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Chronus DONE

Post by Chronus on Thu Feb 18, 2016 11:27 pm

• Name:  Shyburn, Chronus aka Chronus Shyburn
• Nickname / Alias: N/A
• Title: Illusionist Musician
• Age: 15
• Gender: Male
• Sexuality:

• Height: 5 ft, 7 in
• Weight: 140
• Body type: Fluffy
• Eye colour: Orange
• Hair colour & style:Red, shoulder length no style
• General Appearance:
Chronus have red hair that reaches his shoulder with a few framing his eyes. His skin is a healthy tan, but it is marked with yellow markings on both his hands. Due to a low metabolism, he has some "fluff" on his body. His upper body is cover be a black tank top underneath a red jacket. Black pants that end above red boots are the only things covering his lower body
• Markings: Greek letter Omega on both hands

• Persona: Chronus is a cheerful person most of the time, and is often seen playing games with his fellow orphans or playing his song and music. He cherishes his friendships and will do anything for them, all in reason of course. Even though he is cheerful, he is very realistic, knowing that he is living in a world of shadow killers and protectors. It is this reason alone, he joins the academy, he rather live in the real than the fake.

Due to his realistic nature, Chronus knows that he could never be a good user for tai and without a clan to back him up, he wouldn't have a chance to learn Ninjutsu. Yet he is imaginative and skill in many instruments, perfect for a budding sound-base genjutsu master. His music has become his way of survival, yet because it's his way of survival, it brought a hated to all try to pass off random sound as music. He takes pride in learning new thing and creating new scales.
• Motto: If killing it with fire doesn't work, add gasoline.

• Likes:
Hanging out w/ Friends
Training new Skills
Making new scales to play

• Dislikes:
The Cold
Wasted Time
Out of Order Noises
Be Pressure

• Special Characteristics:

• Rank: Genin
• Elements:Fire
• Specialty: Genjutsu
• Clan: Clanless
• Bijuu: No

Stats: 68 base; +20 Clanless bouns
• Strength: 20
• Speed: 21
• Durability: 23
• Chakra: 24

• Village: Lava
• Parents:
Alexander Shyburn, Father, Alive -Jail-
Elizabeth Shyburn, Mother, Dead
• Siblings: N/A
• Mentor & Idols: None
• History: Chronus was born to a group of traveling Musicians. He grows up traveling to village to village, land to land, never really making true friends as he couldn't stay more than a week. As he grows older he was given practice on multi instruments, never giving up until he was able to play one song for it. By the age of seven, he was able to play three instruments and was able to play with his parents.

Then some trouble started to happen, a rival troop was trying to steal their customers. At first it wasn't bad, as they were playing in different villages, but then they started to grow in fame. It was like that until one day they were attacked on the way to the next town. It was lucky that they hired Lava ninja as protected, but not until most of them was killed.

The ninja guards then guide them to the nearest village, which so happen to be their home. They quickly disband the rest of the troop and the ninja hail down Chronus Father for the payment of the mission. Alexander, sicken with grief from his wile passing attacks them in the guts of asking for the payment, as in his mind they fail their mission. He was arrested and Chronus left an orphan, who then had to join the Academy and later become a ninja to get by.

• Roleplay Sample: [For ranks from jounin and up, you must make an rp sample that shows you are worthy of this high spot. Genin and chuunin and judged by the way their app is put together]

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Re: Chronus DONE

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