description ;;[/color] [.. i swear, details are important.]
• [color=teal]Requirements ;;[/color] [... what exactly do you need to learn

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