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Zod awoke within the bedroom without the  smell of soggy wood mixed with the ancient savor that an underground haunted house might be expected to have. Around him, the walls and floors appeared to have been purified somehow, as though the wood were remade or reinforced. If he did not know any better, he would think that someone had come into his room and changed out the walls themselves. It was Qigon, his life-giving chakra, that had revitalized the walls once it spread to every inch of them. He arose from his seated position, feeling refreshed by the deepness of thought that he was no awakening from. He and Qigon had spoken at length at the end of his small journey through the various corridors of his mind, and he had come to a remembrance of his focus and what he was on this world to do. It was almost as though it was a rehearsal of the plan more than anything, and a reminders as to why it was necessary.

All that being said, the Aesirian arose and began to call Qigon into form within the room, from there, they would speak of their plan.

"I shall find the Children of the Grail indeed... Firstly, I must complete the Aeriopax Quintessance," Zod said to the glowing man.

"Find the Branch first, for he is the key. In him is the completion of the Aeriopax, and from there you will have remade and reconstructed your holy DNA. From whence, you shall find the others through him."

Zod nodded his head, pondering what Qigon spoke. It was quite the amazement to him that Meleldil had managed to figure out a way to literally break his DNA. Such that a fragment of it had now been spread out among the human race. He knew that this could be found within the Branch, who would be the leader of the Children of the Grail, but he still found it quite insulting that he should have to hunt for his birthright. Nevertheless, he was prepared to do whatever he found necessary. He would first hunt down the one that would be known as the "Branch", from whom all others would be united. The light of the world, as he would be someday called. Zod realized that in order to accomplish this, he would first need a lair. A place to call his own that he could keep all of the Children of the Grail as well as anything private he needed, and without human interference. This, in his mind, would be quite easy, particularly considering that he was in the least populated and least known about region of the world. He decided quite quickly in that moment that a fortress would be necessary. One of.. solitude. There, he would build the beginnings of what would one day be a new world.

Having his plan quite focused, he looked to Qigon once more, with a different glance in his eyes this time as they both knew simulataneously that this operation would need to be completed quickly. In addition, he had thoughts of what would be known as the Human Sovereign. The Branch would be the Earthly, but he would need the other two positions to be filled if he was to complete his matrix. It was not entirely necessary to have all the Children of the Grail at once, nor the three fabled sovereigns whose bloodlines woul be the leading ones in his kingdom - but it sure would help. He knew he needed to find the Branch, but what of the other two? They would be quite necessary as well...
His mind had become to refreshed that it was almost back up to its normal functioning speed and rather than speak any furhter on the matter, he was ready to act. He quickly took to the door and began to head to the bottom of the house where he would be checking out. It was the last place he would every stay the night in where he did not build it with his bare hands...

Quickly moving past the villagers to a place beyond the borders of the inner-earth town, he found a cave into which he walked, understanding it to be what one could consider a dead end. In truth, like most unknown things, human feared it and therfore declared it as "unknowable" and dangerous. He knew better. Walking into the cave he found a great deal of bats, as well as well-fed spiders; but little else. Eventually the cave opened up into what could be seen to be a wide cavern, where it was now cool enough for ice to have formed. Walking deep within, he found that it was actually not ice, but crystal of somekind. Intrigued, the robed man took one of the stalagmites in his hand for examination. He was now several kilometers beneath the suraface and hundreds of meters beneath the town. A place of seclusion great enough to where his home might indeed be found. He smirked as he thought of the notion of a being such as himself finding habitation among such an inferior race; and within the very cracks of their world. The irony was quite humerous indeed. Nevertheless, the Aseirian took the crystal in hand, examining it closely, and began surely to make his home... from scratch...

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