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Time Skip Rules

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Time Skip Rules

Post by .Shinigai Kaguya on Sat Feb 20, 2016 2:03 am

-Rules of the Time Skip-

The Time skip will be an event done every 2 to 3 months. In these Events Time will skip forward a certain amount of time and all Ninja will age that certain amount of time. There will be some rules to go by for Each Ninja to follow.

1. All Mods are expected to read all Skips word for word before approving.

2. If any Ninja who is not the Ninja making the Skip is added in the skip, the other ninja must give them permission first.

3. No one can die in their time skip, nor can they kill someone in their time skip.

4. No gaining Hearts, KKG.

5. Traveling to different villages is allowed.

6. Ninja can Do up to 10 Missions in their Skip, These missions must align with their rank and what missions they can do at that rank.

7. you can gain 1,000 EXP for every 1,500 word count but you will not be able to exceed 5,000 EXP. No other exp rewards may by claimed for this thread.

8. Your character can also rank up during the time skip but each come with a different word count.

1K: Rank up to Genin
2k: Rank up to Chuunin
3k: Rank up to Sp.Jounin
4k: Rank up to Jounin

Note: Can not rank up past Jounin during time skip and can only increase by a single rank (i.e Chunin --> Sp. Jonin)

9. You can also learn any jutsu, specs, and elements as you want during the time skip. However they will still cost the same WC as usual. You also do not gain EXP while training them during the time skip.

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