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Mission: FEAR ME (Kikato Only)

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Mission: FEAR ME (Kikato Only)

Post by Kikato Rinku on Wed Feb 17, 2016 12:39 am

Name: FEAR ME!
Rank: A
Location: Any Village
Requirements: B+ Ranked Ninja
Reward: 6,000 Ryo
Description: Two shinobi that have been condemned to death are finally ready to be executed. They have been promised freedom if they survive, however it is only a false hope given to them to ensure they fight at their best. Both of these shinobi are extremely dangerous enemies of the state, and Missing Nin with a criminal record longer than the history of most famous clans. You have been offered the chance to be their executioner, but doing so will not come easy. Both of these ninja will be given a small supply of weapons, however a seal on each one of them prevents them from fleeing the arena before the fight is over.

One of these shinobi is a woman with Medical, Taijutsu, Ninjutsu, and a single Byakugan in their left eye. She has 30 strength, 90speed, 30 durability, and 50 chakra. Her hands are free and dangerous, and she is equiped with 4 kunai and 8 shuriken. She has Wind and Earth elements, and is able to use most jutsu from both elements of C rank and lower. She may also have access to 4 more jutsu, as well as all E and D ranked non elemental jutsu.

The other shinobi is a man with Kenjutsu and Ninjutsu, but is known for being a very talented swordsmen. He has 60strength, 90 speed, 50 durability, and 30 chakra. He has been given a fine sword with 200 durability to use during the fight, but no other weapons. He has the elements of Lightning and Fire and has access to all canon jutsu of C rank and below for those elements. He also has access to all E and D ranked non elemental jutsu, and may choose 6 more jutsu up to A rank to use in the fight.

You are to face both of these criminals alone, and are instructed to put both of them to their death. Your ability to do so will show off to the crowd the righteous strength of your village, and help convince others not to intrude where they are not welcome. You have been given access to all of your normal equipment and jutsu, but are also fed a special food pill before the fight that allows you a temporary boost to your Chakra, and one other Stat, of 30 points for the duration of the fight.
Redoable?: May only be done once by each character.

Kikato was summoned to the Kages office, a mission envelope a waiting him when he arrived, and when he went over the details it told him what he had to do, a public announcement of it was even made, a Match between a pair of criminals that was sentence to death, but a gladitorial style execution, so Kikato would head to the Lava Fields, where the Stadium was at, There Kikato Would have his ANBU Equipment on, and he would be given a pill, which he would take, he felt a surge of power to both his Chakra and his Strength, he would then take the field and get the crowd roaring with cheers before the two enemies he would have to face was brought out.

Nothing like a good blood bath to get the locals riled, Kikato had great plans for this fight, and he would most likely toy with his opponents before ending them, just to get the crowd going more. Kikato Under his mask would have a smile on his face and battle in his heart, this was going to be exciting.

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