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A Matter of Trust (Training, Dinoland, P)


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A Matter of Trust (Training, Dinoland, P)

Post by Saya on Fri Feb 19, 2016 11:26 pm

Training Topic for Gift of the Eight Tails

She had been permitted to sleep, and true to his word the great Kusamaru did not eat her.  Instead he watched over her while she slept and ensured no harm came to her.  Why he'd go out of his way to help her was a question she never bothered to ask aloud.  All that mattered was that she was recovering.  In her sleep her mind was lit with vivid dreams, visions of thunder and lightning and rain washing through her unconscious mind while she was at rest.  Perhaps it was the herbs in the dressings on her many wounds, or just the fact that she needed Thunderbird was insistent on claiming her time, but he was there with her, and his voice was as clear as ever.

You are a strong child, Saya, I never imagined I would succumb to panic as I did.  I feel ashamed for how I reacted, while you remained very confident in the presence of obvious danger.  You have my apologies.

You do not need to apologize to me, Great Thunderbird.  It was a difficult time, I too thought my death was quick approaching as well.  I would just rather die fighting it, then give up.

I could feel the panic in your heart, Saya, and yet you never buckled under the great pressure of imminent demise.  You remained confident, calm and perfectly in control of your emotions the entire time.  You were desperate, and yet you did not allow that to affect you.  Saya..  I am forced to admit this, but you impressed me.  You opened my eyes to a truth I do not believe I had noticed before.

Saya remained quiet for a moment, more used to confidence in the pitch of battle than heart felt compliments being levied towards her.

Saya, I am very proud of you.  Your will has become even stronger than I imagined, I feel as though I have not given you enough credit now.  You have grown.  You are still so young, and yet you have within you a will to survive..  not even that.  It is difficult for me to put it in words..

Great Thunderbird.. Saya inturrupts, her voice faultering slightly.  She was prepared for most things, but compliments from the Bijuu was something she'd never prepared herself for.  For far too long, for as long as she could remember, her life had been one long test, an attempt to prove to the Thunderbird that she was more than he thought.  That just being a human was no flaw, but that she held courage, will, and honor.  You don't have too say anything.  Just..  let it be.

No, Saya, this is something that I must say.  You are amazing.  I've been bound within the souls of many before, but none of them have ever impressed me.  You, even though you are still young, have shown to me a side of humanity I never dreamed existed.  I have seen great evil, and I have seen the power that comes with embracing death, with bowing to the darker impulses.  I've seen how they make it easier for humanity to simply push on, to serve themselves over all others, and devote their lives to the indulgence of their own will.  This dishonorable path holds only illusory power, the power to ignore one's own heart.  

But you, Saya.  You are different.  You are better than them, better than most.  Your heart is pure.  Your soul is pure.  I thought for a very long time that your virtue was a flaw, something that would hold you back.  I am now forced to think otherwise.  Your honor is impeccable, and that is your finest strength.

You have always said so.  You have always made Honor the most important thing in my life.

Yes, but you did not have to listen to me.  I am bound within you.  This seal I am within allows you to use my power whether I approve or not.

But..  How could I ever do so?  You.. you have been the only friend I ever had.  You have..  been the only family I've known.  You are all I have.. how could I ever do such a thing to you?  Even in her mind Saya's voice came out soft, and sad.  There was truth behind her words, a life time spent in forces isolation, followed by willful isolation.

There was a moment of silence between them as Thunderbird absorbed what the girl had just said.  Never before had a human ever said such things, never before had one of his Jinchuriki showed such appreciation or devotion to his teachings.

It may sound strange.  .. or it may just sound sad.  You have always been a father too me.  Strong, filled with guidance, and always protecting me.  Even when I would not speak to you, I could still hear your voice in my heart.

Saya..  I know the feeling.  Perhaps it is because I have been within you since before you could even speak.. but I have long thought of you as one of my own children.  I wanted you to grow up strong, and proud.  To be one of this worlds finest shinobi, but I never expected it to happen when you were so young.  I wonder now if you have already out grown the need for my guidance.  The voice of thunder still rumbled with power inside her mind and inside her heart.  The thunder sounded distant, quiet, as though a storm brewed on the horizon, but the emotions inside of her had already manifested as a storm in her heart.

She was not used to such praise, not from humans and not from the great bijuu.  The last time she remembered feeling quite so emotionally vulnerable was right before she left Jokigakure.  Joki no sato seemed a distant memory already, and she had only been gone for a week.  The memory of her departure was still fresh in her mind, the death of her former comrade wreaking such havok on her emotions.  Just like now, it was another first in her life, the first time anyone had shown her more than superficial kindness.  Stein, the great Kage of the Land of Steam, had shown her actual care.  She couldn't call it love, there was none who loved her in any of the worlds, but he showed her a tender side that, in that moment, she desperately needed.  It had soothed the sharp pain in her chest even before she left.

Since her departure she had seen much of the world, even if only from the sky.  Joki no Sato was a beautiful land, the steam from the geysers feeding bubbling mud pots and blanketing thick forests of ancient trees.  She'd slowed some as she crossed over the great lake of colors, a prism of endless complexity seeming to ripple with countless rainbows across its surface.  It was beautiful, something she had never expected to see, and something she had yet to match.  Her path had only taken her north, and though she flew far, she did not fly wide.  

Her path had shown her everything from great mountains of stone and snow to endless forests of the thickest blankets of green she had ever seen.  Towns and villages, even cities of enormous size passed below her as she made her way through the clouds, but she never stopped to visit one of them.  How different could people be, she wondered, though her curiosity never overcame her natural caution while exploring so far from home.  Not until she came across the endless white waste of snow and wind.  It was a nightmare beyond imagining.  It hadn't snowed in her short life time, at least not so far south as the Land of Steam.  Though the travels she had taken had helped to distract her mind, they had not healed her heart as quickly as she wished.

I never had parents.  For me, you were it.  You were the voice of guidance, you raised me, you trained me and taught me.  It has always been the Great Thunderbird by which I have judged every step of my life.

Don't be foolish, Saya, you had parents.  Everyone had parents.

But I did not know mine.

I knew your parents, Saya, replied the great bijuu, and then let a moment of silence linger after his words.  It was not something he had ever had the intention of speaking about, but the words were true.  After a few moments he continues, adding only another sentence.  I did not know them well, but I remember them.

The words struck Saya in such a deep and profound way.  She had, for all her life, thought that it would be meaningless to know anything at all.  They were gone, they had been gone, and she had no memory at all of them.  She might have been able to resist asking, but with information now within her reach, what regrets may manifest if she did not seize that opportunity?  

Her voice came weakly after long moments of silence between them, a tension like a taught rope, which only snapped when she finally spoke.  With words spoken through her heart, the emotion that filled them was impressive, a wash of deep sadness paired along side unending hope and wonder.  In truth, she did not even know her parents names.  She did not know their faces, their voices, or the softness of their touch.  All she ever had known was solitude, but that solitude made her what she was.

Will you tell me about them?


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Re: A Matter of Trust (Training, Dinoland, P)

Post by Saya on Sat Feb 20, 2016 1:24 am

The clouds had been gathering for some time above the prone figure of Saya.  She had been unconscious for hours, the sun setting once and rising again in this strange world.  Above soared odd featherless birds with massive heads and leathery wings.  Plant eating monsters larger than the appartment building she had lived her life roamed from tree to tree, stripping the upper branches from their most tender of leaves.  Smaller animals existed too, but it seemed in the presence of Kusamaru, none dared to approach and inspect the bit of meat he loomed ever over.  

He was watching as Saya had her inner dialog, watching her toss fitfully through out the night as fever was averted only by the ancient medicine of the Open Sky tribe.  She had no idea what that meant yet, but eventually the answers would come to her.  For now there were more pressing questions to be answered, more important details about her own life of which she was still ignorant.  She had to know, she needed to know, for the first time in her life the question of her parents seemed more important than it ever had.  It was a question she had asked herself many times, and those around her as she was growing, but none ever seemed to have any information about them.  And now here, the bijuu that had been sealed within her heart, finally hinted that he could tell her more.

It is hard to say, Saya.  Your parents..  They were both very strong.  I knew them only briefly, in the short time after they bound me within your heart.  I believe they both perished in battle against powerful enemies of your home land, only a short time after you were born.

Do you know their names?  Do you know what they looked like?  Do I look like them? Saya asks, her inner voice a rushed fluster of emotions and pent up anxiety.  

You do.  Your face is that of your mother, like the reflection in a mirror.  The rest of you however looks like your father.  Your hair and your eyes, your courage and your will must both come from them.

How did you know them?”
The question came with a cautious voice, unsure if she wanted these answers.

The great bird does something he rarely does, his thunder peeling louder for a moment as he laughs.  It is a strange noise, a strange thing to hear, amusement from such a noble, stoic, and otherwise humorless creature.  Saya had heard him laugh only a handful of times in her life, and each time it was just evidence that he found whatever ideas she'd put forth to be so bad they were laughable.  This time, however, the sound was different.  He was amused, but not at Saya's expense.  This time, he was laughing at himself.

The first time I met the two, I was bringing storms to the Land of Steam.  I exist within you now, because it was their will to do so.  I prefer to fly free, unfettered and untrammeled by the mystic seals that bind my essence.  They desired my power, but not for themselves.  It was their intent that I was bound within you, their child.

There was a pause in the conversation before the Thunderbird continued, his voice booming louder, as though the storm were all around her.  She could feel the immense power in his voice, the raw chakra bound within him, within her seal, pulsing in her heart.

As you know, they succeeded.  Your father was a powerful shinobi, one of the most powerful I have ever come across.  He alone did battle with me, while your mother protected you.  Seeing you fight reminds me much of your father, because you both have the same hair of brilliant white.  His was longer, and when he moved it would flash through the night.  You also share his element of earth, though his was much, much more powerful.  He created barriers that even I had difficulty in breaking, and made use of clones to increase the angles he could attack from.  Has I only stayed high in the sky, we never would have met.  Vanity is a flaw of mine, I must admit.

He defeated you in combat?  I..  I can not imagine, she whispered, her inner voice a reflection of her mind, filled with wonder.  

Not alone.. but he did a majority of the work.  He was a brilliant fighter, I see a lot of him in you.  He was patient, and careful.  Over and over he lured be lower with his clones, most of his attacks doing nothing but glancing off my strong feathers.  Then he would spring a trap and surprise me with the power he possessed.  All the while, your mother simply protected you with her chains.

Her chains?

Yes.  She had great chains made of her chakra.  Your mother's chakra was very powerful.  More powerful than yours, more powerful than your fathers, more powerful, even, than my own.

If her eyes could go wide, they would have.  She is stunned into silence for a moment, then manages a few meek words.  Tell me about my mother.

There is not much I can tell you.  She was the one who, in the end, captured me with her chains and drew me into the great seal on your back.  It was your father, however, who weakened me.  His final blow was with a weapon, a hammer larger even than he was.  Even I could not lift its great weight.  In the end, he pinned me down with it, and your mother did the rest.  I know they did this, and I know why.

Your parents both loved you very much.  I could see how they protected you, how they did all they were doing only to give you the advantages you would need in your life to survive.  At the time, I hated both of them for it.  Each time they came to see you, to feed you or bathe you, I would shake in this cursed cooking pot they placed me in.  But it was of no use.  Even to this day I can not so much as move the lid atop it.  The seal they used is simply too strong.

Even in her sleep, tears begin to well beneath her closed eyes.  The odd creature, Kusamaru, watches the girl with a strange expression on his reptilian eyes.  Perhaps, he thought, it was simply the pain from all the wounds she received that caused her tears to shed even in her sleep, but he was not company to the conversation stirring her heart.  He was still an outsider, unknown to Thunderbird, and unknown to Saya.

The story trails off for a moment, before the Eight Tails speaks again.  I am sorry, Saya, there is not more that I can tell you.  I knew them only for how they cared for you.. and for how they defeated me.  You were still very young when the officers of Jokigakure moved you from your home, and into the hospital, and then into the orphanage.  I do not know the details of where they went, but I can not imagine that anything but death would have kept them from returning to you.

There is another lull in their conversation as Saya's heart and mind both battle to absorb this new information.  For a moment she questions the purpose of her questions, and why she sought out these answers.  Though they swelled her heart with joy, they also broke it once more.  She felt as if for only a moment she had known them, as if they had been a part of her life all along, but then the slow realization of her endless solitude once more set in.  Sadness washed over herself.

No, Saya.  Do not feel sad.  You should feel pride in your heart.  There is something you must understand, and you must hold it in your heart as tightly as you are able.  You parents loved you.  Your parents were powerful shinobi, and you are following in their footsteps.  You, like them, are growing to be very strong, very willful, and above all, kind hearted and noble.  You are a creature of perfect honor.. and because of this, we can not mourn the long dead.  All we are able to do is keep their honor alive, by holding it in our hearts as the greatest treasure they passed along to us.  It is their legacy.  You… are their legacy.  You are the manifestation of their desires, all of their joy, and their hope for the future.  So long as you live, Saya, your parents spirit will live on inside of you.  I am evidence of that.  They put me here..  They put me here, so that with my power, you could become stronger even than they were.

But, they were able to defeat a bijuu. She murmurs with words filled with pain.

Saya..  You are still young.  You are but a child… but you too have defeated me.  Your will, and your honor is well beyond your years.  I showed fear, even if only for a moment.  In that moment, you surpassed me.  You showed me what true courage is, what it means to live and die with honor.  I never imagined anyone could impress me more than your father, show more courage than a man who would face down the fury, the strength, and endless might of the storm itself.  But you have.

I never noticed, but through out your life you have done this.  When you were younger still, you showed the ability to ignore even insults directed at your heart, from within your heart.  You ignored my insults, you corrected me when I was wrong about you, and you, like no other, showed me what it means to actually live with honor.  You were willing to perish, to throw your own life away in the name of keeping your honor in tact, while I struck out with overbearing rage at the prospect of losing a fight.  When you grew older, you showed me what remorse was, when you caused the death of a comrade.  You honored his loss as no other did, by taking his pain and making it your own.  I saw it as weakness then..  I saw your tears as weakness.  I felt the way your heart broke when it happened, and how it continues to break even now when you think of it.

The bijuu's voice grows louder now, lacking the softer edge it had been holding as it addressed Saya.  Instead it boomed loud once more, tearing through her heart and mind like thunder and lightning tore the sky.

Know this, Saya, and no it well.  There are none like you, and for the first time in the eternity of my existence, I am proud to be bound within something to tiny as a human.  My gifts are already yours, but now you will have me fully.  Know that always there will be eyes upon you, watching you grow from within, and watching as you come into age as the finest soldier this world has ever known.  Even if there are those who are stronger, even if you find those whose low tricks are able to fool you, bypass your honor, and strike you down, I will be proud for every moment I have spent bound within your heart.  You, like no other, will hold the eternal respect of the great Thunderbird, and I will always do all I can to keep you safe.  I will guide you.. and as I do, I will also learn from you.  For the rest of your life, I will be your student, and you will show me what it means to live with honor.


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