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Legendary Swords Of Canon Part 1

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Legendary Swords Of Canon Part 1

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• Name ;; Samehada
• Price ;; Legendary
• Durability ;; 500
• Description/Abilities;; As the blade is made up of scales, it inflicts injuries through shredding or shaving what it comes into contact with, rather than just cutting the object in question. This flaying effect is similar to a shark's skin, hence the sword's name. While it ordinarily remains rigid, Samehada's hilt is able to stretch and bend to great extent, allowing the weapon to be used like a flail. To supplement the blade's offensive capabilities, it is able to extend its scales to spikes. It is also able to protrude spikes from its handle.

Samehada shares a symbiotic relationship with its wielder, similar to that of the kikaichū. Although it continually consumes the chakra of its owner, its largest meals come from fights, wherein it absorbs the chakra of the opposition instead. Such an ability allows Samehada to literally slice through an opponent's techniques, in spite of whether the chakra has been transformed or not, and even prevent them from being performed by absorbing all of the necessary chakra, before preparations can be completed. This is particularly useful when fighting jinchūriki, as Samehada can quickly deplete their large chakra supplies as well as remove their chakra cloaks. It is noted that it can near instantly absorb up to six of his tails at once. It was even capable of "eating" a "Version Two" Tailed Beast Ball. However, it seems to be unable to automatically absorb ambient chakra, as in all instances where it has absorbed chakra are when either the opponent had a visible aura around them or when direct physical contact had already been established.The more chakra it absorbs, the larger it can become. Due to its voracious appetite, Samehada is drawn to those with large chakra supplies, allowing it to be used as a quasi-sensor.

While the ability to absorb chakra is useful in defeating opponents, it is also beneficial to the user as well. Samehada has the ability to transfer the chakra it has absorbed to the wielder by partially fusing with them, so it can be used to either revitalise the wielders chakra and stamina or instantly heal even fatal injuries. This makes the user of this sword extremely difficult to defeat conventionally. A wielder such as a Hoshigaki can take this fusion one step further, by completely merging with Samehada. Doing so causes Them to become much more shark-like in appearance, growing fins and webbed hands that allow him to move through water with considerable ease. The user also receives some of Samehada's abilities while in this form, such as being able to extend spikes from Their body for offence, and absorbing chakra when others come into direct contact with them, as well as the ability to track chakra and avoid sensors.

• Appearance ;; Samehada is a large sentient sword, comparable in size to the Kubikiribōchō. It is described as "the most terrifying of all the Seven Swordsmen's blades" and even earned the title of "greatsword", further adding to its fearsome reputation. Though mostly wrapped in bandages, Samehada's construction is atypical in that its actual blade is comprised from a series of downward facing scales running along the entirety of its length until its hilt, at the base of which is a small skull. Samehada grows larger in proportion to the amount of chakra it absorbs, causing its scales to become so long that they ultimately resemble shark fins and its mouth, located at the tip of the blade, to become even more pronounced. Keeping Samehada wrapped in bandages apparently helps to inhibit this growth to a certain extent.

Samehada is unique for being a sentient weapon that gains nourishment from the chakra of others and as such, the blade is at its happiest when engorged with chakra that possesses both a distinctive and pleasant flavour. However, it has shown displeasure towards fire-natured chakra, Because it's far too hot. Being capable of conscious thought, Samehada chooses its own user, an exclusive process that has often resulted in it being thought of as notoriously picky. If someone it disapproves of attempts to wield it, spikes protrude from the handle in order to force them to release their grasp, at which point Samehada will make efforts to return to its chosen owner.

• Requirements ;; Upon whatever staff requires also needs 150+ Base Chakra to wield as well as Kenjutsu as a Dominate Spec

• Name ;; Kiba
• Price ;; Legendary
• Durability ;; 500
• Description/Abilities;; They each have been imbued with lightning, displaying enhanced cutting power in a manner similar to the high-frequency vibrations of lightning-based chakra flow. It is this capability that has resulted in these "thunderswords" being claimed as the sharpest swords in existence.

They allow the user to transform and manipulate lightning freely. They also boost the user's attack power to the highest limit, which allows them to perform high-level Lightning Release techniques with a minimal cost of chakra. These blades can channel the user's own respective lightning techniques or conduct natural lightning. As long as there is natural lighting to access, the user can battle continuously without tiring and launch lightning from the sky to strike anywhere within a large area. They can also be connected at the hilts to form a larger double-bladed sword. They are able to perform various long-distance, powerful, and defensive techniques, either lightning-based or imbued with it. Even without lightning, they are very dangerous in battle, able to be used in combination with agile spinning movements, sweeping through the targets while the user also rotates. (Users Lightning jutsu used Via Kiba are enhanced by + 1 in Power and Speed, If Natural Lightning is about, then + 2 in Power and Speed [Only pertains to stats that are not Undefinable])

Fangs of Lightning:
By drawing together his Their swords, the User can send an electrical essence into the clouds, allowing him to create lightning strikes in any desired location Within Sight.(S-rank)

Lightning Ball:
By gathering chakra between Their twin swords, The user can create a ball of electrical energy and launch it at the enemy. (S-rank)

Lightning Burial:
Using Their twin swords, the User can create several thunderbolts that cut through the ground until they hit the enemy. By Jamming the Swords into the ground. (S-Rank)

Lightning Dragon Tornado:
Drawing Their two swords together, The user will raise them into the air and draw lightning down upon Their body. The current will be contained within and around the user's form. They will then begin to spin in place forming a whirling vortex of wind and electricity. The vortex will take on the form of a dragon's head and will cover the area in front of them. It will then strike out against their opponent and painfully trap them in the vortex. Even if the attack doesn't directly connect with their foe, the lightning can jump from the vortex to hit a nearby target. (S-rank)

Lightning Release:
Using Kiba, the user sends bolts of lightning to electrocute their enemies. By Crossing the Swords out in front of them, and can only shoot the lightning from the crossed part of the swords and straight forward from that point. (S-rank)

Lightning Release:
Using Kiba, the user first buries the blades into the ground on either side of themselves and then sends out an electrical charge towards the sky which in turns causes lightning to fall from the sky and decimates the immediate area around the user, burning everything to a crisp. Leaves the User unharmed as they were between the blades, everything else in a 5 meter radius from the swords out is burnt to Ash. (S-rank)

Lightning Strike Armor:
By combining Their twin swords at their hilts and rotating them, the User can use this technique to surround themselves with electricity. The intense electric field protects him by electrocuting anyone who makes contact with it, but only works for one attack. This armor seems very strong as it is capable of standing up to a very powerful attack (S-rank).

Thunderswords Technique:
Holding the Kiba swords over their head like birch rods, the user summons a bolt of lightning from the sky to shock anyone in their immediate vicinity.(S-rank)
• Appearance ;; It is a pair of swords, each with slim and straight double-edged blades. Both blades also have an upward-curved bladed prong near the tip of one side of the blade and another one near the base of the blade's other side.

• Requirements ;; Upon whatever Staff adds, Needs Lightning First Element, Kenjutsu a Dominate Spec

• Name ;; Kabutowari
• Price ;; Legendary
• Durability ;; 500
• Description/Abilities;;  It is said to be able to break through any defence. Although the length of cord means each weapon can be utilised individually, to cut and crush obstructions respectively, their true strength lies in their capability to be employed in conjunction with one another. When facing a particularly difficult or seemingly impenetrable defence; the wielder can first attack by striking with the axe, before slamming the hammer downwards onto its blunt backside, thus using the blade like a wedge to drive straight through the offending obstacle and into the desired target located behind.

This is due to the Shockwaves produced from the weight and Unique metal each is made from, The Hammer can send out Shockwaves across the ground that can knock people off their feet if hit by it, and even disrupt the grounds structure around them slightly, While the Axe Part Can Cut through almost anything that is not of legendary caliber ( S-rank jutsu as well) and the Axe can be used as a wedge by the hammer to even cut through those, each weapon is immune to its own and the others Shockwaves, as is the user of this Weapon.

• Appearance ;; The sword itself consists of a giant axe and hammer, linked end-to-end by a flat thin leather-like rope, which together are referred to as a "bluntsword"

• Requirements ;; Upon whatever staff deem, Also needs 150+ Strength base as well as kenjutsu a Dominate spec

• Name ;; Nuibari
• Price ;; Legendary
• Durability ;; 500
• Description/Abilities;; This sword is said to possess the ability to pierce all and stitch them together, demonstrated through its ability to effortlessly penetrate multiple targets in a single thrust and then quite literally stitched them together in substantial bundles, by simply pulling the attached wire taut. A capable user can even throw the sword with the intent of piercing a line of multiple enemies, before catching the needle at the other side and repeating the process at different angles, in order to create knots of corpses with the wire passing through the entirety, effectively creating bundles of bodies at various points along the length of the thread.

Longsword Ninja Art:
Using the Nuibari, the user buries the sword's attached razor sharp wire string underground. Once a person stumbles into the area, they pull the string to trap their feet in a formation of wire, cutting them off. The power and force behind the wires can be controlled by the user by applying additional strength.

Can be countered by Standing on the wire or using a Kunai to prevent the Converging.

Longsword Ninja Art:
Using Nuibari and wire strings, The User strings their opponents in a way that leaves their bodies looking as though they were crucified. The final blow is given by piercing them with Nuibari, leaving their opponents to die a slow painful death.

• Appearance ;; The blade itself assumes the form of a narrow "longsword" that greatly resembles a large needle, with a long length of thin wire-mirroring thread, tied through the eye located at the base of its hilt.

• Requirements ;; Whatever Staff Deems, A Speed of at least 200 Base and Kenjutsu as a Dominate spec

• Name ;; Hiramekarei
• Price ;; Legendary
• Durability ;; 500
• Description/Abilities;; Hiramekarei is capable of storing chakra. With the command "Hiramekarei Release" , the stored chakra is emitted from the two holes at the tip of the blade. The chakra rapidly coats the sword and can be shaped into various weapons, such as a hammer or a long-sword. The more chakra that is stored in Hiramekarei, the larger the size of the manifested weapon. This discharge of chakra causes the bandages it is typically wrapped with to unravel.

Every Moderate amount of Chakra Stored within Hiramekarei Determines the size of the Weapon that can be created out of Chakra via Hiramekarei, Moderate : 5 Meter Ratio , Only up to Moderate Amount of Chakra may be stored within Hiramekarei per thread.

Bone Mutilation (S)-With the swing of their Hiramekarei, the user creates a large amount of light blue, fish bone-like crystals, which are then sent at the opponent. The crystals can both inflict a great deal of damage and restrain the target's movement. This Technique Drains the Swords Chakra not the users. Uses a Moderate Amount of Chakra.

• Appearance ;; Hiramekarei features a wide, flat blade with two curved indentations near its base, creating a sort of cross-guard. Two handles are connected to one another by a short length of cord, earning it the title of "twinsword" (双刀, sōtō). The overall sword looks like a flounder fish in shape. With its bandages wrapped around Hiramekarei, it looks similar to Samehada. Hiramekarei is apparently very heavy, as Past wielders seem to tire easily when carrying it for extended periods of time.

• Requirements ;; Whatever Staff deem, Chakra of at Least 150 and Strength at least 150 at the Base, Kenjutsu as a Dominate Spec

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