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Ninjutsu Scholar || 忍術学者

Hyuuga Hitomi

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Ninjutsu Scholar || 忍術学者

Post by Hyuuga Hitomi on Fri Feb 19, 2016 12:42 am

Name: Ninjutsu Scholar || 忍術学者
Rank: S
Type: Chakra
Requirements: Ninjutsu as a dominant speciality, Bearer knows 100 or more jutsu of D-Rank and up, at least 10 of which are S-Rank or higher, User possesses at least 4 of the 5 basic elements and at least 1 Advanced Release. 3000 WC to train
Description: The user has devoted their life to the study and pursuit of Ninjutsu, possessing more jutsu than most shinobi ever hope to learn, and an unrivaled depth of understanding of the body’s chakra systems. They are able to create, modify, understand and perform Ninjutsu with extreme ease and are often considered an expert in the field of Ninjutsu research. As such, the bearer gains +80 Chakra, and a 50% discount on all Wordcount or Exp used to gain a new Ninjutsu.

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Re: Ninjutsu Scholar || 忍術学者

Post by Esha on Mon Mar 07, 2016 11:59 pm

I feel like this is a great SC, however I would like to see SS and X exempted from the reduction in xp and wc costs.

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